• Joseph Waid

    Soundcloud.com/SirPuffs !

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  • Launchpad 95 scripts – if you got a launchpad, you probably already use it. If not, prepare to change the way you look at your Launchpad.


  • Richard Ellicott

    these controllers are probably too ergonomic, it would probably better to have equipment that looks like it actually does stuff, and then learn to use envelopes

    empty stacks etc

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  • biin

    Its not quite super easy to set up midi mapping with the Twister, yet.
    Although the Twister acts fine sending control data to Ableton, it doesn’t seem to update its toggle status properly when Ableton sends data back, despite the RGB changing state. Which can mean that loading a new song leads to discrepancies between the song and the twister, and having to push buttons several times to get in sync with Ableton. I assume this is a firmware issue.

    Second, its not true you need “track” or “remote” armed to get data into Ableton from a control surface, if there is a midi remote script active for that surface. All you need to do is enable “automation arm” at the top of ableton’s window. Track is needed to send midi notes from a non scripted surface e.g. a Nord Lead, and “remote” must be active if you want to midi map your control surface to a parameter (using command M). I have an APC40 in front of me without track, sync or remote armed and it works fine!

  • Jonathan Luther

    Thought DJTT was going to release an Ableton rack(s) for the Twister? Haven’t seen it yet…

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  • CUSP

    I’ve been trying to find/make a script that will map many of Maschine’s dial and display functions (as well as LCD read outs) to my Novation Remote 25SL mk2. I’m sure there is an appropriate thread for this somewhere, but not that I’ve seen so far. Mapping LCD displays seems… Nebulous.

  • timtilberg

    It would be really awesome if someone were to put together some more specific .py scripting articles. I thought that’s what we were about to get into here and got really excited. I hate that there is no proper documentation. The existing resources out there are few and far between, and not easy to follow.