Controllerism @ NAMM 2008

Here is some footage of NAMM 2008 performances by myself and our good friend DJ Moldover from Moldover showed off his heavily modified Novation 25SL at the Ableton booth and then came over to check out my performance at the Vestax booth later that day. We had a great time and got a lot of very curious on-lookers most likely thinking to themselves “what the hell are these kids doing!”

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  • Editor

    yeah, we agree. about 1 minute of this would be max for a club environment but a little bit of these techniques used in a tasteful and more subtle way set gets the crowd really going crazy.

    Check out this club footage from Berlin on youtube

    Watergate is one of the best techno clubs in europe and they ate it up.

  • Rick

    If that kind of button pushing went on at any club I know of, the place would empty out fast. I am impressed by the fact though that Ean is making his mods available to the masses!

  • DJ ToS

    Good work. And all that "controllerism routine".

    Bringing good toys from the underground to the

    common users.

    That's nice video.

  • groovemixer

    LOL!! thats crazy but cool, nic vids!!!

  • Editor

    well, thanks for that….. compliment 🙂 Those that cant make fun of themselves are no fun anyway. We finished a video making fun of ourselves last week that you guys are going to love!

  • Toddler

    i meant it as a flattery! 🙂 and you earned it: humble, skilled, in touch with the right sources and always eager at sharing your knowledge with us 🙂

  • Ean Golden

    Ummm, well- I have no idea how to take that? but i am seriously cracking up right now over his wikipedia entry:

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  • Toddler

    ean is digital djings Peter North.

  • dj g-r-bs

    great video!!!

    i got the novation remote sl compact. it's a great toy!

  • Bento San

    Cool stuff ! Now all we need to do is combine Ean Goldens routine with Moldovers, and we have one seriously cool routine ! Deckadance + Ableton live for the win ! I have the vci-100 now i just need to get me a novation remote 25 to bust out some seriously cool remixes.

    Love what you guys are doing for the digital music scene! keep it up !