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Spazzkid Turns Cats, Chicken Nuggets, and Sushi Into MIDI Triggers With Makey Makey

We’re big fans of Mark Redito, better known as Spazzkid, his awesome productions and his regular live remixes that he posts up on YouTube. Today he’s put out a brand new video of a unique experiment – using a variety of people, animals, food, and objects as MIDI triggers for his performance. The system behind this everyday object controllerism is called Makey Makey, which allows you to attach alligator clips to any conductive object and turns it into a MIDI trigger. Watch it in action below:

We actually reviewed the this DIY controllerism kit way back when it was still in its Kickstarter heyday two years ago – read the full review of the Makey Makey here.

  • Supercharged

    Not even asking where he put connectors to play cats

  • Maddox

    Imagine requesting equipment in a club for this setup…
    “Uh yeah, I need some sushi, chicken nuggets, and a bowl of water. Oh! And a couple cats would be great!”

    • deejae snafu

      i lol’d

    • LongTimeLurker1stTimePoster

      “Make sure they aren’t squishy faced cats, I can’t get an output on those!”