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DJ TechTools Community Survey: $15 Store Credit For Everyone!

Big changes are afoot here at DJ TechTools and because this is a community website, everyone needs to be involved in that process. We are considering everything from new gear to review, to expanding our tutorials and even a full site redesign, so don’t miss this opportunity to get your opinion in. We are so serious about including your feedback  – that we’re even giving away $15 store credit to everyone who completes the survey!

Here are things we are working on and how we need your help.



The days of buying one obvious controller are long gone. Today there’s a wide range of high quality options for DJs to choose from and it’s our job to help you pick the best ones. The Classic DJ TechTools in-depth reviews don’t allow us to investigate every option out there, so we want to know what gear you’d like us to focus on.

Tell us what controllers and gear you want DJTT to review this year, and get store credit to boot! 



The time has come yet again to give the website a refresh and  big usability update. We want to make it easier for everyone to find the right article, while keeping the site familiar and fun to read. Your feedback on the areas that are working, and not working will help us build a new design that everyone will be happy with.

Help us make the website even better and respond to the questionnaire



Over the past 3 months, we’ve been bringing on a team of new writers and editors to deliver the very best content possible. Their job is to Help, Inform, Teach and Inspire you with amazing content every week. There so many subjects, software, hardware and DJs out there that we could cover, it’s important to learn which topics you really care about.

Please share what you want to learn, and pat yourself on the back for participating in this amazing DJ community. 

A few notes on rules for the survey store credit: Yes, we’re giving away free credit. Please don’t try to take advantage of us. 

  • One $15 discount per individual. If we see multiple email addresses associated with the same person, or anything like that, we will cancel any orders after your first one. EDIT: Due to a large number of people placing multiple orders and taking advantage of the code, any new credits issued will only work on orders of at least $30. Thanks for your understanding!  
  • Please don’t try to game the system. If we see you using tons of coupons to get endless free stuff, we’ll have to cancel your orders 🙁
  • Coupon codes expire in 30 days.
  • Please think about buying something more than $15 in the store if you really want to support DJTT! We’re not a big company, so we could use the support.
  • We might email you about your survey responses and send you an occasional exclusive offer. No excessive spam or anything like that, promise!
  • chris

    for the Website: there is just one simple thing to knowing: too much isn’t good. I have teached many persons, in time back that we head overhead-folders. maybe you found some nice older lessons. normally we said that 7 big points at one folder is enough for reminding. Well this isn’t to tech other, it is for design, but the brain can only checked a few points. search for Neuromarketing

  • Gingerman

    Thanks DJTT. 1 free funky green chroma cable is on it’s way to the UK as we speak! 🙂

  • vision

    nice move djtt !!!! very dope

  • CUSP

    There are no Chrome chromacaps why? Other metals like Gold, Copper, or even Brass are good too… How did we miss this option-suggestion in the past?

    • Patch

      If DJTT will allow it, I’ll take that voucher code off your hands, antifm!

      PM me in the forum. 😉

  • sandeep

    DJTT – The real community !

  • Thank you to everyone that is participating in this survey – we are getting thousands of valuable responses. Lot’s of new insights and great information on how we can serve you better.

  • Angelo Atreyu

    2.50 For a Chroma Cable? Yes, sir

  • j

    i just deleted all my favorite dj sites and kept djtechtools

    • Dan White

      Glad we made the cut!

  • Thanks DJTT – I’m looking forward to testing that Chroma Cable 🙂

    • Dan White

      Awesome, enjoy the cable and let us know what you think.

  • Felix

    Nice! I’m ver keen to see what you guys are going to improve:) Hope you can do something with the suggestions

  • i won’t tell

    did you just trick me into opening an account by offering free stuff? and did you forget to mention the time limit of the coupon?

    • Dan White

      No trick intended – we just are collecting all of the results using the My.DJTT profiles and that was the easiest way to compile the information as we already had that database 🙂

  • andretti

    Wow! Thanks! Almost free USB cable going to the Netherlands!

  • JayJak

    Awesome! now I can test out a cable before replacing all these junk ones im holding on to

  • SVED

    Never got the email….

    • orge

      Me neither.

    • Dan White

      If you’re having issues, please holler at our support team so we can figure out exactly what happened and get you your code:

      • ithinkmynameismoose

        I also didn’t receive an e-mail. I’m trying again with my business e-mail (as opposed to social one) If that doesn’t work I’ll try the support team.


    Thanks DJ TT !!! a new chroma USB is coming home :))

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  • jason

    I forgot to add more video tutorials and creative ways to utilize the midi fighters.

  • Bruiser Smith

    Hmmmm – I keep getting ‘Not a valid coupon code’ when I try to check out from the store?

    • Isaias Perez

      same here but my e-mail said i got a $20 dollar but it still doesnt work

      • Bruiser Smith

        I got it to work (for $20) by adding a full set of Chroma Caps as another line item, then deleting it. Discount applied then fine.

    • Dan White

      Yikes! Please let our support crew know so we can figure out what happened:

  • Robert Wulfman

    It won’t let me use my email address because it’s already taken?

    • Patch

      Yeah – I had issues with that, actually.
      The questionairre asked me “Are you Patch?”, and when I said yes, it wouldn’t accept my DJTT password.
      So I had to use one of my alternative e-mail addresses (one that isn’t linked with my DJTT logon).

    • Dan White

      FWIW this is fixed now we think – thanks for letting us know 🙂

      • Robert Wulfman

        Finally got through, it seems that capitalization mattered on the email

  • Patch

    Free money? Yes please. It’s great that you want input from the users!

    Done and done. It was a really easy questionairre to fill out. If anything, I’d say it’s a little too vague.

    Definitely worth 5 minutes of my time to fill out, and definitely worth getting paid $15 for!
    $15 = FREE Chroma Caps for my F1. 😉

    • Dan White

      Glad to hear from you all. It might seem vague, but really they’re a few key questions that are going to help us with some big picture decisions that we will have to make in the coming months.

      • if i take the survey but dont have any need for the $15 anytime soon, can i pass it over to another user?