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  • chris

    >> Kazantip << (Ukrainian-Russian FOUR weeks party)
    actually, i don't know where the hate comes from?

    • chris

      oh lord, let us have some peace on earth and let the angels dance! (so we can look at them, that we can forget our depressions.
      btw: maybe the russian-ukrainian girls are so full of beauty, because they are without genetics-food products.

  • David De Garie-Lamanque

    I’m from Montreal and Mutek is definitely the shit. every summer we also have Picnik Elektronik each sunday taking next to a giant Alexander Calder Statue, and every winter we have Igloofest which is basically like a big dance party outside in the cold, except everybody’s dancing so you don’t actually need a coat!

    • Picnik and Igloofest are super fun! I’m heading to Mutek for the first time next week! Love Montreal!

      • dj forage

        You’re coming up Rob?! Yay! See you on the dancefloor

  • sheik_it

    The last one looks a lot like fusion festival in germany…
    They like tents, no big stages and F1 soundsystems a lot there 🙂