DJ Shiftee – What’s in your DJ bag? Performance And Tutorial.

Along with preceding turntable/controller demo by DMC champ Shiftee, we also have a tutorial explaining the performance and an exclusive look inside Shiftee’s DJ bag. Plus- if that was not enough, there is a contest where you can win a full Traktor Scratch Pro System, including a Traktor Kontrol X1 and three sets of control vinyl.



According to the contest rules, you must identify all 35 unique tracks used in the following set. Once you think you have identified all the tracks in order, send an email to

The contest video is great- but wow, will someone give this man a Dicer! I will personally mail him one myself if that’s what it takes to stop the pain of watching those awkward reaches break up an otherwise smooth performance.

Shiftee recently played a Midi Fighter party that was hosted and put on TOTALLY by members of our forum. What a community effort!  The event went down at the legendary Tresor night club in Berlin and apparently over 1k folks showed up to rock out. In the next few weeks, we will be doing a re-cap of that event along with some tips on how to throw your very own epic party at a famous mega club without breaking the bank.  Stay tuned for that and many more fine articles from our dedicated staff of whipped up writers madly pecking away at their typewriters.


The hard working creator of Midi Fight Club, Alexander,  also coordinated this footage in Berlin. While its not our normal video quality, I kind of like the grainy look of the film. It feels raw, fun and a lot more real that the über-produced NI videos.

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  • cazzaly

    what type of turntables dose he use ?


    Of course he NI sponsored lol it’s shiftee and I wanna know where he gets all the records and can u just use vinyal records like fake records not real song records??

  • Anonymous

    I love they way he says i got a battle routine in her so if some one wants to battle i can battle:L

  • Ves

    Damn, he’s heavy NI sponsored.

  • Nahima

    i like the tutorial. i wonder how can i contac tsomeone with contacts.

  • kru-kut

    lol “scratching is just ok for me too”

    lets see you do better. especially on a djm-800’s stock fader


  • Anonymous

    damn that would clear a dancefloor….fast


    Scratching is just ok for me too….

  • muzikizum

    shifty is the man!!!! thank you djtt!!!

  • word

    really like the tutorial.

    Keep those coming

  • DJSamRai

    Grrr…So hard! I gave up after 2 and half hours of trying to figure out the 9 blanks I had left. I just am not familiar with old school hip hop or any hip hop for that matter. First i thought that all the blurred out songs were just tracks played at a later time un-blurred, but that only applied to some. Good luck! Whoever wins really deserves the prize!

  • Ali

    [quote comment=”34976″]what bag is shiftee using? anyone?[/quote]

    I think that was mentioned earlier in the comments.
    It’s a headliner bag, see

  • dave

    what bag is shiftee using? anyone?

  • n2hf1st

    major lols at 1:01

    uhmm…. scratching was okay. wobbles were tame. cue point stuff was whatever. not the biggest fan of this routine, it’s kinda bland.

  • fotifo

    whats up wit showing most of the tracks names in the video, some covered some not

  • Dj Windz One

    “Gotta thank you for that Ean!!!”

  • Grizu

    It’s funny to see all these videos pop up since NI came up with the KX1 and Maschine. But I have to say that’s not even half the stuff some of us do with other programms like Torq and other controllers for years. But I’m also wondering why the Seratofanboys didn’t do stuff like that earlier before they got the Dicers now.
    Btw, I just love my Dicers with Torq. Just changed some of my snapshots and remapped what I allready had for my Korg nanos and Maschine. Gotta thank you for that Ean!!! Things got so fast with them, and because I can do my own mapping they rock even more.

  • Dj Windz One

    That actually depends. . . .He may have used 35 songs. . .but he may have used the original smaple as well to throw the answers off. . .

    I am STILL amazed that it was all Classic Hip-hop party rockers!!!

    why does my hobby have to cost SOOO much?!?!?!?!

  • Risc12

    Well you don’t need to guess al the songs, the stand above the tracks. But sometimes they are blurred. I have 24 tracks without knowing 1. But i have a question, do i need to indentify the 35 tracks everytime they are played? Or just once? Because there are way less than 35 songs played 😛

  • Mr.Nicklebe

    Great videos (and funny) all round, although I do feel his first routine was slightly weak especially in comparison to DJ Rafik’s a while back who I think uses the exact same setup.

    No disrespect meant as Shiftee is way better than me but I suppose it’s because I’ve seen so many guys using this kind of setup and doing the same sort of things, kinda loses it’s punch after a while.

    Also I’d never be able to guess all 35 of those songs in the second routine :S

  • kru-kut

    definitely rocking the headliner bag. i have the same one it’s f’ing amazing. super padded on the inside so he can put the maschine in there.

    shiftee is an animal.

  • StrangeMatter

    [quote post=”7356″]some tips on how to throw your very own epic party at a famous mega club without breaking the bank.[/quote]
    Can’t wait for that one!

  • Dj PcTre

    The bag video was cool, but I am having a hard to watching it with the poor quality, hard to make out gear (also the wind is blowing kinda heavily)…

    Lastly the mix is technically cool, but I don’t think I would ever do something like that in a club; it didn’t really sound good… though I do understand its meant to be more of a tech demo than a live performance

    PS – I am trying figure out the songs, I got 30 so far, just 5 more and I’m golden…

  • greatmesk

    [quote comment=”34915″]Oh, lovely!

    > I kind of like the grainy look of this film. It feels raw, fun and a lot more real that the uber-produced NI videos.

    Haha, it was recorded in 320×240 and heavily shaky.
    Greatmesk did a good job on improving it.[/quote]

    Yeah, y´all woulndt want to see the unedited footage. It looks like the cameraman/me had Parkinson, so shaky 😀
    I´m glad you used the video. Midi Fight Club 2010 was mos def a blast

  • noxia

    Last video – “I carry around a record called ‘The Champ’ so I feel good about myself.” LOL

  • Flo

    I can’t wait for that:
    “How to throw your very own epic party at a famous mega club without breaking the bank” ;D

    BTW very nice article! But how the hell does he manage not to break the knobs of the maschine in his bag? I am very afraid of that happen to me when I put mine in the bag.

  • Karlos Santos

    Nice to see Ali in real life… Shiftee needs a bigger bag !!!

  • Totey Monkey

    Think it must be my nosey side coming out but I always love these whats in your bag vids. :o)

  • Not Shy

    He’s got Machine and X1 as he’s sponsored by Traktor hence is using and pushing all the gear. Fair enough – he’s gotta get paid.

  • jacob Lysgaard

    Yeah, the X1 and the Maschine seems a bit overkill. But otherwise a good routine, given a dicer =)
    And good luck in the competition, guys!

  • Sarasin

    Good stuff!

    Loving watching these!

  • n4Sphere

    great introduction of his skills, but i don´t get the point why he uses left x1 and the maschine for the same use?!?!? and for sure he needs a dicer 🙂


  • Ali

    Oh, lovely!

    > I kind of like the grainy look of this film. It feels raw, fun and a lot more real that the uber-produced NI videos.

    Haha, it was recorded in 320×240 and heavily shaky.
    Greatmesk did a good job on improving it.