New DJ Products at NAMM 2010

Here is a list of all new products that were released or announced at Namm 2010. There were a lot of interesting developments in the controller world including a 4 channel Serato mixer, the compact APC 20, and a first look at the Xone 2D. Read on for the full list and give us your feedback on which products look the most interesting. Based on buzz, we will create in depth videos and reviews of your favorites and post them tommorow.

4-Deck Madness

Serato scratch (above) and Serato itch (bellow) have added 4 decks to the new beta versions of their software.


Based on the success of the Launch pad, Akai has released the APC 20 — a scaled down version of their APC-40, which debuted at NAMM last year. For all of you who thought the APC40 was too big or too expensive, the APC20 delivers similar operation and the same pre-mapped ease of use either the standalone editions of Ableton Live or the included APC Edition of the software as the APC40 did, but in a smaller size. Scheduled to ship in April, the price was not announced, but it will be easier on the wallet than the $399 APC4o.


We finally know what the Ableton/Serato combo is. In a nutshell, you can record your Serato sets in Ableton for later editing or drag Ableton sets directly into Serato and scratch them in a Serato deck. Thats enough ammo to ensure no 2 Serato djs sound the same again.  More info and videos later today.


Numark has broken up the Ns7 into more portable parts that can be mixed to suit your needs. Sadly they are still just as heavy as a turntable. The new model is called the V7.


To match the new 4 deck version of Serato Scratch, Rane offers a significantly larger, 4 deck version of the TTM-57SL which is looking a lot like the Pioneer favorite. Offering more tactile cue points and dual USB inputs this will be a Serato must have if you can afford the steep price tag.


Allen and Heath is finally showing off its 4-deck Itch mixer. It looks solid and we are anxious to play but the cue point buttons and jog wheels leave much to be desired. The Xone:DX will include the updated 4-deck version of Itch for a price that has so far only been quoted as 999 British pounds. Its 20-channel USB 2.0 soundcard supports audio quality up to 24-bit/96kHz, while the same USB port can also send up to 168 individual MIDI control messages. With four individual channel strips in the mixer section, and two full-featured control decks that toggle between controlling Decks 1/2 and Decks 3/4 respectively, the Xone:DX is suited to command all four deck of Serato Itch — including its effects functions — right out of the box.


American dj has managed to win the CPSI award (most controls per square inch). Still, even though the front panel looks like a cockpit- we are strangely intrigued..


Those that wanted the controversial Vestax Spin to work with Traktor need wait no longer. There is a now a Traktor version called the Typhoon.  Note to self, never print white text on carbon fiber- may cause temporary blindness.


For all you Serato Scratch DJs who rock two turntables and a mixer, the DN-HC1000S USB MIDI controller is here to provide some supplemenary controls more geared toward performance than a computer keyboard. The DN-HC1000S gives you controls for track selection, looping, sampling, cue points, tap tempo and more. This USB MIDI Sub-Controller will have an MSRP of $199.


This update to the EKS Otus incorporates some of the most popular feature requests for the older version. For example, Otus RAW includes two long, robust pitch sliders patterned off of the venerable Technics 1200 turntables and four velocity-sensitive pads. Like before, the Otus RAW can be used as a single or dual-deck controller and is highly configurable.


To be available this May for an MSRP of $460, the Korg Kaossilator Pro lets you play synth phrases on its x-y touchpad in freeform mode or while locked into a musical key or one of 31 scales. It includes 200 program settings, including drum kits, analog-style synths, piano, guitar and vocoder patches to be used with the mic input. There’s an arpeggiator that also responds to the touchpad, and a sophisticated looper lets you saved recorded loops to SD cards.


Vestax is now officially showing their VFX-1 controller in what looks like the final configuration. The horizontal layout above seems to make a lot more sense to my eyes personally.


Did we leave something out that you would like a more in depth look at? Let us know in the comments and we will be back tomorrow night with in depth videos and all the essential product data.

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    I LIKE RAP & DJ ……………….,                                                                                                  ARORA & SAHIL

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  • djNature

    you got me at “DICER”.

  • Pete

    Can the new Akai Launchpad be used as Midi for Traktor?

  • lilmoe

    yes umm u have actually left one of the biggest things which issss…… the numark mixdeck plz review thx
    and btw helo ean and the rest of dj techtools greatings comin all the way from dubai

  • Mix Architekt

    @ Dragonfyre – yes, the dx will be shipping with metallic buttons. 🙂 happy birthday ean!

  • Caper

    Happy fucking bday man.

  • Dragonfyre

    Mix Architekt: I was watching a video from NAMM 2010 on the DX and noticed A&H has done away with the rubber CUE and PLAY buttons and made them metal. Can you confirm this for the shipping models?

  • Meo

    Happy birthday Ean!

  • Double DutchDj

    Yeah Happy Birthday Ean, thanks to this post and the 150 plus comments, a lot of well valued info and interesting views have been shared, this site and your work is priceless! All the dj kit manufactures could do there future product research from the comments left on this post alone.

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    At friday I played 10 hours on a birthday party.We´re totally destroyed.Will not imagine what happened to you on your 30th…!Harhar.
    Happy birthday.Love your site.Incredible effort.
    Keep yourself strong and creative…

  • berlin

    Happy late birthday Ean!! And all the things to wish from europe! Love ur work man.

  • Anthony Jacobs

    Happy 30th Ean & thank you for all your contributions to the world, we appreciate you man! Very exciting news, I’m glued to the internet as stories and vids unfold. Cheers again.

  • Armando

    happy late birthday! 🙂 Thanks for doing this Ean!

  • Ean Golden

    Sorry Guys,

    this weekend has been nuts. Between 4 straight days at a trade show and my 30th birthday time has been very limited. That being said, we are starting to upload videos and more info today. Look for a full post will all info by wed and several videos on the products today.

  • R0bust

    So much people are waiting for a some new info! Suspense is soooo killer!!!!

  • Meo

    Waiting for this tomorrow feels like it felt to wait for christmas when you were a kid. I remember it always felt like several days… wait what???

    Just messing, waiting for one bang of a coverage. ^__^

  • Benkoukai

    Hello Ean, you must have some fresh news, i hope you can tell me the release date of the xone DX… I am waiting for that gear since october and the release date is constantly being retarded.

  • Anthony Jacobs

    “we will be back tomorrow night with in depth videos and all the essential product data.”

    Man, “tomorrow” has never seemed to take so long! =o)

    I imagine you guys have a lot to cover, but please, enough with the suspense already, and lets have what you’ve got so far. …Especially any more on the VMS4. =oD …and perhaps whatever secrets NI have been holding. ;o)

  • Dragonfyre

    AA just posted on their Facebook page that the VMS4 will ship in 2-3 months. The confusion over price is the MSRP is $699 and ‘street price’ will be $500. Looks like a great deal!

  • Mudo

    The Mojo is overpriced for these price you could give “feedback” from touchstrips…

    About NI deck: I still need a job, thanks.

  • Double DutchDj

    @James B and Pepehouse, I must admit a vci alike N.I controller would be sick but I really hope they stay modular and make specialized controllers for different areas of Traktor, the problem with these all one’s there’s always at least 1 thing missing. But NI really do need to make a jog wheel based controller that use’s it’s own HID protocol code rather than midi, as this is the ONLY area itch COMPLETELY and I really mean COMPLETELY destroys Trakor, the vci 300 on itch is dope to scratch with but scratch wise there’s only so much you can do with a static jog wheel. The moving platter NS7 is unbelievable, pleeeeease N,i make a moving platter single deck quad layered controller!

  • Doof12345

    Would love to learn a bit more about the APC20, as I am currently trying to decide on a ableton device.

    Also the Otus Raw, currently using the original Otus, and really starting to unlock it, so would love to know what the Raw is bringing to the table

  • tony

    The denon serato thing looks interesting but could have done with play and cue buttons plus jog wheels.
    Tried serato for 2 weeks as a friend was selling his sl1
    Waste of time unless you use tts or always use cd players with vinyl mode.
    At a couple of venues the cd players are denon twins without vinyl mode which basically renders serato useless
    I wish they would address this problem.

  • Pepehouse

    You are not alone there, they must release a 4 decks solution that is not as expensive as the DX and a bit more good looking that the new American Audio effort.

  • James B

    Sometimes I feel like the only one super concerned that NI has yet to release it’s inevitable answer to the VCI/Xponent. Considering the quality of the X1, an all-in-one (audio/jog wheels/mixer/FX/etc.) would most likely provide serious competition for Vestax/Maudio if not taking control (pun intended) of this area of the DJ gear market. Especially since most solutions are either too expensive (read: vci-300) or lack a lawndry list of features. HURRY UP NATIVE INSTRUMENTS. The X1 just isn’t enough.

  • serra

    that vestax controller is hideous, straight out of fast and the furious

  • audiomontana

    sorry about my … “outburst” of drama charged scene crime and rhetoric… .. im Leroy Brown.

  • Double DutchDj

    Does any one know if different areas of the VMS4 use different midi channels, ie, would be cool if the player area’s are dual layered like the dx.

  • the caper

    hey i finally found a video for the American audio VMS4

  • Anonymous

    more from the american dj -controller, looks nice!

  • audiomontana

    and further more.. the polarity of your post and .. ‘calling me out’ must be some sort of ‘scene thing’ — you act like you know me but like everyone else in that bullshit circle jerk — all you know .. is how to get off.

  • audiomontana

    # d. struct0

    January 16th, 2010 at 9:28 pm Quote


    What the hell do you know Gabe? ha.

    Uhmmm what do you think i know? I told you what I knew having spent 4k$ on ADJ lighting in the last couple of months and working w/ it along side comparable gear. I also know that the first AAudio Cd players that I used in 2001 were not bad at all. Ask timi. I also know that Ill have one of the new controllers before anyone else. so bah..

  • Mix Architekt

    @Anonymous – jakarta, definitely! the crew from sumber ria and kairos multi jaya are the distributor in indonesia and super great guys. i was just there at the end of november and need to get back for more xone specific stuff. send me an email via the mix architekt website and we’ll get something set up for you.

    sorry for the thread hijack.

  • addx

    did anybody else see the cool platters they had at the vestax booth.

  • mr. tunes

    on one of the korg namm videos they said it will be available next month, rather than may. i would believe either date, but korg seems to be pretty good at getting their products out shortly after announcing them.

  • Anonymous

    Yo Mix Architekt, what are the chances of a demo in Jakarta, Is this going to happen, if it is ill be there!

  • d. struct0


    What the hell do you know Gabe? ha.

  • baan

    Kaossilator Pro looks sick! Is it a mixture of the KP3 with Kaossilator, meaning you can filter and add effects to the phrases you record or how does it work?

  • audiomontana

    “my experience with American Audio is limited but not very positive.”

    As with the AmericanDj Line of lighting products. Its counterpart — American Audio — has been steadilly increasing its product quality level so that it may compete with the “big boys” who have so far, enjoyed thier ‘cult’ followings.

    I think that a product like the new AA controller will cause the controller market to finally re-evaluate its leaders and emphasize innovation and value rather than snotty fan based popularity. Causing all hardware/software companies to give us more for less.

  • mest42085

    Could you do a more in depth review of the new Kaossilator? I own the original and love it but specifically I’m curious to know if you can record more than 8 beats on the Pro version. I watched some videos on u tube and none of the demos were any more than 8 beats. thanks!!

  • me

    Serato 2.0, TTM 68 and The Bridge please!
    Im quite interested how you know can be more creative (2.0 effects) and with ableton in electronic music…long time serato was more for hip hop heads and i know the authors seem to be more down with traktor, but now as they are 4 channels and effects, let us see what u can do with serato and ableton together, this must be huge!

    thanks for all your great articles!

  • Stephen of Live Fast

    DJTT love, waited all day the 14’th to see American Audio’s VCI-ALIKE AA’s ad. said It’d be at NAMM as well as on there site “January 14th” hah should have known that was bull & it’d be here first.

  • Bryan J

    IM HUNGRY FOR THAT VMS4! i think that it would be the ultimate piece of gear for me. its like a cheapo version of a xone 3d or something. cant wait!

  • Dragonfyre

    Looks like the AA VMS4 can also operate as an analog mixer because it has audio inputs for cd decks or turntables. This is like a great combination of a XoneDX and a TR-1!

  • House Junkie

    I want to make a correction to the VCI-Alike, it’s not American DJ it’s American Audio VMS4 which stands for Velocity Midi.
    VCI-100 was a copy of Kontrol-DJ KDJ500 which came out in 2005.

    American Audio VMS4 is a four channel midi station bundled with Traktor.

    I am debating to either purchasing this unit or the VCI-100SE.

    The DP2 from American Audio is a nice piece of hardware, and I am sure the VMS4 is going to open up the competition.

  • Mighty Seven

    Maybe if the Typhoon supported Itch, I might be able to look past that atrocious paintjob. It looks like the 80s threw up on it.

  • the caper

    yeah you will f0tif0 as far as i can understand, you need a new mapping id say, and i think when a shift button on deck A is pushed it changes it to deck C and everything work exactly the same apart from line fader loops etc now controll deck C, and exactly the same with deck B and D, well atleast how it works with me on Traktor,

  • f0tif0

    I dont get it so will i be able to run 4 decks on vci 300 with itch 2.0?

  • the caper

    typo—— and a first look at the Xone 2D ( Xone:dx)

  • Enmario

    please more about American Audio VMS4

  • Anonymous

    please more about American Audio VMS4

  • Double DutchDj

    Many thanks for the info Mix Architekt. I know for some its only 1 small feature lost, but now it all of sudden seems far to expensive. At least before hand it felt like you getting not just a midi controller but a basic ish Allen & Mixer as well with a choice to mix externally or internally . I love how endlessly versatile the 4D is, it even has joy stick input for god sake. Sadly the Dx hasn’t turned out to be a scaled down version of it’s more versatile larger sibling. I guess some money has to go on Serato Itch tax, but £999 sterling is an insane amount money for just a midi ladder a midi

  • Glitch fxxx

    Note to self, never print white text on carbon fiber- may cause temporary blindness. <<< HAHAHA GOOD ONE!!!!!!

  • Caper

    Hi i read aswell that the AA Vms4 would be 500 but i saw on the webiste its 700 bundled with Traktor a bit more expensive than i first thought but still a competitvie price i hope the extra 200 makes the build quality rock solid. Anyway still alot better bang for buckthan the Xone;dx i think

  • Dj Emo

    I’m very interested with the Serato+Ableton concept… gonna see how they gonna work and what more features they can provide… it will be sick if can use effects and vst plug-ins from Ableton! Looking forward for next article!

  • greig

    I’m very interested in learning more about the American Audio VMS4.

  • dj professor ben

    @Mix Architekt: bummer then. I was sure I had read that the DX would work as a regular mixer; guess I misunderstood. Not that I was getting ready to buy one anyway, heh.

    I am not sure what people were expecting with the Serato/Ableton collaboration; it’s not like they were going to put a person on Mars or something. They are two different programs and they are making them work better together. It’s not as exciting as they were making it out to be, but it will be pretty cool, and there are some other changes that make Serato 2.0 look like it will be pretty cool as well. It’s definitely moving ahead of Traktor in some ways and it will be interesting to see if Traktor moves in similar directions — I for one would love to have recording to Ableton possible in Traktor (indeed, it’s something I’ve asked about on their feature request board before).

    I wonder about something with that though — in this vid it looks like he is scratching with a regular TTM 56 or 57 (presumably in what would be “external” mixing mode); how is Ableton picking up the crossfader movements on an external mixer? I guess if it is the 57 the USB may be carrying the crossfader signals back to Ableton but does that mean this feature won’t function on a different mixer?

  • jaocagdo [brazil]

    na ausencia do , ean golden é sempre bem vindo

    um review detalhado da AKAI apc 20 cairia muito bem. []´s

  • Mix Architekt

    @double dutch dj
    you’re right, there’s no facility for two audio interfaces to be used at the same time in traktor. i didn’t think of that…

    as it turns out, i work for allen & heath. i’m the xone product specialist for asia.

    right now there is no clock output from the dx and the beta version of 4 deck itch via the din midi output, but i could see that possibly being implemented on the public release.

  • Mix Architekt

    @dj professor ben

    unfortunately, the DX will not function without a computer attached. it’s not an analogue mixer, which is a consistent (and easy to understand) misconception.

    how do i know this? it’s because i have one of the first production samples of the DX which i’ve been doing clinics and distributor demos with for the past month, so this is coming from actual experience with the product.

    it is strictly a midi control surface and audio interface. you pass audio through it by setting a deck to thru mode in traktor or itch (the exception being the mini-plug di which is always routed to the master outputs.)

    hope that helps – tim

  • Double DutchDj

    Considering his back ground I tend to take MixArchitekt word as true, but would love to know an answer from Allen & Heath please Ean!! The xone site description make’s it sound like it has analogue mix modes because of the Riaa/phono inputs, but your software would have to support thru mode. Does itch support thru mode in one of the virtual player’s?
    Plus sadly I thought of 1 reason why dvs and a xone dx couldn’t
    be active together, Traktor would have to have the 2 soundcards selected, which ain’t pos yet, pants!
    Thinking about it the Dx also has 5 pin midi in & out, does this mean external clock sync for itch?

  • Anonymous

    Kaossilator Pro, wow I was so happy to see that, not so happy with the price though. The 4 channel Serato looks nice, hope I can MIDI map the whole thing and not have to have 2 seperate SL1 or SL3 boxes if I dont own the new rane mixer. Or is this version only going to work with their new rane / serato mixer
    non the less gonna keep on learning Traktor Pro.
    Thanks Ean for all the wisdom and insight you always provide.

    Respectfully yours,

  • Wyley

    Find out all you can about that AMERICAN DJ controller.

  • gstylenyc

    stunningly underwhelming. all around. really. i mean, this is what the BIG serato/ableton announcement was? such a waste. and all those other cluttered controllers. have these companies simply lost their grip on reality, and creativity? again, a waste.

    ok, enough already. am i the only one waiting for the release of the djtechtools 3.0 mappings for traktor scratch pro and my upgraded vci-100? ean, you’re on! demo the real stuff please! : )

  • n3lly

    [quote comment=”26164″] I don’t wish to complain too much but those vestax controllers have faders looser than my grandma’s fanny (for americans I mean vagina), [/quote]

    LOL Brilliant.

  • dj professor ben

    Mix Architekt: I think you’re wrong; I think the DX actually does work as an analog mixer and that you can use it with turntables or CDJs and no computer at all if you really wanted. I could be wrong about it but that’s my understanding.

    discoali: The channel faders on my VCI offer plenty of resistance. Just leave the crossfader in the middle and mix with the channel faders if you want to take your time mixing tracks; I find the mixing is much more accurate that way anyhow. I think loose crossfaders are pretty much the standard for most DJ mixers these days, whether MIDI or analog. I don’t scratch a whole lot either but I like having the option of quick cuts with the crossfader when I need them, but when I don’t I almost always mix purely with the channel faders.

  • Anonymous

    Deadmau5 is everywhere you want to be.

  • ACeY ROX

    Maybe a look at the new Numark MixDeck. I saw a vid on this remarkable piece on YT that brags about how many options there are as far as the input sources. It can utilize an iPod, USB Flash drives for both decks, CD slots on each deck and MIDI controls. I’m not in the industry, so I have to depend on an insider for more info, like the MSRP…It can’t be cheap. Can ya get some info, please? Maybe a review?

  • discoali

    Another Namm, another underwhelming group of products. Ableton + serato = waste of time. Like some one else said, just employ rewire. It would be a lot easier and a crap load cheaper!!!!!! Is anyone going to make a DJ midi controller that caters to people who don’t scratch, I don’t wish to complain too much but those vestax controllers have faders looser than my grandma’s fanny (for americans I mean vagina), I play house and I’d like a little resistance in my faders because it take me more than 3 seconds to mix a track!!!!!!!! What an all round disappointment.

  • Double DutchDj

    Many thanks for the expo MixArchitekt, plus I’m really looking forward to trying your eq set up you applied to your Dx map, very cool idea!
    Now what to do? American Dj have thrown me a real (highly versatile) curve ball, take some key feature’s from the vms4(which it has by the boot load) and wrap it up in Allen & Heath high build quality and I’d be sooo sold.
    I think there’s been a few less obvious jems out this Nam, its great some company’s have picked up on the changing over set up scenario, apart from the practical side, having two laptops connected to the same controller could open the door for some pretty outside the box fun, I would love to see mullti usb for controllers become a standard.

  • Richard

    Like what they’re planning with the Otus Raw. Hopefully by the time it’s released Traktor Scratch Pro will support the high definition midi so you can actually use the platter to it’s full potential.

  • Kevin Hackett

    Denon also announced the x1600 mixer, sure to be a big hit with users and to Pioneer.

  • deco

    any m-audio news?
    controller for torq?

  • Mix Architekt

    i don’t have traktor scratch pro, so i can’t personally try this out – but conceptually, i think it could work.

    scratch/time code control is set through the audio dj8; you’d then have traktor running in internal mixer mode, with the output and cue monitor routed through the xone:dx.

    you wouldn’t have the audio dj 8 rca outputs connected to the dx if you just wanted time code control – you’d only do that if you wanted to play vinyl records in thru mode. does that make sense?

    otherwise if it hasn’t already been stated, the xone:dx is not an analogue mixer of any kind – it is strictly a midi control surface and audio interface.

    there’s no analogue eq, summing bus, gain controls, etc. the analogue bits are a vca to turn down the master and booth outputs if your computer stops responding, the headphone monitor level, and a DI to pass signal through the master output via a miniplug for your ipod in that same computer problem scenario.

    to pass audio from an external source through the rca inputs or get signal out of the dx (bar the DI scenario) you will need to have the DX connected to a computer – and have the host application set to receive audio from the soundcard inputs and pass them through to the DX’s output.

    all gain, eq, level, fx, etc. are handled through the host application (in the case of traktor it’s via the software mixer). you’ll need to midi map the faders and knobs to get them work as labeled… even the meters on the dx require midi cc’s to show signal level.

    some of this is bypassed in itch, since it’s essentially pre-mapped. but in traktor pro, you can map the controllers to do what ever you want…

    if anyone here is in asia, we’re doing a clinic in singapore next week with the dx and 4d. or if you’re in bangkok we could do something anytime. get in touch.

    hope this helps!

  • Mudo

    @Fatlimey: So people have given up on the digital revolution, I take it. Not one interesting product.

    It seems that digital revolution is analog surface called turntable.

    Not blame people to use their tools… not every enjoy “laser arps” or “touchscreens” (and their prices) but djing is about djs, controllerism about controllers and Tooltablism about Tools (turntables and controllers or controllerist turntables).

    In the other hand you have Apc20 too…

  • laz

    I’ve had a VFX-1 for a couple of months, bought from a shop in the UK and it is vertical. The horizontal one would work better with a NS7 I guess. Appears there are two different models from the box. I have a EX apparently. The other option is DM which might be the horizontal model?

    Also saw this youtube video yesterday for a VCI-300A which is a slightly jazzed up VCI-300

  • Fatlimey

    In summary:

    Vinyl simulation, vinyl simulation, Ableton proprietary interface, vinyl sim, exernal mixer, vinyl sim, CDj sim, VCI-100 alike, VCI-100 alike with proprietary interface, proprietary vinyl sim extension, updated scratch controller, outboard FX, vinyl sim extension with proprietary interface.

    So people have given up on the digital revolution, I take it. Not one interesting product.

  • Double DutchDj

    @MixArchitekt, (or anyone who could answer this) scrub that last question I’ve jus read your informative post on your site. However I would like to know about it’s analogue features, despite it being the same soundcard as the 4D I’m guessing the serato colab has stopped dx from being able to run Traktor dvs, I know this seems backwards but is it pos to run 4 outputs from an audio8 in to 4 different channels of the dx. Apart from using it as Allen&heath intended, I quite like the idea of making an external mode based map that would allow one deck sitting next the dx for dvs scratch control over any virtual deck, or is this fantasy just a pipe dream?

  • DJ Big Q

    Right Now the NS7 and the V7 is looking nice for the HipHop / Scratch DJ’s who want the Old Skool Mixing Style, but also the V7 might be more appealing because for $800.00 you get the built in effects control unlike with the NS7 where you have to purchase the effects controller for and extra $200.00. You are able to control both decks, or Tag Team with another DJ if they have a V7 and control 4 decks or allow the other DJ to take over from his system while you are shutting down. Plus you still have the same functions as the NS7, and you can hook up any Mixer to it and let the good times Roll! This my Friends look like its going to Beat all those other controllers Hand’s Down!

  • Double DutchDj

    Would love to know if the layer button on the Allen & Heath Dx changes the midi channel for every control round the player area to allow control over different decks, or is it just mapped to a shift/modifier?

  • Sanchez



    in serious need of the adj controller looks like it kinda makes the vic look small fish if mappable for midi…

  • Dee Jay Flic

    I have such a hard on right now.

  • Yul

    Please Santa Techtools, if you could make a comparison between the xone dx and the american audio vms4, that would be great!

  • dannydance

    I believe traktor surprises will come today and tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!

  • dj professor ben

    According to their facebook page, the AA VS4 will be priced at $500 — very competitive for what their offering. And it comes with Traktor, so yes it will have Traktor mappings ready to go. I’d love to know how reactive the jog wheels are; they look like they’re made for scratching (they even have stroboscope dots on the sides of the platters to look like real turntable platters though of course there’s no strobe) but I wonder if they’re really that useful for it. I’d also love to know about the quality of the sound card (and the build quality of the machine in general); my experience with American Audio is limited but not very positive. Of course, there’s no arcade buttons, so it’s a no-go for me until Ean shows us how to install them 😉

  • Nephew

    Grrrr! The biggest issue I have with the Xone 4D and now DX is the EQ section. After owning a Xone 92 for a number of years it’s hard to mix with out the 4 band EQ


  • dan

    Will we ever see a midi/digital Bozak or Urei-style controller?

    I think I just don’t fit in. I don’t want 50 little knobs and another 50 little buttons. I would like several big knobs, and that’s basically it. With a built-in soundcard. Maybe an eq.

    For me djing was about music first, technology second. They seem to have switched in priority.

  • BrettP88

    I wish the xone:DX was for Traktor! £999 is alot and some of that must be towards the full copy of itch I dont want. Would like to see more control over the effects – I’ll stick to my 1D for that for now then :/

  • sgb

    @Fullstop: I believe SSL 2.0/Itch 2.0 now implement “Smart Crates” that you can use to filter based on keywords and such. Much like Itunes smart playlists.

    As far as the bridge goes, reading a description < seeing it in action. I suggest you view the video on skratchworx for a better idea of how it works.

  • Mix Architekt

    I’ve been running the xone:dx with traktor pro and have a midi map/.tsi up for those that want to take a look. it works incredibly well. the xone:dx operates on 5 midi channels, so you can do some very complex mappings for traktor.

    as for the 4 deck version of itch, it does have a grid function, and a few different ways to use sync. you can set grids in analyze mode, or make adjustments on the fly with the set button. engaging sync aligns the grids set on the tracks, and auto bpm will make the pitch adjustment for you based on the calculated bpm.

    as for the platters, they’re not mean for scratching – they’re 2.5″ in diameter, which is about 9.5″ short of the standard scratch interface. 🙂 it’s a pitch bend and scrub situation like cd decks. think of it this way, the dx is a very cost effective alternative to purchasing 4 cdj’s, a mixer and an effects box, plus it has some tricks up it’s sleeve that sets it apart from the cd/mixer scenario.

  • Mudo

    I hope Vestax has got some ideas… I will give some but I still need a job.

    Ah! Welcome to the TOOLTABLISM ERA, no more controllerism vs turntablism please.

  • JuanSOLO

    So far the Kaosillator Pro is the best thing out in my eyes.

  • DennisJ

    oh arcade button install would be great. 🙂

  • Meo

    American audio sure did something interesting… any word about release date and pricing?

  • the cpaer

    Im interested in the American Audio VMS4, does any one know quality and price?? it looks pretty epic.

    like a VCI with with 4 channels? is it for Traktor because i see on the thread below it has a sample section but Traktor doesnt have sample? i know its midi and can be mapped how you want, but im just curious as to what software they are running,

    possible arcade button install ean?

  • Narbmeister

    Just seen the bit where it says MIDI strips, must remember to use my eyes and read things!!!!

  • Full Stop

    All I really wanted from NAMM was two things, a Serato style view in Live so I can sort by ID tags (bpm, key, etc.) and a MORE expensive APC40 with 100mm faders instead of the teensy ones it has now. No luck on either one.

    Does anyone else find the Serato -> Live stuff extremely underwhelming? I mean, why not just implement ReWire on both apps?

  • NYC DJ Julio

    Watch Out Vestax VCI Owners

    General Features:
    • Midi Controller with 4 USB / Analog selectable MIDILOG™ (Midi & Analog) channels
    • Traktor ready**
    • All audio control faders, knobs, switches, and buttons smoothed – eliminates popping,
    wiper noise, and zipper noise
    • On/off soft startup and turnoff
    • Gain/treble/mid/bass EQ on all MIDILOGTM channels
    • 2 phono/line selectable analog channels
    • Two microphone channels with illuminated on/off switches and gain/treble/mid/bass EQs
    • On/off cueing on each MIDILOGTM channel
    • Split cueing headphones with rotary mix control
    • Illuminated rubber knobs for ease of use in dark environments
    • Solid 1.6mm thick faceplate for extra durability
    • Panel mounted rotary knobs
    • Full analog mixer operation if the computer crashes or with external power supply
    • Innofader replaceable crossfader compatible (sold separately)
    • Crossfader curve control
    • Crossfader assign and reverse
    • Q-Start crossfader controlled startup for 2 external audio players
    • User replaceable channel faders
    • Master and Booth outputs with L/R balance
    • Balanced Master outputs
    • 12 position stereo master output VU meter

    Midi Features:
    • Built-in mouse pad
    • Long life MIDI assignable touch strips
    • Two 10- bit resolution pitch sliders
    • 62 assignable MIDI buttons and switches
    • 50 MIDI buttons have LED illuminations, including 18 with dual blue/red LEDs
    • 4 assignable rotary encoders
    • 34 assignable rotary controllers
    • 5 assignable linear fader controllers
    • Dual MIDI controls on all buttons and switches
    • Dual 2000 point resolution touch sensitive turntable scratch controllers
    Audio Features:
    • 24-bit 48 kHz analog audio
    • 16-bit 44.1kHz USB audio
    • 10-bit resolution on all analog fader controls
    • THD 60dB*
    • S/N ratio >85dB*
    • Analog channel audio latency < 1msec
    • Selectable USB modes: 4 in 4 out mode for running software effects on phono/line analog
    channels or 2 in 8 out mode for running 4 software channels and master recording
    • 2 msec response on all buttons
    • 4 msec response on all rotary and linear faders
    • 1 msec USB latency

    * For each audio channel, both line and phono mode
    ** Traktor is a registered trademark of Native Instruments GmbH

  • johnny

    Wow. I am really looking forward to those numark v7s! that’s some serious cdj competition. I just might sell mine for those. That apc 20 is looking quite nice as well! Thanks Ean!

  • Terrorist

    4 decks is pretty useless if you dont have internal beatgrid and deck sync option like in traktor.
    does serato feature this ?

    And btw doest serato hardware support 4 decks inputs (8 phono/line ins ?) ???

  • Fresh

    Forgot to add that I would like to see an in depth on the
    American Audio VMS4.

  • pilmat

    Awesome reporting. Thanks guys!

    The Kaossilator Pro is a KP3 and Kaossilator hybrid? More info please (midi in/out, audio in/out, juggling capabilities, etc).

  • Paco Loco

    Regarding the DX, I would really like to know what functionality it has without the usb plugged in. Can it be used like a normal analog mixer with two turntables only? Thx

  • jakeintox

    The new Xone DX looks awesome. What’s up with the Numark X7?

  • Mudo

    Soon CDX full midi/osc retrofit kits and another for regular turntables.

    If ITCH could Bridge, we can.

    Thanks for Watching.

    Ghetto Warriorz.

  • Muxx

    Seems like a ton of the gear is going for 4 decks. I wonder how many DJs will actually use them but it’s great to have that extra ability in case you needed.

  • Narbmeister

    Is the American DJ thing the VMS4?

  • thisisian

    I’ve just had a close look at the full size version of the american audio photo.
    It looks like it’s a hybrid midi controller / analogue mixer.
    On the front panel there are two rows of EQ controls (probably for mic inputs), & switches to switch the 4 main faders between USB & analog.
    This looks like one hell of a beast!!

  • Sanjster

    Can I make the spin worm w/ traktor or will I have to spend another 250?

  • Anonymous

    Why dont Vestax make a 4 deck controller like that American DJ ONE!!!

  • Vinicius Hoffmann

    I want to know more about american DJ controller
    I’m intriged about all those knobs and buttons on the front panel

  • deeflash

    [quote post=”4361″]Note to self, never print white text on carbon fiber- may cause temporary blindness.[/quote]

    Yeah, but at least you’ll look cool going blind!

  • gfocus

    Oh, and the american dj controller looks interesting but why does it have to be so hideous? Seriously, look at the jogs. Just look at them.

  • gfocus

    Nothing exciting for Traktor users. I am starting to worry a bit about NI.

  • SHog

    Im so excited about those new products!

    Gotta say,this American DJ controller got my eye.There is a lot going in the front panel,wonder whats all those knobs about 😀

    So far,im pleased. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    NEW Kaossilator Pro!!! F*** YES!

  • Tre Tuna

    oh and the 2 usb ports on the back of the mixer will allow seamless transitions from one DJ to the other as well. Second DJ plugs in, first DJ “ejects” the track from virtual deck 2, second DJ loads track into virtual deck 2, 2nd guy starts spinning.

  • Tre Tuna

    Was good to meet yuo today at the Rane booth Ean. Just a little more about the Serato upgrade, they have also added in Ableton control into serato itself so you can cue ableton loops up in serato, the 4 decks can all be used for video as well, and the mixer’s channels can be mapped to audio or video faders.. Pretty sick stuff, actually has me thinking of swithing from Traktor to Serato now.

  • JuanSOLO

    All I want to know is if there are any Firmware updates for the APC40, seeing that the APC20 has a Note Mode and Master Mode.

    I read NI opted out of NAMM. So no word on Reaktor 6???

  • Some_Dj

    oh no now we will have to spend all our money on the new toys lol

  • Paco loco

    More hands on info on the DX please! Does anyone have one running with Traktor at the show?

  • Tamay

    Always interested in new products and their specs!
    give it a go ean 🙂

  • TJP

    An in depth video and review of the Xone:DX would be greatly appreciated!

  • Royce

    EVERYTHING about de Xone:DX!

    – any analogue parts in de mixer section?
    – which ITCH version is packed with the first controllers.
    The Serato forums say 1.6. Does it also have 4-deck control?
    – connecting a CDJ or something, do you need the laptop?

  • Exclusiva

    Thanks for info,,
    American Dj Controller likes me very nice, to know about it.

  • Pepehouse

    Yo! gear freaks!

  • Kama

    Thanks for the coverage.

    Curios if video is coming to Traktor anytime soon

    Also, if the UDG producer bag will be available again in the states.

    – much obliged

    Hope you all have a blast.

  • Steve

    Are the fader channels and crossfader on that new Rane sixty-eight mixer the same as the faders that are in the TTM56s and TTM57?

  • Oden

    More info on the serato SSL/Itch update….
    Please 🙂

  • Ron Solo

    4 decks on itch is a very much needed addition for vci-300 users like myself.

  • DJ Milk

    Nice round up!

    Would love to know the dimensions of the Xone DX. . . and whether or not the Otus RAW includes a sound card.

    And that Denon 1600 looks pretty intriguing too, would be interested of any impressions you might have of that.

  • Tom

    I think the American Dj Controller looks really good. I’m waiting for some time now now for an replacement of the Xponent and this could be it.

  • Dangerboy

    Keep the reports coming!…

  • pimpdown

    If you could video everything above that would be awesome.

    1. Data on Itch/SSL 4 deck and other improvements is the most critical video you will have from NAMM. SO EXCITED!!!!!

    2. If you can find out the difference between APC 20 and APC 40 it would be great.

    3. What is up with the American DJ controller? It looks you could run the death star with all those knobs.

    4. If you could lockdown final VFX1 info that would be awesome.

    5. Finally and most important. Put a warning on the traktor controller cause I am blind in one eye. Please find out whether or not they are going to stick with the carbon fiber job. Warn that blinding djs is not cool.

  • djs

    4deck SSL vs itch – interesting. Will SSL allow 2 time code decks and 2 midi? or Do we need to decide between 4 decks DVE (SSL) 4 decks controller (itch)? More info on the DJM-600 2 USB mixer. itch only or does it send Midi? How’s it feel/sound? APC 20 looks interesting..

  • ARun

    I was waiting all day for this. much thanks. I would like to hear more on the APC20 and MPC26. Also Abletons Bridge and what it can do for us Vestax VCI100/300 and Numark NS7 owners. Thanks.

  • James B

    Xponent 2? How about a NI controller with jogwheels/fader/etc? How long must we wait?!

  • RCUS

    Ableton-Serato Bridge por favor. I really was hoping for serato style control within Ableton and am a bit dissapointed with the news so far. I will hold off for my final judgement until I give it a whirl on Saturday, but it would be nice for you to give us the low down. Thanks Ean!

    Now I’m off to look for the perfect unicorn stencil for my MIDI Fighter…

  • porkchop

    (yawn), When are they going to come out w/ something better than the vci-100?

  • J-Neb

    APC 20 pricing/info you should also do a post now about ableton controllers comparing the three of them. I no about the launched one but you should compare them now.

  • addx

    hell yeah ima be there tomorrow!

  • kelsey7k

    dope post, thanks! i’m interested in APC20 info. specifically, any features that are beyond what’s on the 40…and if possible, if this will prompt updates to APC40 firmware etc.


  • z

    interested in the vestax typhoon — price? pc compatibility? how’s it compare to the spin?

    and what’s that american dj controller?

  • Remote

    ITCH info! And VFX-1 (I thought it was out?) APC-20 pricing/info. O and the American DJ thing.


    Being a Traktor user and Allen & Heath fan, the DX doesn’t intrigue me much. Any news if A&H are releasing any new mixers to the xone series, like an updated Xone 92 for example.

  • carlos

    Can you get more info on the efx softwear for serato please!

  • Wave

    Anything other new controllers? This info is Golden, no pun intended.

  • JT

    Rane DJM600??? Doesn’t look anything like a DJM 600! haha

  • djas

    4 decks SSL! interesting.

  • R0bust

    Sick ass stuff for the new year!!! =D but you forgot the new Numark MixDeck!!!!! check it out

  • weltraumpapst

    the american dj controller looks really amazing.. thanks for the input and have fun at the namm..

  • Anonymous

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