• mikefunk

    Nice try Numark. Maybe next time 😛

  • Michael Daugherty

    I use Serato and Traktor but thinking about going strickly to Serato. Which means I may have to trade in my numark 4trak. I have the ns7 so to go along with it I’m thinking about the pioneer ddj sx2. Still deciding.

  • thebradkrause

    For me, the one kei

    • QAMRONparq

      I’m right there with you.

      I’ve bounced around with both Traktor Scratch and SSL – I love Traktor’s advanced features like the Remix Decks, but, I am a weekly resident at (basically) the only dance club in my town and I need to find tracks FAST. I have a pretty big library and Serato just does me right.

      Need to search your entire library? “CTRL-F”
      Need to search just that one crate? Cursor to the search box.

      By the way, crates are so much better in Serato.

    • Dokumentary

      Why does everyone seem to think you can use a NV with your laptop closed? It works with Serato DJ. Until they make SDJ an iPad app or they build it into a controller, then this product is just an XDJ-R1 with nicer screens and a few more features. Although that’s arguable because the R1 is much more versatile and you can actually use it without a laptop.

  • Phil Gaitan

    I purchased a Denon MC6000MK2 Yesterday and I am still waiting for my Free Upgrade to Serato DJ. Make sure before you buy you get all of the details.

    • Tyhrese

      I do agree with you. I bought a Denon MC6000mk2, January 2015, and I am also still waiting for my free Upgrade to Serato DJ. All I have received is a 14 day free trial. After that I will have to pay US 129,00 for the full serato dj

      • Phil Gaitan

        Tyhrese what you have to to is contact serato and they will give you a code for the deck


    You said it yourselves: “…new standard for controllers” Plural word. Since NI has decided to stop supporting third party controllers, Serato might as well take that bunch of the cake.

  • Toontown

    That video! I think that was the worst product demo I’ve ever seen. I’d fire my marketing team over that.