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“My Library” Add-On Brings Powerful Smart Library Filters To Virtual DJ

Spotted on the VDJ forums, a new user-created add-on for recently-released Virtual DJ 8 is one of the most impressive improvements to a DJ software’s library that we’ve seen in quite a while. When installed, the add-on brings a full set of smart folders and playlists to sort by a wide array of options, as well as Live List folders that dynamically update based on the playing song and the ID3 tags of songs in your library.

See songs with missing information that might need scanning
Folders that automatically populate based on the playing track.
Folders that automatically populate based on the playing track.


Virtual DJ 8 allows users to create their own filter-based playlists in their collection, but this add-on is a full set of folders and playlists that are already pre-built and ready to use with your collection. If you’re a Virtual DJ user, you can download the add-on here.

Keep an eye on DJTT for a full review of Virtual DJ 8 coming soon. 


  • Lp

    Virtual Dj always had, in my opinion, better library management. I wish to see smart playlist in Traktor soon…

  • Patch

    This is essentially Smart Playlists based on the data held in the VDJ8 Collection Library.

  • Patch

    Can’t believe there are only 2 comments on this. This is an AMAZING feature, that Traktor had better pay CLOSE attention to.

  • Chuggy DeVeaux

    i want this in serato

  • zj

    are there any ways to have id3 tag sorting and all that in ableton?