• teknik1200

    my senn HD-25s are great for on the shoulder one ear monitoring. The elbow on the one side puts that cup in a place I can access it very fast and move it away hands free.

  • James Henry

    I use both two cup head phones and lollipop, can’t say which is better for playing straight house, if you doing D&B or Tech standard head phones are a must. But I enjoy the lollipop when mixing house/deep/soulful more, tend to get more into the groove of the mix when holding one.

  • Matt

    The one ear lollipop has been a staple with some of the NY House DJs for a long time. Danny Tenaglia uses one that can be bent to wrap around your neck. A few guys here make custom ones. Ariel the light man from NYCs Club Vinyl/Arc and more importantly Tenaglia’s “Be Yourself” party and “Body & Soul” made some really cool ones. Not sure if he still does.

    There are some cool ones on this page http://www.cabanarecordings.com/?section=products

    • Dean Zulueta

      There is definitely a solid group of DJs thatvhave been rocking monophones. These cabana ones are really neat. Have you had any experience with these?

    • OMG I met Ariel so long ago. Iwas doing gigs at a spot and he was the light man that night. Boris was supposed to play and didnt feel like staying
      i got his timeslot + his pay
      I had extra time and was getting tired so Ariel asked if he can go on.
      It was a magical night
      We left, met up with peeps and did 5am panckages someplace

      never found him again….. good times

      • Mark Smith

        Ariel is still making and selling lollipops. He’s doing well. I’m friends with his wife. They’re really good people. Just type in #ariellollipop in your Facebook search bar and you’ll find them. He is involved with Louie Vega, Kevin Hedge, and the Roots NYC parties at Cielo once a week. I love those parties.