Bomes Midi Pro for Mac Beta

Bomes Midi Pro is an excellent piece of Midi translation software originally designed for the PC and now a beta has been made available for Mac users. DjTechTools has been working with Florian, the lead developer of Bomes midi pro, to help bring some exciting new functionality that will no doubt make Bomes Midi Pro an even better piece of software than it already.

We will be posting tutorials to help everyone to get to know this wonderful piece of midi translation software as time goes on so this is certainly one piece of software to keep a close eye on.

There are many things you can do with Bomes Midi Pro including creating smart-knobs to control your VST’s and change between midi presets thats are similar to, but more powerful than Traktors page functions.

If you were subscribed to the Bomes Midi email list you would have recently received this in your mail box:

Hi Midi Translators,

after long, busy development phase, we are proud to release
the first public beta version of Bome’s Midi Translator
for Mac OS X (10.4 and 10.5). It has the general feature
set of the Windows Pro 1.6.1 version (with a few exceptions).

As a beta test version, it is not ready for production use
yet, and we ask you to kindly provide us with feedback:
rants, problem reports and kudos welcome!

Downloads and more info here:

Btw: this is the only “Mac Beta” announcement email you’ll get
on this announcement list. For further beta update
notifications, you’ll be subscribed to a separate
announcement list when downloading the beta version.

And as always: happy translating!
Florian, Ruedi, and partners
Bome Software


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  • nico

    This looks interesting. I’ve long wanted to get the functionalities described there: for my BCR2000. Tried Midipipe, but it doesn’t really fit the needs, and I would need to code everything by hand.

    Btw it says on the Dl page that you need an Intel Mac, Redlight.

  • nico

    This looks interesting. I've long wanted to get the functionnalities described there:

    for my BCR2000. Tried Midipipe, but it doesn't really fit the needs, and I would need tode everything by hand.

    Btw it says on the Dl page that you need an Intel Mac, Redlight.

  • Redlight

    Anyone tried this on a non intel based mac? I have the power pc version of the iMac G5 and it looks to be a no go for me.

  • BentoSan

    Bomes Midi Pro does allow a number of events to be processed with multiple midi out messages for a single midi in message.

    There is also a midi to keystroke(and vice versa) function that were in beta stages the last time i was looking into them, you might have to wait for this but it will come.

    So there should be no reason why Bomes should not be able to handle any of these things, just beware that things are all in various stages of development and in the end Bomes Midi Pro will be a Controllerists best friend 😉

    I am really looking forward to all this development going on, Florian is doing a top job, this definitely goes on my list have must have software 🙂

  • Matthew

    This is pretty good but is it possible to assign an incoming trigger to do sequential outgoing events. This sums up what I want to do:
    Delete Keystroke
    MIDI Note On

    I want to do this to perform overdubs in Ableton, it seems like such simple functionality that could easily be built in and would solve my problem!