• Unreallystic

    So this has been out for a while now and some reviews I’ve come across have mentioned that the design isn’t very robust, it breaks pretty easily (faders specifically), can anyone verify/validate? I’ve been thinking of getting one to pair with ,my Push, but its a steep price IMO for the functionality, especially if I need to get a warranty ON TOP because it breaks easy.

  • dmyra

    Now its been like 2 years, i’ve had my unit since then, and i like it. seems like since release it hasnt been loved by the community as much as the mk1. there are very few mods or anything. kind meh

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  • I am currently building an extension to the APC remote script that’ll add a Step Sequencer, modeled on the Push.

    We can’t really use it for drums or keyboards (no velocity), but it’s great for sequencing.

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  • Kevin Reynolds

    Really feeling the size and bus powered updates on this one. I travel and play live with the MK1 all the time but I never got why it needed a wall wart and those silly wings on the side. The daytime color issue is a tough one to get around, played recently with Push outside here in Detroit and I couldn’t tell what was going on. Had to look at laptop which defeats what I like to do. Maybe they could do a software update for a “daytime mode” where the pads light up only when a clip is active, regardless of color? This will help in summertime gigs for sure.

  • is it just me or did the old APC look way more robust and “music” like than this newer one ?

    • J Crenshaw

      Its just you? I dunno. Clunky over compensating package design, and 6 extra inch case for the the 1/4inch PCB board without any extra sturdiness.

      I mean knocking this design is like saying the Ableton Push isnt musical. All a matter of perception I guess.

      Dreaded these things before, now I’m seriously considering adding one to my live setup.

    • Jacob Stadtfeld

      I’m a fan of the old design, both in terms of sturdiness and style, and in terms of layout. The pan/send knobs make sense at the top, but moving the transport, tempo, and other mode controls to the top just puts the device knobs in an awkward place.

  • Holiday

    Novation Launch Control XL has 3 rows of knobs over 8 channels which is nice if you want to tweak EQ or other parameters directly inline. I never liked the side knobs of the APC 40. The APC 40 does have a crossfader and an extra master fader though. Budget-wise you could get a Launch Control XL + Launch Control + Launchpad Mini for roughly the cost of the new APC 40.

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  • chris

    i don’t like those haptic feeling on this black plastic
    btw; this is made of oil, and we have to economise, otherwise we have no more condoms

  • coolout

    Also worth mentioning are 3rd party mappings like J74 and Nativekontrol that add additional features to these types of controllers. The NativeKontrol APC40 mapping added a scale note mode, chord triggering, and stuff that even stuff Push doesn’t do like using the RGB buttons for live clip chopping or turning the buttons into VU meters. I’m sure Stray is working on the MK2 APC controllers.

    I’ve also been using the J74 isomorphic keyboards with launchpads in Push emulation mode. The developer put in this great function where you can randomize note velocity within a set range as you play. It makes it so the midi output isn’t static notes and sounds like natural playing.

  • TYLR

    Is the tempo knob a clicking knob?

  • jstsn

    Mk2 eh? Just give me two Apc minis and the new akai AMX instead 😉

  • tillephone

    I counted twice, but I still think the APC mini has an 8×8 not 8×5 grid – which, with it’s additional faders, makes it a Novation Launchpad killer, if you ask me.

    Oh, and also with the RGB lights, you could also implement a chess game on it 🙂

    • Mojaxx

      You’re totally right about the 8×8 thing; I’ll get that corrected.

      The APC Mini is definitely very close competition for the Launchpad Mini, which I have, and does edge out the LM purely thanks to having faders on there.

      Build quality and ‘feel’ of the two are very similar indeed.

    • superfly

      Don’t understand why they didn’t go to an 8×8 on the main one and make it an APC64, seems like the obvious next step.

  • Lylax

    IMO the tempo knob is a great addition but a lot of people think that the controller should also be more versatile with the music creation process. The APC40 was for launching clips and helping in your live show. If you want both you will have to get a Push. If there was a push like controller for ableton that was cheaper then everyone would go to that and push would be obsolete. its all about the money.

  • Robert Wulfman

    Do the device control knobs on the mk2 play nicely with button type controls? on the original they would be very fiddly where one little touch made the difference between off and on.

    • Mojaxx

      I didn’t find that hugely problematic to work with on the Mk2, but it is basically the same implementation as on the old model, yes.

      [edited for spelling]

    • Tyler

      you should map the min/max values so that like 3 or 10 is on instead of 1.. that way you’ve got a bit of padding

  • strotifiler

    How was the crossfader? I was turned off by the original apc’s fader, did the mkII make any improvements?

    • Mojaxx

      It’s a pretty standard fader still, does the job, but nothing to write home about.

      Might be worth asking Audio Innovate whether an Innofader Mini could be fitted, if you want something better.

  • Kosta X

    If there could be a way to re-purpose the 8 clip stop buttons to become an 8 step sequencer in a DAW that would be nice. Perhaps with some max for live trickery in Ableton?


    • Sin Sentido Comun

      It’s possible via scripts, I can bet nativekontrol.com will deliver new scripts for this including step sequencers.

    • I’m doing it, literally right now 😉 Will be out in a couple of weeks.

  • b1kjsh

    This is awesome but I’d like to hear more about the APC Mini possibly a demo.

  • darrin bisson

    During the review did anyone map this or the APC Mini to the tpro remix decks?

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