• chris

    awesome town with some unsexy ducks

    uh uh


  • Yossi Buchnik

    i wish!

  • JQ

    Are you guys gonna release a white midi fighter 3D anytime soon? That would be so awesome!

  • RH

    Is there a way to setup the MF Twister as a note sequencer as well? Would be cool, since you can turn the knobs and set a value that way. Idea just popped up, after reading about the Fyrd Instruments MTRX-8. Would be a great addition for an analog rig as well that way. 🙂

  • James

    As someone who lives out of the US and has to deal with shipping costs for each purchase, it’s kind of a bummer I didn’t get this cheaper price initially when I pre-ordered the twister.

  • chris

    you should still give bananas to, to the summer sale ale

  • Marcel Mono

    Do you sell that sponge with the surfboard,too? I want it hanging out around my bathtub 😀 Big props for the discount code for the previous owners! I don’t own one (yet..staring at my wallet), but definitely will pick one up this month 🙂

  • polromeu

    Silly question: how can a Serato Dj with a VCI-400DJ can use the Midi Fighter instrument on his sets?

    • efrazable

      I call it ‘midi’.

      • polromeu

        I’ve recently bought a VCI-400DJ and I’m “discovering” Serato DJ. Noted it’s called “midi” mapping. I’ll dig on it. Thanks.