• Rufus Sanders

    that was awesome. cheers.

  • CUSP

    In the same light, many DJs using Traktor don’t realize that there is a virtual deck assignment right there on the crossfader tab. The letters next to crossfader (on both sides, in the “cross” (A,B,C,D)) are the deck crossfader assignments, indicated by the white letter (assigned) rather than the grey letter (unassigned). By default, Deck A is assigned to the left side of the crossfader, and Deck B is assigned to the right side. Clicking on a letter toggles deck assignment on that side, so it is very possible to reverse the “normal deck crossfader curve”, or assigning all decks to one side of the crossfader, but not the same deck to both sides of the crossfader.

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  • Paul Muller

    So glad you raised this under-appreciated topic. If you’re starting out as a digital DJ and you’re anything like me, it’s easy to believe you need a 17″ Macbook Pro simply to provide enough screen real-estate for the mixer, faders, etc. Once I started playing out with external mixers (and even some control surfaces), I realised that most of what’s on the screen is useless for most day to day work (setting up a new controller not being a day to day thing for me), and a Macbook Pro 11″ works just great (especially at a club with CDJ 2000s as controllers).

  • Aaron Leese

    seriously? Just get software that lets you flex the screen real estate to whatever you want.

  • Pedro Garcia

    I miss the “modular system ” from traktor dj studio 3 ,where you can put the scratch panel on top,at one side the efx panel ,recorder etc …I wonder if NI would put this for the next version of traktor with the parallel waveforms

    Marco Hooghuis to make the browser big just press the space button on the keyboard ;


  • Erik Airrik Dale

    I never understood the point of cover art in traktor. It seems like a waste of screen real estate as well as cpu

    • Patch

      Does showing cover art significantly effect the CPU?

      • Mojaxx

        Not sure about CPU, but the reason I got rid of all my album art is that it made browsing very slow in Scratch Live when using mk1 CDJ-2000s in HID mode.

        I’m not fussed about it so I don’t miss it, but I know a few people who find it invaluable.

      • rene

        The NXS are much faster than the normal 2000’s.

    • It makes DJing a practical reality for Dyslexia sufferers.

      • Earl

        yea,but not everybody slanders people like you do,so your opinion, Mark,dont hold no water,,,,,maybe telling the cats at DJTT what you really say behind their backs…..like you did at NAMM,saying,and In you words….”they are a sinking ship and I will own them soon…Pounds?-Dollars?….c’mon…..time to just finisher er’ up while you guys cover what we covered a month before…….at least be 21 about it Mark…

    • Marco Hooghuis

      I like cover art, it helps me recognize tracks. Some people have a more visual memory and cover art helps them distinguish tracks.

    • Filippo

      have you ever played with vinyl?

  • Marco Hooghuis

    I’d like to add that if you have a small screen it pays to map a button to ‘browser on’ IIRC so you can have large waveforms when you’re mixing and a large browser view when looking for your next track. Just like you get when touching the browser button on the X1 Mk2.

    • Taylormade

      I think you can just hit the spacebar to make the track brower section larger. Thats how I manage on my 14″ screen.

      • Marco Hooghuis

        You’re right, the spacebar does it too. But my point is that using this feature you can have a lot more on screen (just not at the same time) and the video doesn’t even mention it.

  • It can be easy to overlook the little things that will simplify your workflow. Nice work!

  • Futureglue Musik

    As always Chris: great vid!

  • Patch

    Layout manage is something that I’ve been meaning to get to grips with lately. Looking forward to watching this vid…

    The plan is to have 3 or 4 layouts that I can toggle/click through with a single button…

    • Patch

      Sorted this last night – no need for any modifiers! Just set your layouts (I hae 4), then map a button to Layout Select>Inc, and you can cycle through your layouts with 1 button.

      • Mojaxx

        I’m glad you confirmed that, Patch; I was sure that was the case but I didn’t want to suggest it was so until I checked. IIRC one of the default user mappings on the Kontrol F1 includes that.

  • LarsLB

    Simple and effective tip! Even if someone knows about it, this article will make them go back and look at their own layouts again .. Thanks