• Kanou Fabien

    Hello LENNY How to use two DJ TechTools Twister Fighter in Ableton Live, without it coming into conflict ?
    thanks you for your answer.

  • Morten Folmer Nielsen

    So how did you set it up so that the default device values are in the center position?

  • Will Gray

    I’m confused, where is the ableton set ( the link only has “LK – TWISTER – LOOPER FX.adg” and “CENTER DETENT EQ.adg” ) I just bought a twister and trying to figure out how to use. having the set for this tutorial would be very helpful. i’m new to this and it’s bit hard to figure out for someone at my level.

  • demetriusb

    Links are broken.

    • Matías J. Padilla

      Links are working now

  • b1kjsh

    hmm… what happened to this post… it looks like the links are broken to the included ableton set…

    • Matías J. Padilla

      Links are working now =)

      • b1kjsh

        Awesome thanks!

  • chris

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    • chris

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      • chris


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  • JohnLElkins

    Then the encoder turn is used to apply several other effects post-loop. This allows for creative on-the-fly loop-catching and then further processing. http://0rz.tw/vB6uT

  • Are those “regular” Chroma Caps Encoder Knobs” that are used on the Midifighter Twister?
    If so – PLEASE start selling those WHITE ones in your webstore!!!

    • Matías J. Padilla

      Yes they are =). They are called Grey (it’s a very light shade of grey, pure white gets dirty too easily)

      • As I do own the “grey” ones and they look totally different to me I contacted DJ Techtools and they told me that those indeed are “all white” ones!

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