• Is

    Is that a 4k display when the camera pans over to ableton, always wondered what ableton would look like on a 4k… I’m guessing you would have to have your face right up on the computer monitor, just to be able to see properly, looks cool tho…

  • Dean Zulueta

    I would personally use something like he has designed for himself but this is the direction I would love to see performing electronic music go. Like Deadmau5 and the Glitch Mob, software and controllers allow producers to become a band and really perform. Maybe every note isn’t hit with a button, but having the feeling of raw performance is extremely expressive and allows for amazing improv. If you are playing in a club, break out the CDJs but if you are on the main stage at SXSW, let’s create a show.

    • Sherrin Varghese

      I do it.. Have a custom made controller which I’ve designed to be literally plug and play. It houses an APC 40, Motu ultralite, Senheisser mic and recv units, iPad, a mixer, a power strip and some small knick knacks. Kept latency to 0.08 secs with buffer at 128 & everything 64 bit.. And I do a lot of vocal/analog inputs, the band goes into the rig first, so I can do further processing to their signals and sometimes depending on the venue give a consolidated signal of all 3 of us or individual feeds depending on the mixing capabilities of the man on board drilling the house PA. So far, latency hasn’t destroyed anything. But anyone else here knows how to do things better?

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  • ewan

    I’d buy one

  • Tomash Ghz

    I’ve been building my own controllers for couple of years now, to suit the idea of a live performance i have in my mind! Pretty much just like Ander but in a smaller scale controllers. That are by the way available for sale.
    Check out latest setup here

    • ewan

      Could u just do a quick blurb on what each controller does, thanks!

      • Tomash Ghz

        sure! I got the twister setup as a mixer, volume levels and effect sends for all channels mapped across all of its pages, then two digital warriors running percussion sequencers, as well as clip launching and effects parameters. Plus a synth and a drum machine for extra sonic layers.

  • Patrick Ijsselstein
  • Willshire McDanks

    I have created a lemur template for DMXIS to control live lighting rigs while djing. I love it and it works great!

  • JayJak

    I feel like he has his head down looking at that array of lights more then I ever use my laptop

  • jason

    he just made the 3d twister push 5000 lol

  • Roguesy

    Ian Golden just wet himself out of fear of this guy’s epicness.

  • dirkdirgler

    Technology should shrink things not make it bigger..To large controller for my taste..And if you’re using only Ableton & Max that’s fine but if you choose to put a analog hardware in this setup then you’ll find yourself trapped by the latency that Live is introducing to the chain..Just tried Bitwig and it’s timing with external hardware and third party plugins is rock solid!

    • Zuex

      Midi latency and jitter is determined by the stability/accuracy of your MIDI Clock, not by your DAW. If you’re curious you can learn more here: http://www.innerclocksystems.com/

      • dirkdirgler

        Trust me I’ve tested things first and after I gave my opinion..http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2seraaKagYk
        One thing I know for sure is that comparing Ableton Live vs Bitwig as masters to my chain Live can’t deal with external plugins while Bitwig runs golden with rock solid timing!
        My 2 cents…

      • Pete K

        thanks for reminding me about this site and their product!

    • Jun Wei Lee

      The problem will be the interface not the DAW.

  • Chaser720

    The amount of time that went into designing and programming those controllers must be astronomical. Very very impressive.