Let the Heads Roll

It’s Friday, so that means another classic DJ video. This time we look into the future…

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  • victor

    [quote comment=””]Brilliant ^_^[/quote] is this video on youtube, cant find it lol

  • Anonymous

    Brilliant ^_^

  • Sanchez

    Love it!

  • DJ ATP

    That was simply bad-ass. I was kinda creeped out at first, but that’s some creative cool shit. I want more.

  • Poppa Cold One

    Where do I sign up to donate my head to a future DJ?

  • Leon.R

    ^ I mean the “Instant DJ Toolbox” Video. Most hilarious one I’ve seen yet.

    The “Let the heads roll” video is impressive.

  • Leon.R

    [quote comment=””]chicks dig it when guys stand in front of people and
    DO STUFF…. lmfao!

    Actually, it’s “chicks dig it when dudes stand in front of people and do THINGS” – and you can’t beat that! I still can’t belive that video lol

  • seeMARTINbreak

    chicks dig it when guys stand in front of people and
    DO STUFF…. lmfao!
    i didnt think that you could top that
    i really like the way the heads showed what a dj would be seeing/thinking in his head while scratching… sort of

  • MainFrame

    Pervert….great Idea! Respects!

  • Vinicius Hoffmann [Brazil]

    Really creative and professional! There will be another episode soon?
    Maybe they can do with different music styles too.
    Instead of turntables they can use holograms runing out from a Macbook to a VCI-100, like a StarWars thing 😉
    Crazy stuff!

  • judeson

    My only problem with it………………..I wanted it to be longer. 🙂

    Kudos, indeed

  • ccombe

    awesome video, definitely made my friday!!!