NAMM 2010

Well folks, its that time of year again. This weekend is NAMM, the North American Music Manufacturers conference, one of the worlds biggest conventions for music makers and a serious show for the dj business. Every January, almost all of the dj companies from around the globe converge on Anaheim, California to show off their new ideas and share what is in store  for the coming year. This year we expect to see a lot of new gear and finally take a peek at some of the big announcements from last year including the mysterious Ableton/Serato joint venture.
Dj TechTools will be your NAMM headquarters for the next 4 days with a solid team of reporters in LA to cover every aspect of the event. On Thursday (the shows opening) we will publish a list of all the new gear and announcements this year around 3pm. Then on Friday we will upload a more in-depth look at our favorite gear with video interviews of the top contenders. On Saturday, I will be showing off our new VCI-100 3.0 mapping at the Vestax booth and we will be shooting videos of other controllerists that are performing this year. Finally on Monday, we plan on putting up a brand new “Whats in your bag” with our favorite artists from NAMM.  This looks to be a crazy weekend so if your in LA, come down to check out the show, and for the rest of our readers around the world- stay tuned for the next 3 days!

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  • dj professor ben

    supposedly the 68 will list at 3300 USD. Yikes. It’s kind of ugly but it looks like it will be a great mixer, but no way I’m buying one.

    Other cool products from Serato include a new cartridge they worked on with Ortofon — … not sure we need this; personally I can’t stand Concorde style cartridges (but this can be mounted on a traditional cartridge) and while I love the full sound of Ortofon needles, I’ve seen a lot of record wear with them. I’ll be sticking to my M447s for now…

    Looking really good is the Numark v7 controller with sound card, which runs Serato ITCH — a motorized turntable controller with an (of course) proprietary link to the platters in the ITCH software. … it’s not clear whether this would support internal mixing with another controller or whether you need a hardware mixer for this but I’m guessing both. Not sure on the pricing yet.

    With these developments Serato ITCH may be leapfrogging Traktor — things like effects, four decks, sound card quality, and MIDI sync to Ableton are the reasons I switched to Traktor from SSL in the first place. Serato’s now got all of that plus some, and if past experience is any guide, rock solid stability.

  • DennisJ

    40 minutes left, im tired but looking forward to the new stuff! : )

  • DennisJ

    can’t wait man! : D

  • DennisJ

    wohoo 😀

  • Pieter

    Already seen some of the new stuff, and it really looks nice!! I especially like the eks Otus raw, and the apc20, was really looking for a launchpad like controller but the apc40 is too expensive

  • Narbmeister

    Hi peeps,
    Can’t wait to see the new stuff coming out and the vids you post.
    Just wondering is there a similar show that anyone knows like this in the UK?

  • Narbmeister

    Hi peeps,
    Can’t wait to see some of your vids and the new products.
    Maybe the wrong place to ask but is there a similar show like this in the UK?

  • sndfreQ

    *National Association of Music Merchants

  • Kainos

    +1 Please! (TR-1) Thanks.

  • Phil R

    Please get an update on when that TR-1 will be in the hands of US retailers!

  • David Aguilar

    i have tried to go to NAMM. even had my sister in law who works for a radio station ask. EAn how can we get a pass to make it to the show? or do you know of similar trade shows here in CAli or near that are open to the public.

  • Vinicius Hoffmann

    Go for it!
    Why don’t you put your midifighter at your head Ean? Everybody would look at it and ask you what are you doing 😀
    It’s a good place to marketing 😀

    Hire two cosplay actors with street fighter’s costumes playing with midi fighters would be nice too lol

  • Anonymous

    So exciting!

  • DennisJ

    so great!

  • Ross G

    I would like to thank the djtechtools team keep up the good work guys 🙂

  • Ean Golden

    [quote comment=”25986″]Saturday is open to the public? [/quote]

    oops, sorry guys- I am getting my trade shows mixed up after another 14 hour day 🙂

    Messe is open to the public on saturdays but NAMM is closed on all days 🙁

  • Gizmo

    From the NAMM site:

    “Attendance at NAMM trade shows is restricted to “trade only” companies (not open to the public).”

    They’re really strict about that too.

  • Ron Solo

    awesome, thanks for keeping us all in the loop. DJTechtools, good job! much appreciated.

  • Steve Boyett

    Saturday is open to the public? That’s gonna be friggin INSANE. I’ve been there three or four times, and I can’t imagine what it will be like if the open the gates. It’ll be like the Running of the Bulls. I wonder if they’re hurting for revenue. Even living here in LA, I can’t imagine dealing with an open day at NAMM. Brrrr.

  • AJ ORB/T

    cant waitttt… dammmm I need to go this year !

  • the Brooklyn Knockout

    can not wait to attend next year after I graduate from the Institute of Audio Research to visit.

  • ss714ss

    Saturday (which is open to the public)

    Hmmmmm how much are the tickets..??