DJ Tech Tools- Under Construction

Things are growing so fast around here that we need to invest some cash in the infrastructure. Over the next 2 weeks a great team from Australia will be adding some really cool stuff to the site. I am in Germany at the moment where in less than a week Dj Tech Tools will be taking a look at working models of all the exciting equipment that was shown at NAMM. Before Germany I was in Tokyo finalizing the firmware on my special edition VCI-100, and man am I excited. The functions rock and everything works really well!

Over the next two weeks:

1) They will be building the much anticipated forum! We wanted to make sure its done right so the wait will be well worth it. Thanks for the patience.

2) A Dj Tech Gear web store. There are a lot of very exciting things planned for this store in the future but to get us started we will only have one product: The limited edition “Ean Golden” VCI-100. Yes, pre-orders will be starting when the web store opens in 2 weeks and then shipment will be about 2 weeks after that. Contrary to other reports, none of them have been reserved. They will be available to everyone at the same time but only to those that are reading dj tech tools. That’s our way of saying thanks to all you! Check out a sneak preview that I shot in japan bellow.

3) An improved interface that will allow you to find all the content easier and faster.

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  • hipokrates

    A sophisticated tool and is essential to assess the gold

  • jaffer

    For Sale Vestax QFO-LE Turntable Instrument for Performances with Integrated Mixer and Controls……………………………$650.

    Output Connectors RCA Phono Motor Direct Drive Quartz Speeds 33 1/3 and 45RPM Brake Electronic Pitch Control Range +/- 60% Wow and Flutter 0.07% Signal-to-Noise Ratio > / – 75% Power Requirements Not Specified By Manufacturer Dimensions 17.91 x 5.11 x 20.62" (455 x 130 x 524mm) Weight 15.43 lbs (7.0 kg) .


  • Astronaut-J

    hi Ean,

    i would like to order 1 of your E.G version of VCI-100

    when is the preoder session on for us?

  • jimmymac

    Hi Ean,

    2 weeks almost up….any news on the preorder section for the new vci?

  • Elad G.

    I would like arcade buttons as well ..

    Btw: why not putting them on the Vci as a default ? after all its the ean golden model ..

  • moss street guy

    Look forward to review your new site and its features.

    otherwise, a little hello from miss Persia, crazy Jake, fun fun Tina, miss Younice, and your favorite pussy, Cleo.

  • Anthony

    This is very GOOD news!

    intermediary software..and plates.

    cant wait…

  • Ean G.

    yes, if you allready own a vci-100. You can buy a set of plates and a special intermediary software that will modify your vci-100s midi to match this special edition.

  • H

    would it be possible to "upgrade" from a vci-100? rather than buy a new one?

  • Matt Holden

    really looking forward to the forum, good call

  • Average Joe

    u know what would be crazy.. that in the vci-300 u can mix music using a hard drive like the dmix – 300 if possible.. hmmmm…

    I've been looking at the dmix-600 looks great.. playing with 2 hard drives of music.. damn.. new ideas just popping from everywhere

  • Alex

    🙂 i?m lookin forward for the vci ean golden version, hope shipping to germany is included in the price 😉

  • Marx

    I'd like to buy some arcade-modding packs. ASAP

    Here it's dificult to fins proper buttons, some are too big some are too lame etc. And some jogwheel-plates wolud bee cool, all in the same colour. (my fav is black) And I like all Bento's suggestions

    altough i'm happy with the progress of the site, coolest digidj site ever

  • Alan D.

    hey ean,

    i know, i am bothering on myspace…

    but since u are going round in germany, what about some interview (over the phone) etc. for my radio show?


  • Average Joe

    what do you guys think of the cortex dmix-300 – 600

  • groovemixer

    hey ean, will u b in miami for WMC end of March??? Also will u do a review of the vcm 100? i know ive asked u b4, but i think im leaning towards the vci 300 due to the soundcard

  • rocky-lt

    Awesome NEWS 🙂
    Every day for several times i was refreshing this site, to get any news from you Ean. And now we have! woohooooo :)) Lithuania is waiting for one yours special. Keep going man.

  • whiskers

    I want stickers too. I heard they give you +10dB on your outputs and make your mixing skills awesomer than ever!

  • phil

    Hey Ean,

    Not to keep bugging you but where are those Traktor and Oxygen 8 files off your recent article? I wanna start controlling asap and I need these files to get going!

  • Avelin

    Yea stickers are great. When i put them on my mixer it will be soooooooooooo coooooooooooool.! 😀 T shirts also! If i can i will buy them in all colors. I dont have vci 100 so i dont need arcade buttons. 🙁

  • Bento San

    Stickers – Everyone loves stickets

    Mixer face plates – DJ tech tool logo made high sensitivity metal would be dreaming, but other software applications face plates would be possible once they become availible.

    Vci-100 Upgrade cables – will probly never happen but we can dream cant we? lol.

    Usb x-y touchpads + links to midi convertor software.

    I think the mod pack would be a good idea, as that would save us having to buy excess material for what is a small job.

    Huge shout out to the Aussies helping on the site (im an Aussie myself from Perth), lets show em how we do things down under 😉

    Cant wait for the forums, i would love to explain my audio effects chain to everyone, get feedback and hear about everyone elses to improve my own set up ! DAW's + VST's = Raw Power 😉

  • Nny

    I want the arcade pack too. I'd like to be able to select colors of the buttons though.

  • Pascal

    How many people actually want a arcade pack with all the materials needed and a step by step video guide?


    I know I am!

    I'm totally new to the game but I'm definitely interested in those arcade buttons!

  • Ean Golden

    <blockquote cite="#comment-1350"> Is this unit just like the Japan version Black VCI-100 with your layout,is this the only difference?

    Basically, all the exact specs and details of the unit will come out with the web store.

    <blockquote cite="#comment-1366">

    are u guys gonna do a review on the vci-300 soon???

    yes, in a few weeks but first I need to post the review we did on the vcm-100!

    <blockquote cite="#comment-1361">

    Other product suggestions:

    Arcade button packs

    Console Guitar Controllers

    techtools t-shirts!

    Those are great suggestions! How many people actually want a arcade pack with all the materials needed and a step by step video guide?

    <blockquote cite="#comment-1365">Perhaps I'm crazy, but I'm a little concerned about the quantity of the E.G. Edition VCI-100.

    Well, its hard to say exactly how many people there actually are. I guess we will find out but hopefully not too many people will be left out. I will post exactly when the store will go live to insure that the loyal fans of the site get first shot.

  • Average Joe

    Wow can't wait…

    are u guys gonna do a review on the vci-300 soon???

  • Magneus

    Perhaps I'm crazy, but I'm a little concerned about the quantity of the E.G. Edition VCI-100. Perhaps I'm overly optimistic about the readerbase of this website, but I imagine there's a good amount of fanboys chomping at the bit to get their hands on one of these puppies. Though certainly not a rival to the Wii in terms of demand, in my mind, it's easy to forsee a shortage. I'm hoping that after the debut of the Ean Golden VCI, Vestax will (and if they know what they're doing, they certainly will) release the updated black VCI in the U.S. market.

    For the meantime, cross your fingers and pitch a tent in line, Black Friday style.

  • Elad G.

    Great new Ean !! i'm eaiting to buy the VCI-100 for quit some time now !!

  • Chris combe

    Awesome news Ean, I have been holding off to guy your custom VCI-100 so I cannot wait! I want to be the first in Australia with one 🙂

  • jimmymac

    I am so waiting for your spec ed vci !!!

    Other product suggestions:

    Arcade button packs

    Console Guitar Controllers

    techtools t-shirts!

  • lotto

    Will this model be available through any stores in Japan?

    and if I'm ordering through the web store will the product be shipped out from Japan right?

  • Avelin

    this are great news Ean! Forum and web shop are great idea…i just love this site! 😀

  • Ean Golden

    Sorry weaponry, although we liked your ideas and one of them ended up in the notable mentions section we only had 2 copies to give away and those went to:

    bitjockey and digitalist

    we will give more away in the future though 🙂

  • Rolf

    can't wait… 🙂

  • weaponry

    hey ean, what about the deck a dance 'naming' contest? did I, with the best entry answer, win a copy of deck a dance?

  • Pascal

    Damn I hope I'll be fast enough to get one!

  • Mark Hughel


    This is great news to hear, but I have a couple of questions. Is this unit just like the Japan version Black VCI-100 with your layout,is this the only differnce?

    Also you made a comment regarding your reads on DJ Tech Tools will be able to make the first offer, so my question is by reading your articles on DJ Tech Tools does this qualify as a reader?

    Thanks, Mark

  • dIm

    excellent news Ean can wait for the forum and especialy for the ?Ean Golden? VCI-100. keep up the good work