DJ Conversion Utility 1.3: Converts Traktor + Rekordbox Playlists To iTunes

In a new update to the DJ Conversion Utility (first featured last month on the blog) comes a powerful new feature: converting playlists and collections out of DJ software and into iTunes. This type of forward-and-back conversion has been high on feature request lists for every iTunes integrated software for years, and now a powerful third-party utility has beat everyone to the punch.

DJ Conversion Utility

If you missed our original article on this powerful new 3rd party tool for DJs, it’s worth taking a look at our writeup. Essentially, this tool aims to allow DJs to move their libraries between different digital DJ platforms – specifically Traktor, Rekordbox DJ, and djay.

The new 1.3 update to DJ Conversion Utility (hereafter DJCU) brings a major change in how the entire system works: it now allows Traktor and Rekordbox DJ users to export their collection data out directly into iTunes. This means that you can recreate your crates / playlists (including any that are in folders/nested) in iTunes with ease. Here’s what developer DJ MixMasterG noted in his most recent update email:

“The iTunes integration now supports both sources, Traktor Pro or Rekordbox DJ.
This option is extremely powerful. It gives you the possibility to recreate in iTunes the playlist structure you have in either TKP or RBDJ. This was originally developed because djay uses iTunes as it’s collection manager this assures you that the tracks in iTunes are the same tracks as in RBDJ or TKP. You can even sync your iOS devices with these playlists.”

Non-Destructive Playlist Conversion

Many DJs use iTunes as the starting point for their digital music collections. While the iTunes isn’t without its many flaws and bloated nature, it’s still the most ubiquitous tool in terms of compatibility with DJ and production software programs.

But most digital DJs also have their own structure of playlists and folders within their DJ softwares as well. With this new version of DJCU, instead of overwriting your iTunes playlist structure, it adds a new folder in iTunes (called “DJ Conversion Utility”) – with subfolders for Rekordbox and Traktor.

This process doesn’t include extensive metadata in with the tracks – and the release notes why (there’s another tool for that!):

“The iTunes integration does not perform any metadata conversion. Meaning all metadata iTunes uses is from the track’s file. This also implies that specialized non standard tags like “star ratings” and Camelot keys are not converted! […]

The only reason why we developed the iTunes integration in DJCU is to aid the users of djay on iOS, which only supports a very rudimentary set of metadata. If you want to truly synchronize meta data (=tags) between iTunes and Traktor Pro we recommend you take a look at The Traktor Tag Sync Utility. One of its many functions it to sync as much metadata as technically possible between iTunes and Traktor Pro.”

Why Convert Playlists To iTunes?

There’s a few very important reasons why every DJ might want to convert their playlists into iTunes:

  • Having a second backup of your complete digital DJ collection – which for DJs who build their playlists entirely in Traktor or Rekordbox could be important to avoid a total loss situation
  • Moving a collection to another DJ software that allows iTunes import but doesn’t sync easily already (e.g.: Serato)
  • Moving a Rekordbox or Traktor library into another library management system that allows iTunes import (like Denon Engine or Mixed In Key)

Important Note: Every time you mess with your DJ library in any way, you should be very careful. We recommend backing up your digital DJ data regularly!

Do you have a specific DJ library problem that needs solving? Share it in the comments and maybe we can help you find a great solution. 

  • Sheik Yerbouti

    Itunes is a total pita. For my part I spend most time on beatgridding and setting cuepoints. I understand the tool does not convert these metatags? I’d rather have flexible, uncompressed conversion between RB, TKP, Serato, Engine Prime. Backup in Itunes?? No, thanks. Better do dedicated backup(s) to external drives!

  • Darren Bouthier

    Can rekordbox tracks be retrieved from a USB back to my MacBook?

    • if you mean a usb thumb drive that has rekordbox content, sure if you put that in your MacBook, start up Rekordbox you can open it under devices and either use RBDJ’s sync manager or just good old drag and drop (you can use the reveal in finder option if you want to copy them by manually)

  • Camilo Ramirez

    Why are apps like this only for mac?

  • How does this work if I already have the songs in iTunes? For instance, I played a badass set and would like to put that playlist back into iTunes, but I don’t want to duplicate the tracks.

    • You won’t get duplicates if the location of the track remains the same.
      edit: however the sequence of the list can change because of the iTunes sort settings

      • Sounds great. Gonna give it a whirl.

  • Kristof Standaert

    Hi MixMaster G, will there be a Windows version of the utility ?

  • Noroad To Somewhere

    I just bought this app and it’s painfully confusing.

  • The Great DJ Swindle

    “Why Convert Playlists To iTunes?” bingo…

  • Thnx Dan for mentioning our product again
    The link to DJCU is

    • Kristof Standaert

      Hi ATGR Production Team, will there be a Windows version of the utility ?

      • sorry we are a Mac only collective (mind you since 1992)

        • Kristof Standaert

          OK, thx for your response.

  • riddimdojo

    Dan, the article misses a link to the DJCU directly as opposed to the Traktor one.

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  • Emiliano Galván

    Can you convert Rekordbox playlist to Traktor playlist?

    • Jay

      Create playlist, highlight, drag and drop.

      • Emiliano Galván

        really? that easy? THANKS JAY !! 🙂

      • Many DJs I know have 50+ playlists in their collections – which is why a utility like this is so useful

      • Emiliano Galván

        Drag & Drop doesnt work 🙁
        how do you do it?

    • Max Van der Pols

      I use Rekordbuddy for that and it’s awesome! It also converts beatgrid and cue points.

  • Lappen

    Filen alias ECF5DEBC-E683-4FDC-9A62-4A319F763374:d:DJ Conversion of «script» hittades inte. (-43)

    Anyone got this message when trying to open up the program???