• Toshiki Kiruma

    is there any way someone could do the same thing with another controller (say, touchAble or and other midi controller), if so how?

  • wurlt01

    wheres the operator mapping and alp. love the twister.

  • JKGS

    Some instruction on how the drum sequencer would be appreciated. Great video otherwise though

  • Chaser720

    Love the monitor pads! Haha Great idea. And to think I spent $40 on the same thing when the Rokits came with them.

  • JayDee

    Where is the demo rack?

  • looploot

    Woke up and first thing I was back to playing with this, thanks again guys

  • DJblackjack

    this is great i just can’t afford anything, i bought a second hand novation launchpad, but now i can’t afford ableton *Mental facepalm*

  • Toontown

    Nothing against any contributor to this site, but Mad Zach is the reason I keep coming back. Keep paying him–he’s worth it.

    • die hetzer

      Zach, please re-login

  • noxxi

    i love this video! makes me forgive mad zach for the time he put that midi controller on his toe and totally weirded me out by offering it in a competition! haha! 😛

  • chuck

    Zach….you are my fave….grrrrrreat stuff as always! Thanks for the inspiration! o-0

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  • Theo Void

    Twister looks awesome. The last thing on earth I NEED is another MIDI controller but I think I may get one of these bad boys.