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DJTT Summer Sale: All Midi Fighters $199! + A Midi Fighter Giveaway

In celebration of summer, we are rolling out a special treat for all of our loyal readers. All Midi Fighters, including the new Twister and 3D, are only $199 for the month of June. Take this opportunity to get some of the most reliable and fun MIDI hardware out there at a very affordable price. Previous Twister customers will receive emails with coupons to offset the discounted price.

So what’s on sale exactly?



This beloved controller offers 16 high-performance arcade buttons with customizable RGB LEDS. Rated at 3 million presses, the buttons and construction of this controller are nearly bulletproof. When asked what they would change, Linkin Park’s road manager said:

“Don’t change anything! The Midi Fighter 3D is the only controller in our touring setup that never breaks. We have 4 controllers in each of our touring rigs”


Along with the amazing feel, this controller offers the best motion-control tracking in the industry, with liquid-smooth response and a range of special MIDI features like super-knobs with each angle movement.

Get a Midi Fighter 3D for just $199 here



Our newest controller has been getting rave reviews from DJs and producers alike. The 16 encoders feel buttery smooth and have a push button on every knob. Fully programmable LED rings around each of the controls provide clear feedback on what is happening at all times. Along with turning your Traktor remix decks into a powerful drum sequencer, the Twister has been very popular for setting up Ableton performance environments.


Get a Midi Fighter Twister for just $199 here


Want a chance at winning a Midi Fighter 3D or Twister? We’re doing a quick giveaway of a few units – you can enter using the widget below:

  • chris

    awesome town with some unsexy ducks

    uh uh

  • Yossi Buchnik

    i wish!

  • JQ

    Are you guys gonna release a white midi fighter 3D anytime soon? That would be so awesome!

  • RH

    Is there a way to setup the MF Twister as a note sequencer as well? Would be cool, since you can turn the knobs and set a value that way. Idea just popped up, after reading about the Fyrd Instruments MTRX-8. Would be a great addition for an analog rig as well that way. 🙂

  • James

    As someone who lives out of the US and has to deal with shipping costs for each purchase, it’s kind of a bummer I didn’t get this cheaper price initially when I pre-ordered the twister.

  • chris

    you should still give bananas to, to the summer sale ale

  • Marcel Mono

    Do you sell that sponge with the surfboard,too? I want it hanging out around my bathtub 😀 Big props for the discount code for the previous owners! I don’t own one (yet..staring at my wallet), but definitely will pick one up this month 🙂

  • polromeu

    Silly question: how can a Serato Dj with a VCI-400DJ can use the Midi Fighter instrument on his sets?

    • efrazable

      I call it ‘midi’.

      • polromeu

        I’ve recently bought a VCI-400DJ and I’m “discovering” Serato DJ. Noted it’s called “midi” mapping. I’ll dig on it. Thanks.