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Trax & Wax: Monthly Vinyl Subscription Service For Dance Music

Record clubs were a big thing in a different era of music – where you would pay a small fee and sign up to get music every month. Now a new service, Trax & Wax, is planning on bringing the record club concept into the modern era, focusing on dance music releases. Read on for details on how a monthly vinyl subscription could be the next service you sign up for.

Trax & Wax: Subscription To Dance Music Vinyl

Internet-based subscription services have seen a big surge in the last two years, with services like LootCrate (for gamers/geeks), Graze (for snacks), and BarkBox (for dogs and their owners) building companies around the concept. So of course it makes sense that someone would invent one that’s for dance music, right?

Building off of the continued resurgence of vinyl lovers in the DJ world, Trax & Wax is set to launch this year – and the concept is simple:

Trax & Wax

The founder of Trax & Wax shared a bit of insight into the expected sense of surprise that they hope to provide in this Thump article:

“This is a surprise box, and we believe a part of the appeal is that you don’t always get exactly what you expect, which in turn enables you to discover new acts and music styles, so you need to keep your mind open.”

Each month, you get four records in a certain genre collection – some examples include:

  • Trax & Wax Box: Contemporary House and Techno music
  • New School Box: A selection of new school tech and deep house music
  • Disco BoxDisco, Nu-disco, and edits
  • Old School Box: That classic sound of Chicago and New York

Example Selections

The company is partnering with distributors and labels in the dance music world, including Rush Hour, Clone, and Word & Sound – here’s some examples tracks of what you might expect to get from the service:

There’s no word yet on exactly when the service is launching, but you can sign up for a notification on their official website here. 

  • chris
  • Ezmyrelda

    4 unique vinyls? *sigh* They couldn’t have said records? selections?

  • pixelbreak

    I remember back in the day when you have someone curate track with you…3 Beat Label management did provide such service and it was superb; it was mostly intended for big DJs

  • Anthony Alonso

    No Broken Beat Box? Im sad to see that the service is focused strictly around house music.

  • deejae snafu

    from what i hear, loot crate is like paying for promotional items that vendors would happily give you for free if you e-mail them, but they make it sound like you get all this exclusive collectible stuff. I personally would never pay good money for “random” boxes of stuff. I like to research, compare , and actually be pretty certain i’m going to like something , BEFORE I buy, rather than blindly pay money to be “open minded”.

    • N/A

      A boats a boat lois but the mystery box could be anything! it could even be a BOAT! We’ll take the box.

  • Rolfski

    I used to be subscribed to such a service back in the day. It ended up stiffing up my collection with tons of vinyl I didn’t like. Hardly ever did I find killer tracks in the service. There are better and cheaper ways to expand your collection without polluting it with unwanted vinyl imo.

    • Panthe Tek

      The service is available now. Over 35€ for a shipment of 2 vinyl records. While a curious thought to entertain – OMG vinyl again! – this is way too expensive.