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DJ Track Trade: What Was Hot In April 2017?

Inspired by a conversation with Ean last week, today we’re kicking off our first-ever DJ Track Trade. The goal: once a month, for the DJTT community to share what new tracks, edits, remixes, and releases worked especially well on dance floors. We’ll share a few of our favorites, things that we’ve heard personally, trainspotted, or seem to be doing exceptionally well on charts – and then turn it over to you in the comments.

DJ Track Trade: The Rules

The only way that this idea will work is if a bunch of us all take part and contribute to the Track Trade. If you’ve discovered a few secret weapons or winning tracks this month, consider sharing them in the comments.

  • DJ Track Trade is genre-agnostic. That means all types of tunes are welcome – the only requirement is that you’ve experienced these tracks doing well when played out in public!
  • When commenting, post just one per comment. This allows other DJs to upvote individual tracks – so we can find the best easily. It’s harder to find quality stuff that’s buried in lists of tracks in comments.
  • Don’t share files, do share links to buy (ideally as direct from the artist/label as possible)
  • Classic tunes are fine, but we suspect most of your fellow DJs are interested in new/recent releases.

If this goes well, we’ll do this once a month – hopefully you’ll find something below that’s exciting or interesting to you!

Staff Finds

Here’s a few tracks tried and tested by the DJTT staff that we’ve found to be particularly successful:

Ean Golden

Skin (Martin Solvig / SG Lewis Remixes) – Flume released a whole series of remixes of his album Skin earlier this month. I would normally not play tracks that are this “big”, but these remixes made a few of Flume’s bangers really interesting and playable in my mixed genre sets:

Dan / DJ Spacecamp

Groove Nation: This track from Detlef and Green Velvet feels like a very intentional reference to the classic 1989 DA Rebels’ tune, House Nation Under A Groove. It’s far more aggressive, but it’s worked very well at a few gigs recently in SF.

Music Is The Answer (Hot Since 82 Remix) – This song is also an amazing reference: the 1998 Danny Tenaglia / Cleda track Music Is The Answer got a unique cover by Joe Goddard earlier this year. This remix by Hot Since 82 really helped me heat up a Mioli Music afterhours a few weeks back. Huge!

Marc / DJ PeeDot

Humble – This Kendrick Lamar track has the best crowd reaction since “Alright”. Being Los Angeles born and raised, it always feels good to have a hometown artist that gets such good crowd feedback.

iSpy feat. Lil Yachty – This track from Kyle is a really party-friendly trap tempo track. In the clubs, people sing along to every time I drop it.

Even More In The Comments

Alright gang, this is where YOU come in. Don’t just post the Beatport Top 10 in the comments, instead share tracks that you found worked well (in your own sets or in sets you witnessed/watched). Remember, one song per comment so we can upvote accordingly!

  • Jesse Hernandez
  • Jesse Hernandez

    Here is something new for those Dubtrap & Kendrick Lamar fans!

  • Razvan N Pop

  • Jose Manuel Alayeto Pinzon

    And this one too: Bontan- personal question

  • Jose Manuel Alayeto Pinzon

    I heard This track two days ago and I love it: The Golden Bou – Egyptian lover (latmun remix)

  • bert

    White kid – soul t nuts, banging, jacking tune!

  • Chris Silver

    Highly requested song every night is Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of you”. I play in smaller, local clubs in Germany and I feel lukcy I found this dancefloor remix of it.

  • Candyman

    A seriously funky breaks/glitch hop tune, with an awesome sample from Rick and Morty, played it out a few times and works so well

  • bentselben

  • Theo West

    These two tracks have been smashing it for me. You know and love both but these remixes with WBBL’s trademark wobble shake up the dancefloor everytime. In fact the whole House Party EP which is free on SoundCloud rocks, but these two are standout for me.

  • Andrey Papin (DJ Kingstep)

  • All-Oh

    Found this one recently. It’s tagged as hypnotic house. I love the vibe. Thing is, the download is not working for it…

  • For all you techno heads.. I’ve been playing this in my past couple of sets and it gets a good reaction. I know its one of my own but it works, let me know what you guys think 🙂

  • J2O

    Motez and Scrufizzer are a perfect combo imo, check this bass heavy dance track from last year that always gets people moving!


  • J.R. Noble

    This is a dance track that has been getting people moving on the dance floor. This is a track that I produced and it’s free to download.

  • Rob Freeman

  • Have played it a few times out now and normally gets the ladies moving… in in a rock and hip hop crowd

  • Jesse Hernandez

    Here is a Classic Track by Tom Jones with an Unusual Twist!

  • Jesse Hernandez

    Here is another Classic Favorite with an Unusual Mashup! Great Party Starter!

  • Stephen Nawlins

    My friend Oisin (A really talented Singer with an amazing voice) has made a few tunes with different DJ’s now. Latest he made a a Track on Spinnin’ Records with DJ duo TV Noise.
    They had this Interview with 2 Live Performances in November last year on a dutch Radio station, they performed their released Single but also this Cover of Blackstreets “No Diggity” which did totally kick my ass, I was really surprised how good the Live-Performance was.
    So with his Agreement I ripped it and made my own Extended Version of it,to test it and to give him some Feedback about the crowds reaction.

    The Crowd really gets it…It’s a Tropical House Version that’s really making the People move.
    My personal opinion is that it’s way better (as Live Perf) than the Studio mastered Version of Felix Jaehns “Ain’t Nobody”.

    Unfortunately I got the Feedback that Spinnin’ has no Intention to release the track 🙁
    And here it is:

    • Slak Jaw

      Sweet! I’d love to get my hands on this track!

  • Reif Hand

    Sing it Back – Mousse T.’s Feel Love Mix
    123bpm, Disco House. Moloko’s Sing it back acapella layered over reworked Donna Summer’s I feel Love. Been playing for the last couple of months, it lights up the floor every time!

  • Eric Allen

    Lovin’ This Funky Brazilian House Jam

    • Landy Delossantos

      I like the feel of this tune. I get you on a trance.

  • ninjakickspizza

    I used to DJ once-a-week at a rotating-DJ event, where each DJ spun two sets–the first set was 45 min, sometime 8-12, and the second was 30 min, sometime after midnight. Genre was very open. The audience was either Japanese or an expat, as the club was called DNA and in Tottori, Japan, and we rolled with a big crew of teachers. This song worked great consistently, as the Brits and Kiwis etc love Brit-rock, but it also has a really heavy kick and funk/disco element for the other club-goers. I’ve had success starting a set with rock, believe it or not: it always served as a nice palate cleanse if the person before me was playing something campy or corny that had the floor empty. rock would turn heads at the bar. people’d slam a shot. then I’d go for something more traditional once you had them on the floor to keep them there.

  • Linz&Mars

    This went down well at a day event this last Sunday. Four Tet & Roots Manuva, of course it’s gonna be dope.

    • Nice collab track – and I was particularly amused by the top YT comment, which noted:
      > If you listen closely enough, the chorus is actually “Smoke Brie”?

      • Linz&Mars

        Or “boat race, boat race…”
        I also played it at a 5k finish line cause it says something about a race… or maybe the runners were wondering why I was playing a song about cheese 🙂

    • Linz&Mars

      I actually recorded some of that day, if anyone’s interested in hearing it.
      It was recored at the Flavors Of The Avenue event in Philly.
      This track drops around the 20 minute mark.

      • Armani Alxndr

        great mix bro

        • Thanks for taking the time to listen. It was a fun day.

  • DJCela

    This is a great future funk song. Its light but groove-able, good for bringing down the energy but to still let people dance. And its a free download.

    • J.R. Noble

      Digging the groove!

  • Jesse Hernandez
  • here_comes_the_sheik

    I think you should make it a rule that commenters have to add a few words about their track. What genre, in which situation it worked. I don’t want to click songs that in the end are way to far off what I would ever play.

    • I don’t disagree – we’ll do this next month and incorporate that. In the meantime, reward good behavior and upvote the tracks that DO have descriptions!

  • killmedj
  • MarcusMCB

    Randomly came across this one while listening to BBC 1 a few Fridays ago but I’ve been absolutely loving it since.

    • 26Tracks

      hot shit

      • Razvan N Pop

        Awesome, ty

  • killmedj

    Music Is The Answer (Hot Since 82 Remix) Excellent choice!

  • Carter Maher

    If any of you spin beats or trap, this will always 100% go off no doubt

  • Surya Anderson

    This Plump Djs..Get Kinky remixed by Random Preset is a favorite for a breakdown. Ridiculously sexy, reminiscent of some years back yet current and really well produced… plus it’s a high def giveaway!
    Listen to Plump Djs – Get Kinky (Random Preset Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD by Plump Djs #np on #SoundCloud

  • Benjamin Bleich

    Konstantin Sibold – Mutter
    I love this track

  • bentselben

    VOLAC x MC João – Baile De Favela

    • Landy Delossantos

      That what’sup!! Great tune.

      • bentselben

        It’s Russian guys Volac

  • bentselben

    Moan – Always Love (Volac Remix)

  • Rob Freeman

  • Rob Freeman

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  • Nicholas Seamans

    • Love it! Always good to see some dnb vibes in DJTT posts 🙂

    • synapticflow

      Hot in April 2017?

      This is very good but also like 12 years old.

  • Nicholas Seamans

  • Cory King

    Beware-Jay Z& Punjabi MC

    • Wait, what decade is it again? 😉

      • killmedj

        Still “the” best flip track in a hip hop set!

  • gingerkat

    I really enjoyed playing ‘Sexy Lady’ by Me & My Toothbrush – Menace (on beatport and itunes). Super bouncy, perfect for spring and kicking off pool party season!


    I know this is a bit corny…but the best track i played this month, that got the most “WFT?!?!?” and “I can’t shazam this motha?!?!?” was my own track 🙂 and you can get it for free…

    • Francois Schneider

      Very nice, thank you! I’m playing a multivoody set on Friday night and it’ll be nice to have a track (almost) nobody has 😉

    • DJ Grayskull

      Oh hell yeah! My new secret weapon.

    • here_comes_the_sheik

      Great tune… will play this

    • Samuel Villagomez

      Great tune bro!!

    • Urko Lazcoz Rodrigo
  • Psychemagik released ALL of their edits/remixes/etc in one amazing compilation. Highly recommend checking this release out as there’s a number of winning tracks in here, like this brilliant remix of The Talking Heads’ “This Must Be The Place”:

  • Calibrato

    Snails & Pegboard Nerds – Deep in the Night (original and Muzzy remix) was super good.