Deck a Dance Give Away- Winners Announced

If your like me then Deck a Dance has piqued your interest. The impressive list of forward thinking features and “universal” timecode compatibility certainly makes it worth checking out. Oh and the advertising is hard to ignore as well.

On the list of must haves is support for VST plugins AND the ability to run deck a dance inside other sequencing software like Ableton Live. So no more trying to get Ableton to run like dj software just stick the dj stuff inside Live. Stay tuned as I am knee deep in a full fledged review and testing cycle of Deck A Dance as we speak. In the mean time, this is your chance to test out the software yourself and chime in with your 2 cents. Dj tech tools has secured 2 free copies of Deck a Dance “House edition” for 2 lucky readers. In order to win you just have to enter the following competition.

Controllerism is a great word for super crazy stuff that Moldover and myself are doing but whats a better word to describe everyone else that is using midi equipment and laptops but not in a “turntablism style way”. What should we call the new generation of djs? The 2 best answers get a free copy of Deck a Dance!!


Wow, there were some very good suggestions and interesting ideas! Its really hard to choose but here are the 2 we think fill the following criteria the best:

1) sound cool and is easy to say
2) wide reaching (this term should encompass everyone that is “djing” in any form)
3) describe the digital nature

#1: Bitjockey/BItSelecta (because its just plain rad! and we trully live in a world of bits now) As Sid pointed out though- its Acronym is BJ which we will NEVER live down- so it cant be used. Or can it?……opinions?

#2 Digitalist (because it is so broad and can include everyone)

Very Notable mentions:

Tech Tuners

The “if only we could just call it section”:

The New Kids on the Block
The future

The completely wrong message section:

Sync Jockeys
Email Djs
playschool dj’s

Its Worth Considering:

Whiskers Brings up the very accurate fact that the word Deejay was originally for the MC and we are more selectors than anything. It would be cool to see what could be done with that word. Loop Selecktas??

Avelin accurately points out that the future will be a very multi-media affair. So a word or description that includes the visual future of djing would be cool too. In the next 5 years people will become more of Multi media blenders as the traditional skill sets of djs morph into new tasks.

Thanks for the great responses guys, seriously. 57 responses in 48 hours is awesome for a blog and is approaching Perez Hilton numbers. Thats with zero adverts and not a single mention of Brittney Spears (oh shit, now we have mentioned her) we have reached that number with a bunch of really passionate readers that care about their craft.

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  • Hambim336



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  • Es

    [quote comment=”1269″]Alex: BJ is a common acronym for "Blowjob" in angloamerican

    language areas. No way i would call myself "BJ".[/quote]

    In Aust it means bum-jab, even worse than blow job!!!

  • Alan D.

    FJ = filejockey ('s)

  • aiden

    I thought i'd try the demo and the first thing i notice about it is that it obviously requires much more resources than traktor. Menial things like loading deck B will cause my deck A to lag out. My laptop isn't the best but it isn't all that bad, either. 1.8ghz, 1 gig of ram, on a fairly lean vista setup.

  • Ean Golden

    Damn, that article is out already??? I thought I had some more time. Oh well, let me get those up!

  • Phil

    Ean – where are these traktor and midi files to use an oxygen 8 controller with it (on your most recent article for remixmag)?

  • Ean Golden

    Thats great. I love it: "on the ones and zeros" I think we need to adopt that phrase around here for sure.

  • Alex


    hell yeah! vote for bitjockey! 🙂 no – honestly – like ean wrote – bitjockey is plain rad, everybody knows what is meant by it and it is more innovative!

    i don?t know, but do all the people in america think of a blowjob if they read "BJ" on a party-flyer? Are there some other expressions described by this acronym?

    it is also possible to give it a new acronym like BitJ or sth. similiar, do you have any ideas?

    what about "bitselecta" (BS) dirty acronym?

    its a hard decision, because digitalist is also very adequate, but could u imagine an acronym of it? maybe it?ll be very long winded on a flyer!?

    wuuah – i?m so happy, i?m dying to mix the first tracks with deckadance!



  • Jonny Pez

    oh man, I didnt see that the winners had already been chosen.

    I like Digitalist, but I think its too broad. I retouch photos for a living.. You could call me a Digitalist as well.. and that has nothing to do with music. I think, like it or not, the media will call electronic music mixers "Digital DJs". It's already in print, and though I don't put too much stock in the media, I think the label is here to stay. Its not super creative, funny or clever, but people understand it.

  • Jonny Pez

    Bit Jockey is a fun name, but if you really want to be universal I would have to go with Digital DJ… Plus there is no sexual joke involved.

    PS: I really want that software 🙂

  • Dj Mei-Lwun

    i think whats most important is that the name you chose has to be recognizable to the layman.

    HDJ = Hard Disk Jockey

    ps: i still like "Bit Jock". everyone love a good "BJ"

  • Avelin

    maybe some forum or something like that…

  • Avelin

    Ean maybe you should make some group club for people who love and play on digital media. (midi controlers, laptops and…lalala) That should be great. And we all sign in and who know what can come up from that! 🙂

  • Javier aka Einsamer

    MIDj or DGj would be the concept.

    BitJockey sounds cool.

    Man I cant wait for having a Numark NS7 to control Deckadance !!!

  • phil

    the one 0?s , 10j?s
    (from the zero and one thing,datastyle ;))

  • TMT












  • treedeez

    how about "Mashie"

  • Fatlimey

    <blockquote cite="#comment-1311">how about "Knob Jockeys"?

    Regardless of which name we choose, that's what we'll end up being called behind our backs. I say seize the term and make it ours. 🙂

  • Dj Mei-Lwun

    <blockquote cite="#comment-1269">Alex: BJ is a common acronym for "Blowjob" in angloamerican

    language areas. No way i would call myself "BJ".

    i like BJs.

    how about "Knob Jockeys"?

  • Chris Wright

    I'm still fond of using midi digi, but thought I'd toss in a few other names into the mix

    computer jockey

    control jockey

    tech jockey

    circuit jockey – just really like the sound of it

    circuit mixer

    circuit masher

    control masher

    midi masher – controller DJ performances are often called mashups anyway

    mixerism – sorta like controllerism

  • loomad

    What about:




    Square-Pushers (knowing it’s an artists name)

    though Controllerist sounds like YOU DO have the authority !

    it is just like the KontrolFreak…there’s to less fun !

    Everything I saw so far from Ean and Moldover is just plain

    “rockin that isht” – you all will agree: you can’t stop smiling,

    after you realised you stare with your mouth open when you see the guys

    treat their equipment. Dispite the work on developing the teckniques

    it’s all about spending and having fun with the new ways of doing your

    thing: Creativity 2 da MAX !

    just to give my piece of thought…

    regards, l.

  • audiodestruction

    I thought we were trying to find a name for the people who were NOT doing the dj thing with controllers. A bit more like live electronics or something. If I am mistaken I have t say that my vote is for bitjockey!

  • MrGecko

    In the current state of naming things, even with the possible copywrite issues, iDJ works. I don’t know when everybody felt the need to take their que from the iPod but it does seem to convey the message. You can break it down in many different ways as to what each letter represents but I think just the three letters as they stand gets the point across in a way that people of our current society across the world can understand.

  • DJ MoRice

    The New Kids on the Block… I feel like that worked pretty well before.

    midi jockeys


    Touch DJ

    I still think Controllerist is the best.

    What do you have right now. We have Turntablists, mix DJ's, and Digital DJ's. So it looks like the future is controllerist for people using it like a turntablist or midi DJ or controller DJ for the midi guys who use it for mixing.

  • Kr0n

    DDJs, pronounced di-di-jey

    Digital DJs 😉

  • Bento San

    mid-e-dj – kinda a cut down of Midi Electronic Dj’s that kinda sums up ll electronic live music creators, with a word play on midi. The e, which is used widely across the internet (ebay/email/ecommerce ect) strongly puts across that we are dealing with computers.

    Abletonlive + Deckadance for the win !

  • Denis

    Lj – Laptop Jokey ( or L-dj )

  • Rosta


    sounds better 🙂

  • Average Joe

    Tune Jammers


    lap jockeys

    top spinners

    tech tuners

    file spinners

    wave smashers

    digital faders

    virtual Vynils

    NSS= New School Spinners

    Vynil Killers…haha jk

    DDj= Digital DJ

    wave skratchers

    Digital 12's





  • Jason Prime


  • Rosta

    The Future

  • aiden

    Sync Jockeys

  • Avelin

    ipod dj’s
    playschool dj’s
    email dj’s
    console dj’s
    new DJ
    or NGDJ (new generation dj)
    compact dj’s
    remote control dj’s
    knob fiddlers
    plug n play dj

    hahahahaha…this is so funny,,, 😀
    you forget newskool DJ’s (like oldskool but new version) lol 😀

  • Joseph Rivera

    DMJ = Digital Media Jockey

    VMJ = Virtual Media Jockey

  • Midifidler

    nu-j, must say I liked bit-jockey though…

  • Evan Jones

    Lap rats or mashochists

  • Chris combe

    compact dj’s
    remote control dj’s
    knob fiddlers
    plug n play dj

  • Chris combe

    ipod dj’s
    playschool dj’s
    email dj’s
    console dj’s
    new DJ
    or NGDJ (new generation dj)

  • Pascal

    Digital phonographers

  • Chris Wright

    Midi Digi which stands for digital midi is simple and to the point yet somewhat informative at the same time and works as a generic midi term that applies to DJ's and home studios alike so that's what I like to refer to myself as. Manipulating digital midi is really all people are doing with midi controllers both for studio recording and DJ performances. It's not really about laptops or desktops they play a equally role in innovating the expanding midi hardware and software market and essentially can both do nearly the same thing desktops are just usually a bit less mobile, but can be more powerful and laptops are the exact opposite.

    Deckadance is suited for home studios and mobile DJ's since it can be hosted or host vsts which is where the product shines over other DJ software. Additionally it's made by the people who created FL Studio so naturally they groove well together. I've got a very brief pro and con breakdown of Deckadance on my blogspot. About the only spot I felt it lacked was not being completely midi learn assignable like FL Studio I guess I've been a little spoiled by that function. I think in future revisions it'll be better once they add in midi assign for all parameters of the program not just the heavily used majority of them.

  • bradley

    ddj — digital disc jockey

    keeping it simple.

  • dthree

    I always thought it should be 3J which is short for MP3J. Maybe with an apostrophe like this: '3J

  • A83

    …or just DJ as in digital jockey 😉

  • Jonny Pez

    Digital DJ

  • A83

    DJ as in disc jockey as in hard disk jockey!

  • Avelin

    Grettings EAN! 🙂

    In my opinion the next generation of DJ's should be a DJ who control music, light, and videos on projectors and everything else that is in club. That should be great because DJ's become in that way unique artists who control all senses of crowd. And when you know that is the job of one man that make it more special experience. That is my opinion, and for technology i think that DJ's can only play on HARD DRIVE players in short future. Cd's and DVD's are matter of past. 😉

  • Alex

    haha, thx sid, i don?t want to call myself a Blowjob, too 🙂 but that doesn?t change anything in my opinion that "Bit-jockey" is a suitable word… so looks like there is sadly no short form of it….

    i also thought about sth. like "gadget jockey" – is there a dirty word for GJ in american english? (maybe "good job" – would u call yourself a good job? 😉 )

  • audiodestruction

    i think richard james and mike from planet mu got it right with "professional knob twiddlers" but when I have to think of a way to bill myself on flyers or something of that nature i feel that "live electronics" will usually do the trick. It doesn't limit you to any genre of type of gear. In todays super genre based music world I think it would be to our benefit to tear down the walls others have created for us, simply cause our kick drum doesn't sound like some one else

  • rialler

    uoooooooops in the last message I forgot the email :s

  • rialler


    If a Person who mixes with turntables (vynils/disc) is a discjokey//deejay,

    the a good name for controllers can be "controller jockey // ceejay // controllers"

  • Sid

    Alex: BJ is a common acronym for "Blowjob" in angloamerican language areas. No way i would call myself "BJ".

  • Z-Man

    I know it's already used as a_evil_ word, but I really like MICROWAVE-JOCKEY.

    as you can do editing, cutting more precise, going deep into the wave.

    doing micro-loops. really I like it. 😉

  • Alex

    or what about "Bitselector"

  • Alex

    i prefer the word: “Bitjockey” (BJ)

    it merges the old expression of the disc-jockey with the new revolution of the digital (Bits) way of selecting and playing music, doin?crazy weird experimental things with a piece of electronic

    so everybody knows exactly what is meant by the “Bitjockey”

    As i know, there is no word like this in our context…

    greets from germany

  • robotnyk

    damn, the two best i thought of is already taken (MiDJ was the first, DigiJay was the second). so i guess i have to stick to SiliconJ (SilyJ in short, haha).

  • whiskers

    DJing is becoming more 'virtual' in a sense – sure, there's midi panels to touch, but a midi board is just a fancy keyboard / mouse, you're still twiddling with knobs and buttons in software, you're layering effects in software, you're mashing tracks in virtual decks. 'Virtualists' or "virtual DJ" are probably not very great terms to describe this phenomenon, but they apply. The term "DJ" itself lost meaning in a way – "DJ" is a person who plays music for the crowd, I don't think that it means "disc jockey" anymore… especially to the turntable crowd.

    Wikipedia has this interesting bit in the article about disc jockeys:

    In reggae, the disc jockey (deejay) is a vocalist who raps, toasts or chats over pre-recorded rhythm tracks while the individual choosing and playing them is referred to as a selector.


    And what's up with that deckadance image? 😛

  • smittydc

    Button-Jockeys?… but I suppose "BJs" is taken.

    Knobbers? (might not go over well in UK)





    Laptoppers (toppers for short)

    I say we go high-brow:


  • cutups

    How does one use a laptop in a turntablism type way?

    I'm a bit unclear on what that would entail, so it's hard to think of how people would be then not using it that way.

    If you're talking about folks using all that technology to do vanilla djing, then i think we already have a name for them: jukeboxes.

  • AJ Orbit

    Digitalist aka Digital Jockeys aka Digi Jays

  • Marx


  • Q-BEE

    how about

    "Hybrid DJs"

    it's important

    – that everybody understands it (worldwide)

    – to stress the fact that this kind of DJing is different & more creative

    for me, it's somewhere in the middle between traditional DJing and electronic Live Act (say Ableton Live etc.). it fills the gap between those two forms of performance.

    therefore: Hybrid. Hybrid DJs

    and it sounds cool as well 😉

  • weaponry

    mp3js, as in jockeys who play mp3s


    hard djs, as in jockeys who play off the hard disk,


    compact djs, as in jockeys who play off the compact disc

  • Sid


  • Chris

    Button Mashers!

  • Zsolt

    … whats a better word to describe everyone else that is using midi equipment and laptops but not in a ?turntablism style way? …


  • MGyver

    Keeping it simple is always a good idea. Call 'em TJs for "track jockeys", or "track jugglers" if you want to be fancy-schmancy. 🙂

  • kidfromkibbly

    Ha, how about 'squints' I always find myself having to squint at the tiny Traktor font. 😀