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an instant classic….

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    That was EPIC! I’m off to go score some coke from that dude now…

  • Gabi Vegas

    [quote comment=””][…] de horas empleadas en escuchar mucha música…el video lo e extraído de la web de Ean Golden, djtechtools y ha sido realizado por la gente de Current, el vídeo es en ingles, perola historia se entiende […][/quote]

  • Krilikz


  • Anonymous


    Thats my mate Deon @ 1:50. Tank Top and Coocoo Girlfriend! (She happens to be Asian too)



  • Anonymous


  • celtic dj

    lol……wicked stuff,

    thks for this djtt…

  • Mudo

    At least all the truth become revealed!

    Thanks God for this moment.

  • Reilly

    That reminds me…I’ve been DJing this summer with someone who uses an iPod mini and an 8 disc CD player. We use the upfaders on the mixer between his iPod, his CDs, and my Traktor/VCI setup. Awesome guy though, love him.

  • DJ Scuba

    Man, I have actually trying to been mixing music. No wonder I have been so unsuccessful! Can’t wait to order one

  • seeMARTINbreak

    love it!
    never did the “bob your head”
    but its in my dj inventory now

  • Sebastian Ese

    LOL he missed the fist pump technique. I am sure it is in the advance toolbox

  • John Holdun

    I’ve been working on my Record Look At. Dude makes it look easy.

  • KyleRayner

    I love the douchey tanned guy with the blowout. Those are the kind of “bros” that make me feel like showering after I leave a club.

  • djeklypse

    Did anybody else find it ironic that they gave him a flash based mp3 player and called him grandmaster flash?? Too nerdy?? hahaha damn.

    PS Ean, any updates on an ETA for that oxygen 8 mapping?

  • rallevondalle

    DjNA 😛 LOL, this helped me LOL as I’m studying for a biochemistry exam and just read about DNA / protein relationship – I’ll definately raise the question about DjNA at my next lecture.

  • FrankFunk

    looking forward to the arcade button mod on this one.

  • DJ Kenton

    That was EPIC! I’m off to go score some coke from that dude now…

  • ifizzy142


  • Ean Golden

    that hipsters in space episode is hilarious. Love the Steve Aoki cameo and “we are being attacked by electro!”

    Special edition Instant Dj ToolBox available soon from the webstore 🙂

  • duerr

    lol saw this awhile ago, so funny. love the supernews!

    the “hipsters in space” episode was great too

  • Big Al

    “Be a tool”


  • JesC

    when will The Instant Dj ToolBox be available in the DJTT Store?

  • dje

    that pretty much sums it up.