• Amy Lynn
  • Amy Lynn
  • Amy Lynn
  • John Dawn

    Also @SoundCloudStar in Twitter is giving Free SoundCloud Plays.

  • marki

    i make too much contacts that lead to actual large jobs “and checks” using SoundCloud….so I for one am not stoping

  • With probably a CPM at less than a dollar. The ‘premier’ program is definitely not targeted for us : small to medium producers/labels. And the worst point is that move, is that this stream-monetized bizz is clearly the door open to more and more fake clicks, fake users, farm clicks. 🙁 Soundcloud want to trade their business for billions so they NEED those fake user accounts and fake traffic to increase the bill. So SC is definetely not going in the good, clean, legit, filtered, subscription-based-only way. That’s sad.

  • calgarc

    Another useless bit of turd for our ad-block plugins lol

  • Ben

    Hey rookies, amateurs, and pros listen up you NEVER EVER EVER pay to play anywhere. NEVER EVER! So let’s wake up and stop being lead astray.

  • Frank

    Imagine, as a listener to have to listen to an ad (as short as it may be) before each and every track (if you happen to follow some’s stream who has opt in for premier/ads) !
    I mean, the free spotify is annoying enough with its ad every 5 tracks but imagine having to listen to an ad every single time !

    There’s no “subtle” way about this.

    And yeah, good point (who ever said it) about small content providers about paying $10/m to make $10/y.

  • DJ TeeOh “The Official”

    Mixcloud is doing the same thing.

  • chris

    the web gives us tools and is an fast growing child
    in other words, this is an childhood and we are the parents
    to search for equity is also an work

    i think, this is an question for pros, too
    Peter Kruder says, that in this time, you had spent music first to get known on market

  • RodrigoSM.br

    Until I actually see some actual business plan, this is what I see:
    You can (A) upload your stuff for free and try to make a buck from sales or (B) pay and risk losing money. I can totally see how their strategy will attract big / known names, but, for beggining, unknown or little-known artist, this seems like a tough sell.
    If you can prove me wrong, by all means, please do. I’m all for helping people make money off their music in this day and age.

  • Ben

    Still treating the talent as less than. WOW it’s still digital pimping!

  • Pablo El Gusto

    Whole industry is going directly to hell.

    And let me prove it.
    Lets start with facts:
    1) amount of music produced every week is huge and it’s impossible for person to filter it.
    So what every fucking producer want to do? YES, he want me to SUBSCRIBE! And not only want, he forces me to subscribe his fucking channel. For example: track only available for free download but only if I subscribe to his channel (without buy option). THAT IS EXACTLY WHAY I NEED: SUBSCRIBING TO GAZILIONS CHANNELS.

    2) many producers think that it’s awesome idea to place music on youtube/soundcloud without ability to buy/download it. Seriously? I want to drop tracks to my phone and listen them. YES, YES I’M ALWAYS ONLINE.

    3) still huge problems with delivery channels. I can not buy some stuff because it’s not available in my region. Also I can not choose lossless formats, because we think that m4a is exactly what you need. ONE STORE, ONE NATION.

    But, whoa, what do I think about sound cloud?
    All of you get what you deserve: consumer hell. Where instead of living this live you watching ads, subscribing to channels and etc. Consuming all this tons of crap produced everyday.

    • BoomDraw

      Well now that Soundcloud is posed to actually make good money off of their platform then maybe in the future they will have Lossless formats available for download. Your issue with the artists only making their tracks available for consumption if you subscribe is becoming less of an issue because Facebook is removing the “Like to download” feature. Second of all that’s a USER problem not Soundcloud’s problem. Ohh suuure, consumer hell is where we actually have to give up a mediocre percentage of our time to listen to an ad before we listen to music FOR FREE…. Suure consumer hell is actually subscribing to see more updates from an artist that we like. Please, think logically before you post

      • Pablo El Gusto

        You totally don’t get it.

        1) I do not need music FOR FREE. I think things must be paid. Also my job also must be paid. If you want to give something for free, just give it for free, no need in all this gimmicks.

        2) My youtube subscriptions is already bloody mess. And keep in mind that I’m not subscribing to the whole bunch of producers who wrote one good track in his career. And it’s already more than hundred tracks every fucking week.

        My job is something that require time and concentration. I’m not office rat, I do not have time to dig into thousands of tracks.

  • Done with SC

    You pay for a premeir account and there’s no statistics on what youll get back. You pay 10 bucks a month to get 10 bucks a year back? I call shenanigans until they specifically lay out what the hell your getting.

  • Bridge2Brain

    I think its verry fair and may even open new doors. I love to produce music and im getting better and better but to sell something, you have to be prety well-known and big and even then you not gonna sell enougth to ensure you can buy, for example, new gear for further producing. I would love to start using this add system to get an amount of money spend for my loved hobby back into my pocket. I look at this like its a donnation. You listen to the Ad and your favourite artist profits and you did not payed him real money, just a bit of your time. And especialy if I have the time to listen to a hour-long mix (or 15 tracks that take a hour in total) i should have 60 seconds to make sure the artist can keep doing great music. Maybe a system that counts the minutes youre listening to music could help to make the ads subtile enougth. If you listened half an hour you’ll have to listen to an 30/60 second Ad on the next track you start to listen to(f. e.)

  • BoomDraw

    I think that to be fair, this seems (for now anyways) to be a fair enough development. Even in light of the recent bad press it’s been getting, I still enjoy my Soundcloud experience. DJ’s cant post mixes anymore? Get a Mixcloud account then. But of course there will always be those people who choose not to accept change, or to accept the fact that this is a BUSINESS and must be run as such. Complain all you want about ads, but guess what, Soundcloud still has bills. I think users get a bit too spoiled sometimes and complain about too much. We’ll see how this develops and if it has any potential for corruption on the side of soundcloud (That is, abuse of ads etc)