• Thomas

    What about side chain when you play live? Can you put a compressor sidechain after the pluggin of your synth or at least put an LFO kind of pluggin that we’ll do the same purpose directly in the VIP software?

  • Soundtemple

    Komplete Kontrol is a waste while its Komplete only. The Akai features step it up but the proof will be in how well it actually works. Sounds like expensive preset browsing.

    Meanwhile, the price of these things and the incomplete feature set of the KK is steering me towards a simple keyboard like the Nektar IX49 and an iPad. What a combo. Maybe no preset browsing but think of all the other midi apps you can use for around the same money.

    • Qless

      I struggled with the same dilemma: pay a bit more for psychical controls or suck it up and use the mouse.

      I snagged a Nektar LX49 for $100 and used the saved cash to buy some more gear. Nothing some quick mapping couldn’t handle. Best decision I’ve made: at least until I have large amounts of cash to throw for some cool LED’s and integrated features.

  • timtam

    Does the arpegiator let you create your own patterns, or have a “play in the order pressed” option?

  • Jake

    Can the software work separately from the controller and/or map controls to midi keyboards other than the product? It would be cool if I could map to my launchkey as well.

    • timtam

      IIRC, the djworx review said not.

  • mixeffector

    Wow… even their software is trying to look like Maschine 2. This is the most shamelessly un-innovative carbon-copy attempt at imitating the Kontrol S that I can imagine being brought to market.
    I have no beef with Akai, but they could’ve at least done something remotely original with the “VST-Player Keyboard” idea, rather than just directly ripping the look of Maschine and Komplete for everything. This had so much potential to be something genuinely new and interesting, but it’s just discount-NI without the discount price.
    So unfortunate. I know you have more than this in you, Akai…

    • timtam

      It has RGB pads… in what other way is it like maschine? The Kontrol lacks a screen, requires VST developers to do additional coding to make it work, and doesn’t do instrument layering. I’m buying one. And I already own maschine 2 and komplete 10!

      • mixeffector

        WRT: Maschine I’m referring to the software rather than the hardware, more. It is by no means the same kind of software, but from a cosmetic design standpoint it’s too similar to be coincidence.

        I’m sure for people who have invested in non-NI VSTs this will be attractive, and I don’t even think it’s actually trying to compete with the S-series for customers (i.e. NI diehards or people who work exclusively/primarily with Komplete or within the NI ecosystem) – it’s just a disappointingly derivative take on an idea that has so much more to give. It feels too much like a direct response to the Kontrol, rather than a new product (which it really is, what with the layering and all). At least they didn’t do a half-assed LightGuide clone out of a sense of obligation – plenty of companies would have.

    • Joshua Nussbaum

      If you think about it, that’s also a means of allowing people to seamlessly switch over from NI products without feeling the sort of jarring disconnect you could get if you switched from something like FL Studio to something like Logic X.

      Sounds like smart business sense to me.

    • Markus Arike

      You can’t be serious. Machine 2 uses Orange highlights, Akia VIP uses Yellow. That is where the similarities end. As far as Komplete Kontrol S, the Advance is a more interesting, more innovative controller with its ability to corral all your plugins in one window and multi mode and way better stand alone use. Add a normal pitch and mod wheel instead of those ridiculous touch strips, color LCD, MPC pads and note repeat, the Advance is a much more compelling product. Thankfully Akai didn’t add that kiddie mode Lite Brite.