The Future of Djing- Video

I recently moderated a panel in San Francisco during the AES convention about the future of djing. Those of you in countries around the world may enjoy the video above which captured the entire program. There is even a special surprise appearance from Toshi Nakama, the president of Vestax, where he gives his take on the future of djing. He brought up an interesting topic about the concept of finding music on the fly. This is one area that digital has not really improved at all and they seem to think the future is in how djs discover new music during the mix. Many other interesting topics came up and as usual we want to hear your opinion on the subject in the comments!

Some of the people that are in the video:

  • Ean Golden (Remix Mag, Dj TT, Dj)
  • Trevor Simpson (Energy 92.7 Dj and Producer)
  • Bill Mitsakos (New product development at Serato)
  • Toshi Nakama (Vestax Guru)
  • Kush Arora (Producer, Dj)

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  • Paul Bernacki

    Even better the site for women that want more info on the industry etc.

  • DjSunZoO

    Amazing video! The panel met up 2008 and its now mid 2011. Mostly all of the hardware advancement they spoke about has happened. Serato came out with SL4 and ipad is being used as touch screen to dj. The old school ways of DJing are dead. We need to use and learn new technology. If we dont use we’ll lose it. 

  • Alfred Valle

    [quote comment=""][…] Source:The Future of Djing Panel Video […][/quote]

    Good video, enjoyed the discussion, it seemed that you (Ean) and Kush knew more of the future aspects beyond the turntable. Not sure of ole Trevor, I was surprised that he did not know who Mike Realm was, and yet pointed to M.I.A. as some sort of Video performer (though she does make videos, I do not consider her a DJ, nor a producer). One thing does stand out though, the quote of "Don't put your money in Technics stock!", does seem to evidently point at the end times for the turntable, maybe by 2012, lol. And at first I feared the view of the VDJ, being the future, but in some cases, some people go to clubs and only drink and don't dance, so I feel that anything else taking away from the dance floor, really isn't a plus. In parting though I think that Trevor needs to catch up, your interview with Lorin, Bassnectar (who I had the privilege of being taught Reason by him and making friends also, thank you RedBull Labs!) put it best, not too many people care too much anymore if you can mix your ass off! It is important to have the beats match and in sync, but with programs like Ableton, Traktor, Serato and the like, the future is now, up the ante!

  • Vinicius Hoffmann

    [quote comment=""][…] Source:The Future of Djing Panel Video […][/quote]

    Hi Ean!

    I've come to known you and your site by a basic Traktor Pro video tutorial.

    I'm a brazilian's Eletronic Music entusiast who's joining the DJ world just now!

    I'm a bit lost about everything. Too much things changing very fast.

    Where should I invest my money? I've been thinking on buy a Macbook Pro with firewire connection and a Korg Zero8 to control Ableton Live 7 and Traktor Pro. Maybe a korg nano midi controler latter, after some experience, to make my own noises and act like a composer.

    Will I be able to perform in the majority of the clubs with this equips? How would other old school DJs see me with this way to play music?

    Please help me, as I said, I'm lost…

    If you (or anyone here) have some time to give me some directions, please add me at msn or skype vinicius.hoffmann

  • Stefan

    Thanks for sharing this video!

  • DRC

    Great video – it's still cutoff at 38:48 though 🙁

  • Mudo

    [quote comment=""][…] Source:The Future of Djing Panel Video […][/quote]

    Yes it was. I send you an email sharing some ideas please read it carefully I will seem pretencious but it is only a poker's face.



  • Ean Golden


    I give you my excuses for the mistaking Ean.

    I'm so sorry.


    no problem- I think this was a lost in translation moment.

  • Mudo

    [quote comment=""][…] Source:The Future of Djing Panel Video […][/quote]

    Sorry Ean I missed and OR in the middle!

    No I'm not hating yourselves… I'm shocked how the partners of majors seems to be lost with people feeling.

    It is not an attack men, only a lot of myself hating to see how much time we are wasting…

    At final Sentence I said:

    Sorry about my mood but I’m not sure (because It seems incredible to me) which role are you playing… (to Majors and its people representants)

    My best wishes (and true love which is the truly important in this NWO moment)

    (and this is my real feeling for all of you guys)

    I give you my excuses for the mistaking Ean.

    I'm so sorry.

  • Ean Golden

    [quote comment="15021"][quote comment=""][…] Source:The Future of Djing Panel Video […][/quote]

    I see 30 minuts and I understand that you are:

    1- full lost

    2- playing with people.

    The future (or present now) is DIY and Videoturntablism like dj Yoda (but with mcs not only videomixing) and Ableton Live Scratch support.


    who are you referring to here?

    Are you saying that I (the moderator) am lost and playing with people?

    just to clarify who exactly you are hating on with this extended rant/personal advertisement.

  • Mudo

    [quote comment=""][…] Source:The Future of Djing Panel Video […][/quote]

    I see 30 minuts and I understand that you are:

    1- full lost

    2- playing with people.

    In first place: I'm a human playing music not dj, not producer, not turntablist… the most near is Tooltablist but first Human Being!

    Second: The old school (that I don't represent but I respect) use turntable interface and old vinyl. You could move them to middle solution but don't believe that they will sold all their stuff to purchase a touchscreen…

    There are NOW better solutions and you are going later.

    DIY cheapest solutions and more afordable interface customization. Touchscreen are great but the people who expends the money (not the children) love buttons, turntable interface and regular faders.

    Touchscreen? yes the kaoss pad or lemur but I prefer Monomes or Wii projects. Arduino and open source technologies… all the DIY midi kits (cheaper and unlimited creative) innofaders, proxfaders… arcade buttons…

    But don't mess myself, it is not a flame criticism… If you want to know the future of djing (or tooltablism) skype me at: davidradionica

    and I tell you the same which I tell Ableton, and Serato Advicers, and some many other major companies advicers and consultants.

    For free of course. This is the price for madman. Maybe any enterprise or DIY freak like me read this and contact me, then we develop these new tools that you (and Toshi) dream with REAL existing STUFF upgrading my "old" stuff into your future.

    Sorry about my mood but I'm not sure WTF role are you playing…

    My best wishes (and true love which is the truly important in this NWO moment)


  • Mudo

    [quote comment=""][…] Source:The Future of Djing Panel Video […][/quote]


    The future is video? Ms Pinky is 5 years old… mixing like matrix or minority report? Is present with the wiimote Johnny Cheung lee projects…

    Vinyl? I have the solution to save it but I'm trying to force the majors to develop and seriously if it not becomes reality you must move foward to new stanton SCS.1d or Pionner cdj400.

    The future (or present now) is DIY and Videoturntablism like dj Yoda (but with mcs not only videomixing) and Ableton Live Scratch support.

    This is that Serato Ableton are doing now… and vestax is out of the game, too expensive, too crappy materials, too bad designers…

    C-one is a shit because has midi in but not midi out… They want to kill the dj!

    (maybe it's a suicide)

    Truly answers?

    David aka Mudo.

  • Ean Golden

    Hey thanks for bringing that to our attention- what a janky player!

    I moved it into the post so you should not get any auto plays any more. 🙂

  • CounterpoinT

    I guess you will be happy to know that is my one of my homepage tabs in firefox 🙂

    However this video auto plays mysteriously after a long period of time which is rather creepy… Twice now I have had to go through everything to figure out where these voices were coming from!

    Could you stop the autoplay feature for the video by any chance?


  • Anonymous

    I love how they discuss about video djing and wish there was a cheap stable solution…its ironic…

    virtual dj is out people, ive been using it for 2 years now and i can mix video very easily. its way dope..

    for some reason nobody uses vdj in the usa, try it and get hooked 😛

  • Ean Golden

    [quote comment="14780"]

    As of today (Nov 2nd) the wrong video is displaying. The video here is the session about Distribution not about the Future of Djing.[/quote]

    thanks so much for pointing that out, I have corrected the problem but have no idea why that got switched. 🙁

  • B33SON (mycole)

    [quote comment=""][…] Source:The Future of Djing Panel Video […][/quote]

    As of today (Nov 2nd) the wrong video is displaying. The video here is the session about Distribution not about the Future of Djing.

  • Kloseline

    nice discussion ean and big up for having such a diverse crowd. a few thoughts about the points i remember.

    VJing, ive seen DJ Yoda putting on a vj set and of my mates whos probably one of the best hiphop djs in autralia putting one on. the reason why you'll never see these kind of shows in an average club night is the effort you have to put in (like the serato dude said its a stage show) to create it and the fact thats its mor elike watching a movie rather than dancing in a club. its really depnds on the genre but for genres like hiphop or music derived from this it will never be a popular thing that has to be done at every night. i defnitely see potential in the midi clocks being implemented in the dj programs to send the bpm to other djs musicians artist or vjs. having beatmatched videos is something i miss aot when i see the average vj show where you have a dedicated dj and a vj. Midi 2000 or what its called will hopefully send downbeat signals and more interesintg things aswell.

    Another thing would be the vinyl mp3 discussion. its a fact that the vinyl will become soemthing for the collectors, and the dj will use the music to entertain people. they dont need the expensive vinyl but i can predict a change in the style music is being created in the future. right now there are usually radio mixes as well as dj miex which are extended etc. i think in the future new music formats will allow the dj to select the instruments and ares of a song and can dd i to the song when ever they want. kind of like a 3 band eq, just for the instruments. the song swill be created the was they are intended to be and there will be version for djs and interested ones where the song can be manipulated according to the own needs.

    a third point that defnitely need simporvement is the standardisation of the interface. nightclubs should figure out a way to give the dj the opportunity to use the setup without any hassle. its always a mess witching beteen one dj and the other when ones using serato and the other one is using something else etc. however this is an easy task. native isntruments showed the mutlicore cable. it just has to become kind of a standard. you can use it with any hardware product so…

    i had another point but i forgot about it 🙂

    cya around


  • Sheph

    well, the first 10-20 minutes of these videos are interresting. not sure why Youtube wasn't chosen to host them.

  • BentoSan

    I was talking to the editor heres what he said:

    "let me know if they cut off, they should all be around 59 mins, we're still ironing the bugs out. Gotta go, more vids to edit! "

    The "Future of Djing" panel video was only 38:48 (for me anyway)

    After i mentioned that he said "check back in a day or two and they should all be straightened out and full length, thanks! "

  • ovv

    The video is cut off at about 38min when it should be 58min. The editing guy said in the chat that he'll fix it in a few days.

  • Anonymous

    wow that was a long video but a good watch. I enjoyed it, one thing I am a vinyl lover and I am gonna always love it. But I embraced technology why not. Whats so wrong moving forward. Plus all the stuff we do with technology is really cool.

  • Cowper


    well finally i write on this

    i been reading this blog since the past 10 months and i have a perspection of the music and djing there i found its not the common think (surprise)

    i use the songs and his sound to make new things, i canot say that my set its only composed by sounds of diferent songs because some songs are really goooood but the final idea its to make a new conception of my taste using all the tools there i could have, so using new tools like digital djing its only a better way that helps me to reach the final task of share my taste y crativity, many "djs" say that the new generation of djs are lame and they does`t know how to get a real mix, but guys… the new generation of djs have diferent perspection of "mix" music, they want to make the ultimate set and everyone enjoy this…

    i respect the idea of the old school but the technology helps the people, the market grow and the offer its cheaper and better, if you are angry of this you have to grow up and understand that the world its changing for best and not to create owful djs… those ones have exist for ever man with new and old tools.

    sorry my english

    greets from Chile

    You have the tools but the dj is you.

    i prefer electronic music, its diferent maybe, but the ideas are bigger