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First Look At The Numark NV Controller With Onboard Serato DJ Displays

We were lucky enough to see one of the first production units of the upcoming Numark NV at the 2014 DJ Expo in Atlantic City last week. So far, it seems like the NV’s onboard screens are a powerful addition that enables the DJ using them to completely ignore their laptop. Check out our video overview below, and then read some first impressions beyond that:


The full-color index card-sized screens are truly utilitarian and not as gimmicky as some feared upon the initial announcement. They bring a CDJ-style heads up display to controllerist DJs, and it’s a welcome change from staring at a laptop. Navigation is limited to just a few basic screens that seem to mirror a lot of what you see on the Serato Remote iPad app. It was pretty impressive that there was very little lag in loading in track waveforms and effecting them in real time.

The addition of “premium” Numark features that we only saw on the NS7 II was also a big win from our perspective. Capacitive knobs on the EQs and FX are useful to quickly kill/enable any of those parameters, and the filter roll FX is plain fun. That being said, the filter roll is likely software-based, so here’s hoping that the feature becomes mappable for other Serato DJ controllers in the near future.


We’re a bit concerned about build quality on the NV – while the faders and knobs are fairly solid (there’s even a replaceable crossfader) the overall feel of the chassis itself feels a bit too plastic and lightweight. It’s impressive how little this thing weighs (it felt lighter than a Kontrol S4 – official weights are not out yet), but that comes at the cost of feeling like the unit might be more easily damaged if not properly protected in a case.

Similarly, the half-size rubber buttons below each jogwheel were slightly too cramped, especially for DJs who might be considering coming over from a Pioneer controller.

Finally, we know that Numark and Serato have built a special relationship on this unit and that everything that is awesome about it is a direct result of that relationship, but the proprietary screens will absolutely rub some gear owners the wrong way. You can MIDI map almost every other control on the Numark NV’s surface, but there’s no using the screens with Emulator or other display softwares to get alternate visuals on the screens.

We’ll have a full review of the Numark NV coming upon release – stay tuned to DJTT!

  • Sketch

    I am now about 80% sure about this I think… just waiting for the stats now.

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  • kuyawow

    First to market, isn’t always best to market.

  • shlom

    I still don’t get the sense of a Serato Controller with screens that has no possibility to show the waveforms next to each other. imo that is the core of serato, having these awesome long waveforms next to each other and the visual sync assistance is really good. The NV is a toy so far. I’ll wait for the big players to come out with their models!

    • DJ Kleb

      You can’t do it with normal CDJ’s so I think that’s what they were going for

    • I fully agree. With the rise of vinly sales and the flag ship contollera the next big thing besides mk2 will spinning platters with bigger records 8 or 9 inch. I dont need all the bells and whistles these controller are designed to take down trackor but not to scratch djs. I love my ns6 but miss my v7s which I regret selling.them. numark v72 il be waiting

  • Diego

    want one with traktor…. when will they sorprise the market again…

    • Dokumentary

      Traktor is dead… It’s been almost a year now… Sorry.

      They make a cool iPad app tho… Kinda.

      • shlom

        Yep… it’s true. Traktor has officially been discontinued. And there is probably zero possibility of a new controller coming soon…

      • Esbeesy

        “Traktor is dead”



        • Mark Smith

          See you all in October. NI has something up their sleeve.

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