Midi Fight Club @ Tresor, Berlin- The Report!

Written By: Alexander (HedgeHog)

Party-pictures by: Michael Andrew Martin
Editing and Article Structure by: Ean

After four years of steady growth here at Dj TechTools, everyone decided it was about time for a first official meeting of the DJTechTools community in Europe. This entry is a report about the event from the perspective of everyone involved and may also give you a few tips on how to throw your very own first epic party.


Since most of the DJTechTools-members are DJs (surprised?) throwing a party was given to be the best way to meet them in real-life. It was first proposed to hold the party in Berlin 10 months ago on the forums. I was instantly on fire regarding the idea and since I’m near Berlin on weekends – eventually took over the planning.

The goal?

1) Get the German Dj TechTools community together for dj sets and a real life meet-up

2) Give some of the less experienced guys a chance to play

3) Expose more people to the world of djing beyond turntables and CDJ’s

Everyone told us to start small, so we planned to have around 300 people at the party which seemed realistic. Well…in the end the event ended up much bigger with over 1000 people at one of the most famous clubs in Berlin- Tresor! In typical TechTools fashion, it was decided in a poll that the event should be held in the summer.  Ean linked me to Native Instruments, which linked me to a local promoter. Luckily for me the promoter knew venues, people to talk to and how to run a successful party.

If you have no clue how the business works. Seek advice from someone who does or find a promoter who knows the scene in the city where your event shall take place. They often get discounts from hotels or can negotiate better conditions with clubs because of their regular business.

The promoter helped out big time and was able to claim the famous club,  Tresor on a Friday-night. On the one hand that was very cool, because it is such a well-known club, on the other hand the Tresor is way bigger than what we initially planned. Its maze-like structure needs at least 900 people to not look empty. That made it necessary to have at least one well-known headliner to drag people in.


Big thanks to Native Instruments and the owner of a DJ- and instrument-shop called AudioPalace for their sponsorship! They made the budget possible and brought in connections to artists.

Improve your monetary situation by adding sponsors to your event. These can be family, friends or companies and it will take a lot of stress off you- the one guy responsible if the parties goes broke. Be prepared to explain what you are offering in exchange for sponsorship- for example, booking a dj on the companies artist roster.


I was looking to book one locally known DJ and another one with some mad controllerism-skills so we decided to fly in the current DMC Champion DJ Shiftee and Boyz Noize Records’ Strip Steve. Native Instruments was super kind to help us out with Shiftee’s flight, but sadly that single detail ended up busting the budget because it was a lot more expensive than what we planned for.
Start as early as possible to book artist, hotels, flight etc.! You should do that at least two to three months in advance. Besides lower prices you’ll have enough time to negotiate better deals and the artists will be more likely to be available.


When all details got finalized, it left only 3 weeks to promote the event but we still pulled everything together. There were flyers (thanks to Controlled Demolition), and a post on my blog to galvanize traffic. Both Native Instruments and Numark wrote about it on their Facebook-pages and DJTechTools had a large banner on the sidebar. I also contacted two big radio-stations in Berlin. One mentioned it a dozen times in their event-hints and the other one, namely Radio Fritz, invited me and Shiftee for an interview followed by a short performance of Shiftee. That was great promotion for the event and what DJTechTools stands for in general. You can watch listen to the interview and his performance here:

Although our promotion was somewhat  weak I still believe that these two radio-stations dragged in a lot of the 850 paying guests (plus around 200 on the guest list) to the Tresor that night. Some regular Tresor-visitors told me that the crowd that night was pretty different from the one who comes to regular Tresor-parties suggesting that most of them were TechTools driven!

If your event (or lineup) has an interesting twist, go after local radio-stations or magazines. That is great promotion and usually for free.


Midi-Fight club was very lucky to have an open-minded crowd which gave us a great time despite of the wide diversity of genres played. Instead of telling you how great it was, just see yourself:

Thanks to “Honestly Who”for putting together the video with footage collected through to the party.

A few things didn’t work out quite well. The party was a big success but I ended up losing a little money due to Shiftee’s flight and wasn’t able to reimburse most costs of the DJTechTools-members. There also was some trouble with the hotel (I’m still wondering which DJ-pair claimed the band-suite and didn’t notice this one was actually for four people).  Besides those few hiccups everything went smoothly

You may be the big shot at that night, but don’t act like one! Bring bartenders, security and nightmanager on your side. They can make your task even more cumbersome than it already is.


I asked all DJs for their impressions of the party, remarkable events and their setup. Here’s what they said:

Honestly Who

“I was the opener on the Globus Floor hitting a Videomix with Virtual DJ. Even though I opened, the floor was filling up quickly. One hour into my set the crowd totally went with me, dancing their butts off or enjoying the Videomix. For the first time I understood the benefits of crowd-control and bar-rotation. I really want to point out how much this article helped me with this.
Setup: Samsung R780, DJ-Tech i-Mix Reload, Korg nanoPad, Virtual DJ (Videomix)


“Although I opened on the +4 Bar there was already a good atmosphere at 1 AM. Sadly the PA wasn’t powerful enough. I had to push the mixer into the red in order to keep a good volume-level. Meeting all the guys I normally only talk to in the forum was a fun experience. I also liked the diversity of EDM-genres which were played that night.
Setup: MacBook Pro, Audio 8 DJ, Vestax VCI-100, Korg nanoPad (for Cue-Points), Korg nanoKontrol (for effects), Traktor Pro

DJ Shiftee

“This was my first time playing a true Berlin club. The crowd was super into it, and some people stayed until 10AM dancing. I realize for Berliners that’s nothing, but for a New Yorker like me, that’s impressive.   It was incredibly refreshing to see the atmosphere of the night and the attitude’s of the people. No pretentiousness, no “look at how cool I am” or “you can only get if you’re a model or you buy a bottle.” It was all about the music, and I loved that! I realized after my set that I was DJing the whole time with my fly unzipped”
Setup: Macbook Pro, 2x Technics 1210 MK2 (timecode), Xone:92, NI Kontrol X1, NI Maschine as Midi-Controller, Traktor Scratch Pro

Controlled Demolition

“Since I didn’t really get to play, I had plenty of time to look around. The sets were pretty clean, but I didn’t see any MIDI-Fighting except for a few cool bits by Shiftee . Strip Steve had to borrow my headphones because he didn’t bring his own. The best thing about the night was meeting the people involved, and the hotel.”
Setup: Macbook, IBM W701, RME Fireface 400, 2x vestax pdx3000, Ecler Evo5, Akai APC80, Akai LPD8 Although bringing that much stuff he sadly didn’t get to use it…

“I enjoyed playing and the crowd was amazing; they really came out to party! One thing that stood out for me was that in the middle of my performance, I got some latency problems. There were a lot pops and crackles. After putting my pokerface on, I
killed the volume, increased the latency and put the music back on. Right after the music
kicked in, the crowd went wild! In a strange way the latency problems indirectly
contributed to the ambiance. For me, this was an experience I will gladly remember.”
Setup: Macbook Pro,  Vestax VCM-600, Evolution UC-33e (for effects) routing Traktor Pro through  Ableton Live (4 Traktor decks and two sample and loop-decks)

MadsMission vs Lasse Buhl

I did a back to back set with one of my DJ mates from Copenhagen. We are used to play together at clubs, but had never played at a Tresor-size club. We were looking forward to the evening, especially because the Berlin crowd traditionally digs the kind of music we play – deep and heavy techno.  The crowd totally fulfilled our expectations.  We started with easy going Techno, but the crowd kept asking for harder tunes. Finally our hardest techno tracks, seemed to satisfy them. Everyone was filled with energy from the hard pumping beats. What a crowd, what a place, what a party! “
Setup: MacBook Pro, Ecler Evo 5, 2x Technics 1210 MK2 (timecode), Traktor Scratch Pro

Müller & Graf

“We began to set up our stuff when the nightmanager told us that he´s going to close the +4 bar. I was pissed and so were Eric and Controlled Demolition. Luckily Hedge shared his timeslot with us. So we had an hour to rock the Globus floor. We started with some Dubstep but have been told to switch to Electro later into our set. We joined the Restricted-guys for another hour and headed back to the hotel. All in all I have to say that I had a nice time to finally meet some of the djtt guys.”
Müller: Asus Eee PC, NI Audio Control 1, NI Kontrol X1,  Behringer BCD-3000, Traktor Scratch Pro
Graf: Sony Vaio Notebook, NI Audio8DJ , Vestax VCI-100SE, Traktor Scratch Pro


“The +4 bar was closed down without my permission which caused Controlled Demolition and Müller & Graf not being able to play. I shared my spot with the latter ones, but messed up dealing with Controlled Demolition, which I still regret. Honestly Who, Shiftee and I went to a bakery for breakfast with some tasty DJ-talk. When we went back to the Tresor at 8AM I was very happy that Restricted Sessions finally arrived and were already spinning their Trance-set. It was really mind-blowing to see that there were actually more people in the Tresor than before going to the bakery. The most hilarious thing I noticed was one guy who did stretch-exercises on the dance floor ALL NIGHT long”
Setup: Thinkpad T61, Vestax VCI-300 (for 4-deck control), Vestax VCI-100 (for effects), Akai MPC-1000 (for added samples and loops), Traktor Pro, Alesis Palmtrack to record the sets

Restricted Sessions
”We had a long way to go from the Netherlands. The DJ gear was installed on the backseat of the Volvo and beats were blazing through the car stereo. After chasing 3 hours through Berlin (who knew there are like 31 Köpenicker Straßes in Berlin?) We made it to the Tresor 20 minutes before our set started. We have been told by the staff, that 30 minutes into our set, they would judge whether to close down the Tresor-floor or our Globus-floor. They shut down the other floor. We would never have expected Tresor, which is the stomping ground of minimal & techno to open up their warm arms and welcome us as a Progressive act as that they did.”
Setup: MacBook Pro, NI Audio4DJ, A&H Xone:92, Behringer BCR 2000, Midi-Fighter, Traktor Pro


So you couldn’t make it? There is no need to be sad. We recorded all but two of the livesets. You can listen to and download them in our custom Official.fm-player (formerly Fairtilizer) below.


Thanks to everyone involved (especially the DJs and sponsors) for making this party possible. There might be another Midi-Fight-Club in 2011. Become a fan on our Facebook-page to receive the latest updates! I’ll soon set up www.midifightclub.com as well.

With several hundred thousand TechTools fans worldwide, I am not surprised that a big group came out for the first midi-fight club. Our biggest fan centers are the US, Germany, Netherlands, UK and South America. If your interested in putting together a Dj TechTools get together in your town- get in touch with us! – Ean

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  • Mixtick

    Interesting article of a great party! Made me think about throwing a party like this in Wuppertal @ Butan-Club, Germany. I think that place would be perfect, since there are always partys with different styles of music. Not to forget that the soundsystem in the four rooms is one of the best i’ve ever heard!
    Let’s see what 2011 will bring… 😉

    • Leslie Jones

      Did this ever come along?

      Or is this still in the works Mixtick?

    • Leslie Jones

      Did this ever come along?

      Or is this still in the works Mixtick?

  • greatmesk

    ^yeah, i had to represent. I sometimes feel like the only VDJ on here, but on the forums there are sometimes really good discussions about Virtual DJ. Soon v7 will be released, i really hope for some coverage about that here 😉

    VDJ FTW!

  • DJ Modernsound

    It is nice seeing one of the DJ in the video using Virtual DJ. I thought that everyone in the community here only use TRAKTOR and Serato. lol

    I have been reading many article on this forum but never read one about Virtual DJ.

  • DennisHuiberts (Funk-a-Tron)

    [quote comment=”36383″]sorry to repost just real keen for the track @ 4:05…thx in advance[/quote]

    The track is from Rainer Weichhold – Tango for Noemi (Ramon Tapia Tango Bango Remix)

  • FDJ Z

    FDJ(Future DJ)
    Within the last six or so months i have been introduced and fallen in love with the energetic world of DJing, mixing and Mashups. This summer i was able to put aside some money for my own setup. I pocketed enough to pay for a MIDI Fighter & VSI Custom arcade, but with the recent post’s of the Kontrol S4, i am willing to wait to get my hands on that amazing one-ofa-kind setup. Since i can no longer wait to emmurse myself into this relm, next week i would like to order myself a MIDI Fighter. I know the future brings me closer to the MacBook that i have also been saving for, but my current problem is the following:
    I want a MIDI but there is only a home computer at my house. I need to know weither the MIDI fighter ships with tracktor, if it is built in like Tracktor s4 on the Kontrol s4, or if i am going to have to throw down money for tracktor. Each of these answers will effect my final choice weither or not to finally purchase the first peice of DJ equipment. If It ships with a copy of tracktor on disc i will not purchase a little notebook to play around with my midi on, and just work from the HomePC. If it is built in i will be able to pick up a notebook and showoff infront of my friends aha. If it does not ship with tracktor then i will just have to wait to pick up the s4 when it is availeble. Please Help. Much appreciated.

  • Grizu

    Ha, ha, didn’t know Damion Davis is working at Fritz. Somehow I completely missed out this event and didn’t know anything about it.

  • tekki

    Dammit Ali,

    Are you ashamed of the BCR & MIDIfighter… add these already. 😉

  • Ali

    Thanks Arne,
    I fixed this.

  • greatmesk

    LoLz.. to the gear!!! This will be my new slogan 😀

    Ali, now the mfc video is missing in the post…

  • Reese

    sorry to repost just real keen for the track @ 4:05…thx in advance

  • tekki

    [quote comment=”36368″]He asked me to remove his set because it contained unreleased tracks.[/quote]
    LOLz…. the humanity of it all. :’)

  • earl panda

    @ joe the track in 13:55 is 501 – special request

  • velz

    Midi Fight Club USA – in Florida, Tampa or Miami?

  • phil

    thank you 🙂

  • Ali

    He asked me to remove his set because it contained unreleased tracks.

  • phil

    what about steve ? 🙁

  • Ali

    The Shiftee Interview + Performance at Fritz will be inserted soon.
    Seems like I encoded it in the wrong format.

    @DJSDive: Good idea. I’ll ask Ean if its ok to put a donation-button up. That may help reimbursing the acts.

  • tekki

    Awesome Idea DJSDive, one of the reasons I did not put in our petrolbills, as that the hotel was more than enough to satisfy us.

  • Greeg

    Damn it. I live about 150 km from Berlin (Poland). How did I miss such great party ? 😀

  • greatmesk

    haha, in case anyone wants to see mr.workout, check 2:30 of the video 😀

    I recorded all night long. He started during my set… he still did his workout during Müller+Grafs set. Thats like.. ALL NIGHT LONG!!!

  • DJSDive

    i was there. dont remember when i left, though i didnt stick around until the end. the stretch guy was cool. sure made lots of people laugh and encourage them to at least go half as crazy as him. i dont usually go clubbing, especially since i live in Zurich where things are a bit snobby from what I can tell, but this was certainly fun.

    again awesome job hedgehog. how much money did you loose in the end? i was able to sneak in via the guestlist. i wouldnt have issues just paying you the 10 euros instead. maybe a few of the other 200 guest listers wouldnt mind doing the same.

  • Reese

    Hey great article……..wish i could have made it but Australia is alittle to far. I was in berlin last year and hit up Tressor……CRAZY CLUB! and extremely loud!!

    Anyone know the name of the track playing at 4:05…….MASSSIVE!!!

  • Anonymous

    excellent event and idea… shiftee killed it… great job to the other djs aswell…

    does anyone know the track thats played in the video at 11:02? thank you in advance…

  • AJ ORB/T


  • joe

    what was the song at 13:55? in the youtube vid and what dubstep did Müller & Graf play?

  • Tony Trashhh

    Anyone have an id for that first track shiftee is playing in the video?

  • tekki

    [quote comment=”36345″]^btw thats me, lol

    Honestly Who[/quote]
    I was thinking, who would that anonymous guy be. 😀

  • midifidler

    Looked like a sweet night!

  • greatmesk

    ^btw thats me, lol

    Honestly Who

  • Anonymous

    And there´s been plenty of cue point mshing, atleast in my set. Also my setup misses the NI AudioDJ2… and the article misses a link to shiftees interview on fritz. But other than that i´m still stoked, oh what a night

  • tekki

    [quote comment=”36324″]Congrats to all involved – it looks like you had a great night and the word of DJTT was spread a little bit further. I am so jealous that it was at Tresor – always wanted to play there. So who wants to organise a UK event then ;)[/quote]
    Give me a shout when UK comes down, We (Restricted Sessions) are down to play there too. 😀

    Dude, I think we were the only ones bring a MIDIfighter.

    Our setup somehow was leftout of the piece:
    MacBook Pro, NI: Audio4DJ, Behringer BCR2000, MIDIfighter

    A MIDI fightclub would not be represented right, if no MIDIfighter was present. 😀

  • EnergyStar

    Shiftee not use the Traktor Pro S4 controller? Thought it would have been a good photo op for NI.

  • wasapa

    so…. when is midi-fight club SF going down?

  • djscribe

    Shiftee decimated I would have hated to be the dj following up after him 🙂 big props to all though, I bet it was awesome!

  • Eastcoastams

    Damnnn Muller + Graf dubstep bangers!

  • Taz

    Wish I could have been there.

  • Vinicius Hoffmann

    Congrats for the party!

    Someday (2011/2012) I will throw a party like that here at São Paulo – Brazil

    Can’t wait to start to play 🙂

  • Abyrne7

    Nice article. I like how it just wasn’t advertising the party but how it was a general diary of the event itself, describing the goods and bads. I wish I could take part in something like this but where I live the population just is not here.

  • Anonymous

    @Funk-a-Tron Thanks 🙂

  • DennisHuiberts (Funk-a-Tron)

    [quote comment=”36328″]What’s the track ID at 04:27 in the “Midi-Fight Club in Berlin – Treso 2010” video please ???[/quote]

    It’s a mix of Kaiserdisco – Dark Orbit and Extrawelt – Fernweh

  • Anonymous

    What’s the track ID at 04:27 in the “Midi-Fight Club in Berlin – Treso 2010” video please ???

  • ToS

    If you need a DnB DJ, I’m in.

  • Tom

    Aaargh! I had no idea – and I am living just two blocks from there. Heck – I even walked along the sidewalk just in front of the Tresor and even noticed the cue at the door. And I even had read the last post here about the MIDI-fighting contest but somehow did not realize that it was just around the corner! Guess I was too busy watching all the videos that were embedded…

  • Double DutchDj

    Massive respect for all involved in putting this event together!! Wish I had the necessary nut’s, grit and determination to put something like this on in the UK.

  • Nicky H

    Congrats to all involved – it looks like you had a great night and the word of DJTT was spread a little bit further. I am so jealous that it was at Tresor – always wanted to play there. So who wants to organise a UK event then 😉

  • Ali

    [quote comment=”36317″]Oh yeah, I love those little tips throughout the article. Lots of really helpful information.[/quote]
    [quote comment=”36319″]what a shame, i knew nothing about it..
    will there be a next time in germany?[/quote]

    Yeah there should’ve been a post about it on here beforehand, but there were some “internal issues”.
    As Dennis said, there will be a second one, but it will be around June or July 2011.

  • mb

    nice event..to bad music on the video was so comercial…when i think on Tresor i think on techn,minimal and other underground styles 🙂 but great idea anyway :)it lokked like you all had very good time 🙂

    mb form Danmark

  • DennisHuiberts (Funk-a-Tron)

    Next time will also be in Berlin, to be more precise…

  • quarter francais

    what a shame, i knew nothing about it..
    will there be a next time in germany?

  • Str8upDrew

    Oh yeah, I love those little tips throughout the article. Lots of really helpful information.

  • Str8upDrew

    Amazing… AMAZING.
    Way to start things right with the first DJTT event.
    That video was great, and i’m going to start listening to all the live sets now.
    Next time i’ll be there, even if i have to cross the Atlantic in a damn raft.

  • Phil Morse

    This is an excellent diary, it’s really refreshing to read a real-life journal of an event being put on. The sponsorship idea is an excellent one, too. It’s worth asking the venue owner if they have any drinks companies who are currently throwing money around – get a big-name drinks company to pay for your flyers and posters AND put on a drinks promotions and you’ll kill two birds with one stone.

  • earl panda

    awsome post! awsome video! finally got see myself doing hillarious fistpumps and eric going nuts. yay!

  • Ali

    [quote comment=”36305″]I don’t know why you little girls are crying about broken picture links or flaws.[/quote]

    That is funny 🙂

  • Herbstrilke

    Congrats on what looks like a successful event, count me in for next year i need an excuse for a holiday.

  • Affro

    I wish I could have gone.. But Australia is a bit far..

    good job guys! good to see what sort of setups people use!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know why you little girls are crying about broken picture links or flaws. This article is all about having fun and dancing and music!

    What a great article! It gives me a taste of how much energy went into that night. Wish I was there, going to listen the livesets soon ^____^

    – Awave.

  • Ean Golden

    The photo links and all know issues are fixed. If you notice an error, please email it to me.

  • Ali

    Thanks Ean for editing the post, but there are some flaws in the post.

  • RedEyz

    damn that’s a lot of broken picture links.