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Cross Update: Load + Mix Soundcloud Tracks In DJ Software

The new versions of Mixvibes’ Cross DJ for iOS, Mac/PC, and Android are rolling out right now – and they’ve got a surprising new feature that no other software has quite implemented: complete Soundcloud library integration. In the browser section is a new “Soundcloud” menu, allowing you to log in to your Soundcloud account and quickly load any track.

Soundcloud-loaded tracks are analyzed like any other, and the meta-data is stored locally – meaning that BPM, key, and cue points will all return if you pull the song again. The feature is available to all Soundcloud users, with no premium Pro plan required. Cross also loads all of your playlists and favorited tracks in the browser as their own folders, meaning that you can be digging for tracks on Soundcloud and instantly have those items in your DJ software if you save them.

Soundcloud playlists and favorites loaded directly into Cross DJ
Soundcloud playlists and favorites loaded directly into Cross DJ

Interestingly enough, you’re allowed to record and share your mix, which is something that other apps that have cloud-based music libraries have had issues with in the past due to the difficulty of licensing DJ use around such a wide range of tracks.

Want to load Soundcloud tracks in Ableton Live? Check out Stagecraft Software’s Cloud Browser

  • brobro

    is this not available for app store? i cant find it

    • brobro


  • luis

    if your loading songs off sound cloud wont your wifi connection cause dropouts???

  • Rawmx

    Any mappings for Midi fighter 3d or pro to use with cross dj?

  • DJCraigR

    I am a massive fan off cross dj for video and as a stand alone DJ tool its not to bad, I still prefer to use Traktor as my main DJ’ing tool just wish NI would get the finger out and add video support.

  • Deksel

    Only thing is that in my experience 95% of soundcloud songs are a maximum of 128 kbps.
    Most of the music is free, uploaded by the artist purely as promotion.

    • I think sound quality is getting overlooked all too often these days.

      • Chaser720

        True statement. I regularly go through my library and make sure I didn’t download anything less than 320kbps by accident.

        A big drop on a 128 track is so disappointing.

  • Jayson Joyce

    Does anyone know how they are adding tracks from soundcloud legally without paying artists or labels? Don’t see how it’s possible to just play any track on the site without permission or subscription. I guess it’s because the tracks are never really in your possession and streamed from soundcloud like normal playing from the website but seems like a loophole that gets around paying artists for streaming

    • Sergio Johnson

      You must have a premium account with SoundCloud

      • Nope, as it’s written in the article : you don’t need a premium account. It works great btw.

      • Jayson Joyce

        Even If you did need a premium account the artist isn’t getting any of the soundcloud money so I still don’t think that labels or artists will like what they are doing….or they will only put up 2 minute previews of songs and it will become the worlds biggest preview website lol. Think they will be forced to take down all the illegal uploads as well. Especially if they want to get purchased by a company like one wants big legal liability before a billion dollar purchase.

      • Sergio Johnson

        I was wrong you don’t need a premium account. Just read an article about it. this is better than my other DJ software, where I have to. Maybe it’s time to change.

  • efrazable

    Soundcloud with Video Mixing using HID, Timecode, or Controllerism for 99 bucks. This is gonna put Cross in the big league DJ softwares. Only question is, who are they going to bump out; Traktor or Serato?