Midi Fighter “Deckalized Mapping”

Today I want to share my personal mapping for the midi-fighter with our readers in the hopes that you can use it with any controller or learn from it in your own mapping pursuits. One interesting technique I demonstrate in the video that might be useful to everyone is how to use multiple versions of the same controller without conflict. On Friday we are going to put the 2nd series of 500 Midi-Fighter’s up for sale.  Hopefully this set should last a bit longer than the first batch, which sold out lickety-split. Download the Mapping and check out the new Midi-Fighter Builder page to design your own controller.

You might have noticed that there is a case on one of the midi-fighters in the video above. Well, I am happy to report that with this new batch you can build your own midi-fighter online (with an optional case) and we will send you the controller of your choice fully assembled. Existing midi-fighter owners can purchase a case for only 19 bones, and slide it on without taking the controller apart.

Check back on friday for a full dj mix video of me using 2 midi-fighters. As usual, I will post a few of the mp3s used in that mix and give everyone a chance to win one of their very own.

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  • ninja

    how do get sample re-juggle made help and how to midi map it two other midi controller

  • jthompsn

    All of my buttons function like the video but the LED’s don’t? How do I fix that?

  • deejaygee

    I love this .But I have a question could this be used with a vci 100 . If i wanted the vci to control decks a and b and the midi fighter one to control c and the other to control d is this possible .

  • Luis

    Wow. Glad I’m not in a battle with you. Your Midi-Fighter would fell more like a “shock and aww” attack. I’ll just concede defeat now and avoid the wounds.

    Sure would love to work you. Probably better use of my tech skills.

  • tranceaddict

    @kaifeng no,u in2 trance?

  • extr01

    Awesome video…was wondering if I can do the same thing with an apc40…

  • Hammer

    Hey guys! Just wanted to know is there any difference in regards to the actual board?
    I already own one midi fighter, may get another….

  • dzmplz

    Yo any news on the analog joystick for this Midi fighter???? on how to put one on it instrcutions??? Lets do this!

  • kaifeng

    tranceaddict, are you the same tranceaddict from the misc?

  • tranceaddict

    hey,check out numark’s mixtrack a brand new midi cntrlr!!i think vci is betta though!!

  • Rolfski

    The GOOD:
    As Djal said above, Ean you’re ahead of time and really showing us the future of dj-ing and controllerism with mind dazzling video’s like these.

    The BAD:
    The future doesn’t look that bright from every perspective. Yes, the creative possibilities are endless as is shown in this video. However, video’s like these also show that being on the top of your game in digital dj-ing is more and more becoming something of a rocket science. Being creative requiring increasingly more complexity is not necessarily a good thing if you ask me.

    The UGLY:
    Having to remember 3 functions for every button in combination with other buttons, way too complex if you ask me. By the time you get used to this DJTT has already thought of a new cool mapping we should really, really try or even worse; a new midi toy that is the next hot thing and makes your current controller hardware instantly dark ages stuff. VCI-100, anyone?

    Let’s not make a mistake about it. I like the fact that DJTT is always trying to get digital dj-ing to the next level and in doing so has become a major influencer. I just wish they would focus more on simplicity over functionality. In a moving business that is so dynamic like this, simple mappings is what helps me as a dj.

  • Ericn91

    When will the new batch of midifighter will be available?
    Am still waiting…

    thank you

  • Epiphenomenon

    Three words: no rotary anything. I find that one of the best parts of DJ’ing is being more or less unconstrained in creativity on the fly. This setup removes rotary control for adjustment of, among other things, ALL Traktor effects. If I want to tweak multiple parameters on an advanced effect simultaneously, I like having the option to do so. I use an external analog mixer and effects processor, but I enjoy having all the hands-on control for the effects and track management using a VCI-100 as well.

  • Mitch

    midi fighters aren’t being released today???

  • vonburn

    I already see a new app for the ipad…

  • Str8upDrew

    Thanks for the quick response. I didn’t mean to rush you all. I know you guys work very hard at keeping us all happy. I’m looking forward to hearing the mix.

    Any chance on getting a full mix from you??? I think the last one i got is around a year old.

  • Ean Golden

    [quote comment=”33309″]So it’s friday, and i’ve checked back several times…
    Where’s the mix video????
    It’s cool take your time.[/quote]

    sorry to keep you waiting- we shot the mix and it looks amazing! The only problem is that its 20 minutes long and it taking forever to edit. I am going to delay posting till next friday and put up an interview with Felix Cartal instead. Thanks for all the positive feedback guys, I think you will really like fridays mix video. I have been working on it for several months!

  • Anonymous

    Maybe a silly question< As he has the preset effects to certain functions on midifighter, do these then occupy a permant effect slot within TP or a your 4 visible slots on the GUI still availiable?????

  • Str8upDrew

    So it’s friday, and i’ve checked back several times…
    Where’s the mix video????
    It’s cool take your time.

  • Graham

    [quote comment=”33302″]The “built in sampler” is a BeatRepeat effect with the effect settings at 0 and 0. This takes an 8-count loop and keeps playing it from start to finish. Turn the FX wet/dry to 100% and voila, it’s acting like a sampled looper.[/quote]

    Cheers! Thought it would be something simple… I have only had Trakor pro for 2 weeks so still learning!

  • Fatlimey

    The “built in sampler” is a BeatRepeat effect with the effect settings at 0 and 0. This takes an 8-count loop and keeps playing it from start to finish. Turn the FX wet/dry to 100% and voila, it’s acting like a sampled looper.

  • Graham

    About 2/3rds of the way through you say you sample a 8 bar loop and set a loop at the same time, then you add effects are re-trigger the loop.

    On the screen you see ‘History’ on the left hand side – are you recording the output and then somehow playing around with it? I thought Traktor did not have a built in sampler?

    Can you (or somebody) explain this part please?

  • CK DK

    +1 for josh@firestorm.

    C’mon Steve, pay attention buddy.

  • nice

    Exactly what I was using my fighter for before, a simple little cue box… now that Ean so marvelously filled in alll my whee lil fx holes, I just laugh at the kids with the cdj2k’s and the 5k debt it brings…u just dont need it…

  • josh@firestorm

    @steve, ean outlines that at the very beginning of the video.. just sayin’

  • Steve

    I guess this setup is intended to work in conjunction with a mixer as there is no way to control volume or gain on the MF mapping.

  • Eastcoastams

    @ kayf , pretty sure it’s hip hop by dead prez

  • n4Sphere

    hi folks

    great presentation as usual!! I am a little bit confused. For using the beatjuggle you have to press the shif+rec button and with no recorded sample you can hit the cue points and the performance is also recorded automatically is this correct ?!?!? Is there no normal mode like at the old mapping just pressing the cue buttons without recording.

    How do i erase the sample buffer to use this trick?


  • Anonymous

    [quote comment=”33270″]How about a case that holds two of them together? Put in a little extra room for a usb hub and just string one cord to your laptop.[/quote]

    Now that’s a cool idea!

    +1 from me.

    I normally use a VCI 300 with Itch, but i’m thinking a pair of midi fighters & a little battle mixer would be perfect for the occasional mobile gigs I do.

  • kayf

    what the 2nd track name? with “hip – hop” phrase.

  • jasonmd2020

    How about a case that holds two of them together? Put in a little extra room for a usb hub and just string one cord to your laptop.

  • Anonymous

    Nice I want a case for my midifighter! Also, I am digging the idea of using a usb hub with a long chord so I can plug in multiple controllers with ease and not be tangled up with wires everywhere. Would this increase cpu usage during djing tho?

  • James

    Also… the black buttons are mapped to ‘beat repeat’ normally but when you hit the red button they act similar sounding to a ‘beat repeat’ but it isn’t – what is it doing at this point ? is it recording into buffer and then yuo are selecting which section of loop to play from ?

  • James

    What USB hub do yuo use ? I’ve had a lot of grief with hubs

  • keyray

    Why you don`t use ttm57sl as soundcard?

  • Steve

    When will the cases go on sale?

  • Bartboy

    Fantastic Video and the mapping is out of this world. While I don’t have a Midi Fighter just yet I have been taking you mapping apart bit by bit and tinkering with it to see how it works. The thing you did with the modifiers on/off that had never came to me before. Amazing Stuff really this entire website has made my long lost dreams of making people dance come true. From the second I started coming here I have learned more in the last 3 months than I have in the last 10 years and that’s with knowing DJ’s who get paid some pretty decent money to play out. Thank You again 🙂

  • Djal

    Ean my friend, you sir are the natural evolution of the craft. I swear sometimes this site is like getting to look into the future of dj culture. DJTT, you’ re ahead of your time. Or mabye everyone else is just way behind. Thanks for finally getting the midifighter back for all of us who missed the bus the 1st go ’round.

  • DJ Jukai

    +1 for all the work coming from the djtt crew!

  • DJ R3 Bonaire

    What an amazing cool demo. It is not my style of playing but got to admit it is outa space mannnnn. Thanks EAN for your great knowledge of midi mapping. I just spend 32hrs on Ableton with my roland SP555 and Korg Nano Control and Key, and still not perfected so far. Channels and CC and all is really confusing and a S.O.A.B to program properly. I hope everybody realizes that EAN’s mappings ain’t easy to create failure free and DJTT gives it for $0.00….
    June edition Magazine DJ Times Printed the 5 awards that PIONEER won @WMC. Can EAN win one please….for all his good work.
    Pioneer is the industry standard but DJTT is the midi-controller industry Supporter/creator.
    Long Live DJTT…

  • Koitz_roller

    I like very much Midi Fighter, but I still some faders or knobs too :D.

    Byez to All

  • Glen

    nice video

  • GianPaJ

    Cool. Video! I need find out how all those effect are mapped together for the 2-decks. What monitors do you use?

  • mmmmm

    ……or its the new Midifighter case they are selling for 19 bones…

  • mmmmm

    If you google the midifighter in images you will see older pictures of that MF case, I think it was some sort of Midifidler special edition ones.. I DO like how that style case adds a little BEEF to the fighter size wise….. But holy fucking sh!t kids lets talk about that mapping… A M A Z I N G …….. P E R F E C T……
    Im a glitch-hop/dub/mash DJ and lemme just say the effects in this mapping are EXACTLY what we want and its very intuitive to use after 5 minutes, and way more musical/performance oriented then some shithead rockin out the roll on the DJM 800 all nite. Lovin it.

    Only edit I had to make was removing the sync button to stay out of traktors chode mode.

  • pilmat

    What’s that case you got on there Ean? I like the “mf” logo inset in the side! Can a smell a DJTT case coming soon?
    And a contest, cool!