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25 years of spinning discs should be enough for most people but many still think all aspects of djing should be done from a turntable. While we respectfully disagree, these smart folks from the university of Ulm have created a software program that allows you to search through your songs visually using time coded vinyl and projections on the turntable.

Timbap has been developed using the marvellous MsPinky SDK. This means it supports two types of vinyl:

  • the MsPinky vinyl itself
  • Torq vinyl

The flexible component architecture of timbap allows input from other sources as well. In cooperation with open source projects like xwax, timbap might also be available for Serato, FinalScratch and MixVibes later on.

What role this system may play in the future of djing is hazy, and just exactly how everything works is still in the very early stages. That being said, the theoretical concepts and assumptions made by the project are interesting. Take for instance, the idea of remembering a song by its album cover art:

The power of the method becomes apparent when we have a look at the second picture. Here we do not use textual information, but compute the predominant color hue in the attached artwork and sort the collection respectively. Sorting colors to a one-dimensional order is not as trivial as sorting alphabetically. We chose to use the hue (which is related to the electromagnetic wave frequency) and to sort all the artworks which are lacking colorfulness to the end. In the example shown we took a collection containing all releases of the netlabel Thinner.

Whenever a DJ cannot recall the artist or any other name, but knows the artwork was mainly orange for example, he might find the record. Of course, there’s a need for a good switching mechanism between all those visual cues, so you have all of them at your fingertips. Later this week, I will continue with how we realized that requirement.

So how exactly are you supposed to project images onto a turntable. The Tinbap webpage points out this remarkable development in hand-held projection technology. Amazing.

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  • ??????

    ??????? ????? ?? ????? – ??? ?????? ??????! ????? ???????, ????? ?????????????? ???? ??? ??? ??????? 🙂

  • edgar

    [quote comment=””]too much novelty[/quote]
    pleas guydmi one

  • Niels

    too much novelty

  • The Beat Worx

    A great application for this is record marking for juggling beats… There are some techniques in DJing that still haven't translated well into present day controllers and I believe turntablist juggling (as well as scratching) have yet to be emulated properly. (I'm not talking about juggling cue points either…) There is something about the rawness of vinyl that still appeals to many of us…

    I love vinyl… I just hate lugging it.

  • ATP

    Holy crap! That's totally awesome.

    I want it.

    I use Ms. Pinky on occasion, so I might be able to link this up and get it running if their website has any released proof-of-concept stuff. Sure, I love Traktor and its simplicity, but I also love the Ms. Pinky way of doing things. Being independent, inexpensive, and sticking it to the man takes guts.

    Controllerism is cool, and me being able to do it is even cooler (turntablism has so far proven to be quite beyond me)…but I still love the feel of vinyl.

    Way to go.

  • BentoSan

    When your not sorting though songs the screen could be used in conjunction with the wii remote for touchscreen action :p just dont actually touch the UV stylus on the record!

  • André

    too much for me! :-p

  • FrederikLaMode

    Very nice guys!

  • Alan D.

    i go crazy, seeing that…. very nicest!!!!

  • obsidiance

    awesome find!

    props to the fatlime!