It doesn’t really do it for me, it looks too much like a chick’s handbag or diskman carry case from the late 90s. Dig out an old copy of mixmag from ’99 you’ll probably find an add something really similar looking… “holds up to 10 CDs and your diskman! MiniDisc version available soon”

  • Marco Antonio

    Looks good! But for 80? I’ll just wait till someone buys it, regrets it, and sells it on ebay for $25.

  • djcarlossanchez

    looks like a purse to me.

  • djblakjak

    it is a great concept i can speak for there bags. I had there first dj backpack and I love it!!! The video is a lil funny but i will tell you. The ppl at orbital concepts know what they are doing

  • Niles Breakman

    I love 00:25. As if the Deloop bag does fit in your pockets…

  • William Chai

    Udg already have something similar. The digi wallet large/small.

  • Esbeesy

    UDG already have this stuff at around half the price and have done for years.

    And if they already have successful bags used by many big names, then why do they need our money to start making these?

  • killmedj

    I don’t have any heels that will go with this.

  • flufftronix

    So.. a purse?

  • polromeu