• DJ Looneytunes

    Does it work with Scratch Live as well?

  • dj_gumdrop

    Being an avid Traktor user, it has been an ordeal to switch over to Serato for certain reasons. Mostly for the hardware owned. I currently own a Midi Fighter Spectra, and curious if it would be difficult to set up similar to the reloop neon. Has anyone tried to configure something similar to this? Interested to know. Thanks and Respect

  • gigglekey

    Does it do standard midi? This would be really nice to use with Traktor…

  • Jude Deweese

    does the reloop neon work with dj tech if mixer

  • djcodee

    I think I want one. I’m waiting on a RGB version of the DJsp1 to come out. But in the mean time this may help me move to Serato DJ. I still cant move over for live gigs until they fix the HID mode for CDJ2000’s, but I would like to be ready to switch once they fix that.

  • Patch

    Stand looks great. i sure hope it’s priced reasonably, though.

    • Danny Valentino

      it’s $149 US, and 129 Euro. Very good pricing I think. Especially when you consider that this is the most comprehensive controller of the Serato Sample engine and Reloop makes quality stuff.

  • Prof_Strangeman

    I just like the stand. Looks like it’ll hold an RMX-1000 well!

  • djpeedot

    “The Neon is the one of the best solutions to effects management in the new version of Serato”

    ummmmmm…. this controller is only mapped for 5 pad fx. and isn’t mapped to any of the effect controls like the akai or pioneer controller. i would have to completely disagree. this is probably the WORST officially licensed Serato DJ add on controller for effects. for handling cues, loops, samples, slicing, Serato Flip on the other hand….this controller looks very promising.

    • Malk

      The NEON can control all 6 Serato FX Slots when in Pad FX Mode. The top 3 pads will control FX 1-3 for FX unit 1 and the bottom 3 will control FX 1-3 for FX unit 2.

      Hitting a pad will momentary enable an FX and pressure applied after will control the FX’s depth or FX’s parameter depending on whether it’s in single of multi FX’s mode.