Playable Holiday Songs and New Year’s Tools

The DJ TechTools staff spent most of the day cracking up over terrible christmas covers and collecting our favorite holiday songs that might be useful over the coming weeks. We found some good Christmas remixes, holiday covers, classic favorites and even a few New Years tools that will help you make the countdown smooth and easy.  Download them all after the break.


After racking our bins for hours, we have dusted off a jingle-riffic list of Christmas and Hannukkah songs to mix into your holiday sets. Knowing full well the Dj TechTools readers are the best stocked group in the land, we encourage you to add your favorites in the comments section and help round out the list of tracks.


Nullsleep “Silent Night”


A Plus D “Dick In a Box Christmas remix”


Smooth-E “Hannukkah Hey Ya!”


James Brown “Soulful Christmas” from the album Funky Christmas


Daz Dillinger “Christmas in the Hood”


Toots and the Maytals   Christmas Ska



Whispers – “Funky Christmas”


The Quad City DJs “What I Want for Christmas”

Run-DMC “Christmas in Hollis”


Smooth-E “Honika Electronica”


Super Jay “Santa’s Rap Party”


Unknown Artist “Techno Jingle Bells”


Eric Cartman’s oh holy night



U2 “New Year’s Day (USA Remix/Kevorkian Remix)”

New Years Count Down Remix


End of the night track courtesy of Abba

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  • Limos are so 90’s. Roll up to your new year’s gig in a rental monster truck.
  • Grab some great samples from Old School New Years PSA spots featuring Sam Cooke and the Sal Soul Orchestra to mention a few at 365 days.
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  • Anonymous

    A bit late but next time round hey. An Aussie classic bogan (look it up)pub song. Though I have played it once or twice in a club in years gone by.

  • Anonymous

    I think Santa’s Got a Bag of Soul is a pretty solid song.

  • kevin james


  • shima records

    [quote comment=”25223″]”Christmas Rappin'” by Kurtis Blow (1979) is hands-down the BEST Christmas song of the past 30 years! But I will always love “Soulful Christmas” by James Brown,glad they included that one![/quote]

    Definitely, was gonna say this one too.

    Also Bass-X, Jingle Bells, nice hard techno/house tune.

  • tony

    im sure I just posted a link to a chrismas mashup on here – HANDS UP FOR CHRISTMAS.mp3/
    band aid v fedde le grand
    What do you think

  • tony – HANDS UP FOR CHRISTMAS.mp3/

    Here is something that I may or may not have knocked up in ableton for christmas
    Band aid v fedde le grand
    Let me know what you think

  • Vinicius Hoffmann [Brazil]

    This picture is awesome hehehe

    Cartman is the best singer ever!

  • Markku Uttula

    [quote comment=”25265″]I can’t believe we couldn’t find a single HOE HOE HOE.[/quote]

    You must’ve skipped Basshunter’s Jingle Bass? 🙂

  • Dj Dennis

    i highly recommend anything off of the ‘hOMe for the Holidays’ cd that OM Records put out years ago. the Rithma remix of Jingle Bells is a favorite, and the Colussus remix of the Charlie Brown Xmas is the friggin bomb.

    Gotta check those out…there’s even some cool mellow trax from Kaskade on there too!


  • Leon Trimble

    [quote comment=”25189″]Really not impressed by these tracks actually. There has to be something better out there?[/quote]
    and a merry christmas to you too misery man…
    love the funky stuff… try xmas remixed albums or the reindeer room for some mellow beats versions of old faves…

  • cjs

    Christmas Christmas
    Santa Claus go straight to the ghetto
    by Mojo Nixon

  • DJ SpZ

    Hey, wanted to say that the song “New Years Count Down Remix” may not be that usefull to everyone, because after counting you hear the Dutch Anthem ;). Here is the Dutch anthem on youtube to compare it to:

    (Just pointing out! Great site, keep it up ;))

  • Markku Uttula

    Hmm… I usually don’t bother with any sort of seasonal tracks, but let’s see what my tiny “christmas folder” holds that might be of some limited use to someone…

    – Cascada / Last Christmas

    – Basshunter / Jingle Bells

    – Ice MC / Rainy Day (Xmasmix)

    – Bianca Ryan / Why Couldn’t It Be Christmas Every Day

    – Trans-Siberian Orchestra / Wizards In Winter

    …so, yeah – nothing too usefull, though the last one seems like it is created for a bit of light show magic :-p

  • Riot the dj

    [quote comment=”25214″]Wham! – Last Christmas. So campy, so eighties, so fun.[/quote]

    Benny Benassi bootleg of this track, so leftfield when it drops, as along as your feeling cheeky

  • Meat

    “Merry Christmas Happy New Year” – by The Chambers Brothers puts some definate soul in the mix!

  • Cutta Boi

    [quote comment=”25195″]The Cartman song is the best.[/quote]

    Indeed! Has to be the best xmas song ever made! XD

  • Dima_stuff

    Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

  • n3lly

    The Japanese Popstars (Northern Ireland trio) have this dirty track.. ‘Eat – Christmas’

  • Colly

    Hmmm, I was hoping for proper good usable christmas songs. I was in a department store the other day and they were playing a really cool kinda breakbeat type remix of a proper christmas song – would love to know what it was, and hear a few more of them – like non cheesy/tacky actually good house etc remixes

    If anyone knows any please post here 🙂

  • f0tif0

    Any house mixes for christmas?

  • DJ Banyon

    it is longer than 10 seconds. that’s funny.

  • Nappy G

    “Christmas Rappin'” by Kurtis Blow (1979) is hands-down the BEST Christmas song of the past 30 years! But I will always love “Soulful Christmas” by James Brown,glad they included that one!

  • Homing

    Mmm thanks for that, But I’m I the only one noticing that the 10 seconds countdown, is way longer than 10 seconds ??!

  • DJ Banyon

    The Kinks “father christmas”, Bryan Adams “Christmas time”, Canned Heat “christmas blues”, Foghat “all i want for Christmas is you”. i like your selection but i think it needed a little blues and rock. you also can’t forget about Gayla Peevey “I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas”.lol

  • PartyMcFly

    Wham! – Last Christmas. So campy, so eighties, so fun.

  • d. struct0

    The Daz Dillinger track is the heat. A celebration of what Jesus’ virthday should really be about. Smoking weed on the porch and stealin presents.


    Yeah, the songs are aiight….I enjoy X-Mas mixes in this fashion:

    *VERVE Christmas remixed. 2008 is the newest!
    *Shaboom records – playtime toons(fatboy slim remix)
    *Paul Mcartney – Wonderfull Christmas time(looped w fx)
    *Marih Carey – Red vinyl, double pack from 94′ ish w/ RED Zone dubs)
    *Tino Corp – Christmas breaks. Heavy laden slay bells on each track. The deepest Christmas ever probably
    *Some various downtempo tracks that are uplifting(hed kandi)
    ??? – felice navidade
    *Do they know it’s Christmas

  • Color TV

    how could you put Run-DMC “Christmas in Hollis” in the questionable section??? Thats one of the best rep x-mas songs, so many of them suck and this one is solid.


    where’s my midifigher?!!!!


    you guys are on top of it as usual
    always supply the ish we need!

  • Rob E

    I’ve heard a few djs in the UK play faithless – insomnia at the stroke of midnight new years eve, with loads of crazy bells before the main hook kicks in. How about some kind of controllerism routine with bells for the stroke of midnight lol.

  • Red Menace

    After Christmas (Disco Mix) – Jackie Mittoo

    Santa Claus Is Ska-ing to Town – Granville Williams Orchestra

  • jay

    ouch, my ears are bleeding.

    where did you get the music player though? i really liked that!

    if i’m proved wrong, and any of these gets played at Ministry of Sound, London, either at tonight’s christmas party or the new years eve party I shall return and post a most humble apology.

  • John Holdun

    [quote comment=”25198″]”I hate fruitcake, and fruitcake hates me, I’d rather trade my fruitcake for a beastie boys cd”[/quote]

    Google tells me it’s “I Hate Fruitcake” by 1000 Clowns, but good luck finding it.

  • Casino-Shanty

    Man, I heard this one song one time in a pawn shop around christmas time, it went “I hate fruitcake, and fruitcake hates me, I’d rather trade my fruitcake for a beastie boys cd” … It’s just for a lark as well, but man I wanted to find it so badly, and I was wondering if anyone on here knows what it was.

  • ovv

    Wasn’t really taken by the tracks either.

    Check out my last year’s christmas mix (it’s in the website link) I did for my friends and family for some nice and more traditional tracks. It’s more geared for listening and chilling rather than partying, though.

    It was thrown together on a whim one morning on MixMeister, so ignore the shoddy transitions (MM is horrible to work with sometimes) and check the songs.

  • John Holdun

    My very favorite holiday track is Oh No’s remix of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, from Verve Remixed Christmas 2008. I highly recommend it—it’ll have a special place in my Christmas set for sure.

  • Jeditekk

    The Cartman song is the best.

  • Be-Ne-Dek

    Thanks for the countdown! I’ve been looking for something usable like that!

    I also love the cartman holy night track lol.

  • atticus18244fsas

    Really not impressed by these tracks actually. There has to be something better out there?