Serato 2.1 and “The Bridge” Officially Released

Serato Officially released 2 big updates today to the general public that have been in beta for quite some time. First up is the Ableton Bridge, Serato’s answer to multi track loop playback in a dj set. Its now available for free to all owners of Ableton live 8.2 and Serato scratch. Also on deck today is the much awaited 2.1 update which adds direct support for the Novation Dicer, and Pioneer’s CDJ-2000/CDJ-900 models.  Check out the official word after the break.

Serato  and Ableton release The Bridge

The Bridge 1.0 features

  • ‘Ableton Transport Control’ allows tight synchronization between Ableton Live and Serato Scratch Live’s interface with ‘Ableton Transport Control’.
  • The ‘Ableton Player’ opens a window into Ableton Live’s Clip View to launch samples or tracks in real time with Scratch Live.
  • Tight Beatgrid implementation ensures that the ‘Ableton Player’ stays locked to the swing of any set.
  • Serato DJ performances can be recorded as Ableton Live Sets, complete with song placement and fader movements* with ‘Mixtape’.

The Bridge is free for anyone who owns

  • Serato Scratch Live compatible hardware, and
  • A registered version of Ableton Live 8.

To activate The Bridge, download Scratch Live 2.1.1 and Ableton Live 8.2.

*Fader and EQ automation only available when mixtape is recorded with Rane TTM57 SL and Rane Sixty-Eight

Serato Releases Scratch Live 2.1.1

What’s new in Scratch Live 2.1.1?

  • Ultra Knob effects for 1 Knob performance control of advanced effects.
  • 32 new Ultra Knob effects and 28 new Super Knob effects including “Echo Out” and “1 Knob HP/LP Filter”.
  • Plug and Play support for the Novation Dicer Scratch Live controller.
  • Full integration with the Pioneer CDJ-2000 and CDJ-900 in “Advanced HID Mode” including library navigation, album art, overview display, and responsive platter control.
  • Support for The Bridge*, which allows DJs to playback Ableton Live sets through Scratch Live, trigger clips within Scratch Live from the Ableton Player and record mixtapes as a multi-track Ableton file.

Our Take?

With the new performance features in 2.1, and the suprising news that the bridge will be a free feature for all serato users- scratch live is getting closer to offering some stiff competition to the newly announced Traktor S4. They still have not addressed the midi mapping shortcomings but with direct product support of many top controllers most djs may not even care.  As I am not exactly a Serato or Ableton Dj, but many of you have been involved in the beta testing of both products we want to ask how your experiance has been. The bridge is clearly an amazing tool for mix tapes if you own the TTM-57Sl but what about djing with Ableton and Serato live- how is that working out?

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  • {GB}

    THe Bridge has been the best thing ever so far! A creative avaenue for the experienced and daring.
    Personally I am a long time scratch live user that has teamed up with my music producer in ableton to control the left deck in serato and to mix on the right with a convential turntable. not only has the combonation allowed us to span every genre of music seemlessly in sets. It has allowed for a level of improvisation and joint effort like never before. And the cool part is that its only part 1.

  • Masta K

    I have been using Serato since 2005 and I have been DJing for 20 years. I have the new i7 Macbook pro.

    @ Nacklous… I am having USB bug issues when using mixtape(no cpu spikes), I’ll be trying out the Ableton side of Serato with the APC this week.
    As I am a BETA tester for Video Scratch Live and Ableton I am fully aware there will always be bug issues with new technology. Just like there was with Video when that first got released. I’d say by the end of Jan they will all be ironed out.

    Tractor may be a good program but Serato and Ableton have shown me the future for years now!

    If you are an upcoming DJ and you got the $$$ Dont skimp on buying the best! Just buy it and you will never regret it…….!


  • Nackulous

    Using Serato/Ableton The Bridge for the first time. The idea is great, but it’s still buggy IMO. I have a 2008 MacBook (the rare unibody model that later became the 13″ MBP…mine is Core 2 Duo 2.26gHz with 4Gb ram). I have my APC40 connected along with SL1 box and followed their optimization suggestions:

    Despite all that my CPU is at 73 degrees (according to iStat), both cores are over 50% consistently and the fan sounds like a small airplane taking off. This is after only 20 mins too. Oh and I am using Ableton inside Serato to play my Ableton set while DJing (I am not referring to the mixtape functionality).

    Another annoyance is that you can only scratch your Ableton set fwd and even that is buggy sounding. I am hoping that Serato 2.1.2 along with the upcoming Snow Leopard 10.6.5 (which supposedly has USB fixes) will help these CPU issues.

    Are any of you guys experiencing similar CPU spikes? I am still trying to determine if this is something that is unique to my setup.

  • ag

    quoted from:

    “However, as the audio from Ableton Live is a constant live stream of information, it isn’t possible to play audio backwards with the Ableton Live Control track. When you try to scratch, you will only hear the forward motion instead of a traditional scratch sound.”

    i had such high hopes for The Bridge. i just found the quote above a few minutes ago as i went online today to try and figure out why i can’t scratch with the ATC, i got my answer 🙁
    imagine if you could scratch with the ATC, unlimited cue points via ableton controlled by serato!

    since i can only manipulate the ATC one direction i tried dropping acapella clips from session view into a serato deck, no go.
    every track must be rendered (inorder to be warped atleast) and then located on your HD inorder to load a warped/altered ableton clip in a serato deck.

    NI and Ableton are both located in the same country, lets get a real partnership in motion!

  • Lasse

    I have been trying the beta, with mixed result. And now i’ve been using the final on our gigs to fire acapellas and beats off my APC40 in sync with serato. – and it works flawlessly.
    As both a Serato and Ableton user, i can really see much potential in this for live work, but as far as the mixtape function goes, its a bit useless unless you have a rane mixer and the fader midi.


  • Mudo

    Yes but you can do the same (more or less) with regular midi mixer and Ms. Pinky or deckadance… and so on.

    The most flexible is the Ms. Pinky maxforlive patch but you need to patch some if you want to tweak the full power.

    Ask BentoSan, he is working on it since 2 months ago or more…


    Well the whole thing is a corporation marketing step to the next level

    The new Recording Feature In the Bridge between Ableton and Serato is titled “Mixtape” this enables you to record faders and eq and individual tracks in ableton this is the feature i like most about the new release, though you need a Rane Sixty Eight Mixer if you want to be able to use these features. it is as simple as saving the recording as .als input in serato. then u open the saved .als and it opens as an ableton session with all your fader movements and eq points stored

    Midi was first designed as a language for devices to speak to eachother regardless of the Brand/Manufacturer

    I was hoping to be able to plug in a midi mixer like the korg zero8 and be able to still record eq and fader parameters though you need the Rane mixers to enable this feature

  • Mudo

    Maybe make your own music in realtime will be an answer or use Ableton FX… but you could use mixtape for session recording too.

    Bridge is not for everyone, sure.

  • snob djs

    got the bridge going but im still dont know what im going to do with it.

    why would i remix a tune out the fly?
    im not gonna drag a huge midi controller and a laptop and serato out to a gig.


    thanks COOLOUT. yeah it’s def a tall order. i suppose I need to rank what i’m looking for, because i’m not gonna get it all. at least not right now. in the future things get crazy tho…..

    one of the nice things about my current setup is that my soundcard is practically invisible (Echo Indigo DJx), and it doesn’t rely on USB or firewire. It would be great to not have to buy another card, which is making me lean towards a midi controller with a wheel that connects via USB.

    i think if Ms. Pinky could be controlled by something like EKS’s XP5 that is compact, and high resolution, i’d be a happy camper. I’m no hamster, so lightning fast scratch tactics aren’t a neccesity but i could really use some of the basics back in my arsenal and Ableton is just not good at basics. This would be an easier decision if I was just starting but i’ve dug myself such a hole with Ableton at this point that it would just about kill me to simply drop it.


    @GUNNER Torq timecode is Ms. Pinky timecode. Torq records can be used in all Ms. Pinky applications. Until recently you could even purchase the Torq audio interface (without the Torq software) directly on the Ms.Pinky website.

    1. Calibration is a unfortunate evil of any DVS. It’s something you’ll just have to check before every set…like making sure the needles and records are clean, the tonearm weight is correct, etc. The reason I mentioned Torq is to let you know how stable the timecode is.

    Just being able to instantly load Ableton clips and scratch them is a big enough technical feat. I think asking them to be warped also maybe too much to ask for from M4L. That means the plugin would have to contain a completely separate warping/timestretching engine…essentially Ableton inside of Ableton. I don’t know about that. Perhaps there’s a way for M4L to read the metadata containing a clip’s original tempo, then looking at Ableton’s master tempo, and just relatively adjusting the pitch to match.

    If you don’t already have an audio interface I would suggest grabbing Torq and then just buying the Ms.Pinky software separate. You can get Torq for $180 and Ms. Pinky software for $60. (CHEAP!!!) That way you have a bunch of different apps to use with timecode. You could use Max4Live, the Pinky VST plugin, rewire Ableton into Torq, or Torq into Ableton…plus the numerous video apps.


    @COOLOUT: But using Torq with Ms. Pinky timecode isn’t the same thing as using Ableton with Max4Live/Ms. Pinky running inside it right?

    The two big concerns that are keeping me from taking the plunge on Ms. Pinky (and Max4Live, pre-amp(s), and a new sound card) are:

    1)the whole “sweet spot” calibration of the Ms. Pinky timecode signal that seems impractical/unreliable to me if you don’t have the proper setup time to test it out before you perform;


    2)Ms. Pinky targets your unwarped files, which would mean i need to record new files with the warping in place. i already feel like i’m prepping to much in Ableton =)

    don’t get me wrong however. i’m not totally knocking the Pink! i’ve seen Ms. Pinky do magical things on youtube. Scratching audio you just recorded is year 3000 shit for real! I just don’t know if its gonna fly for me personally.

    As for the Bridge. I’m seeing sync issues as a gripe here and on the Ableton and Serato forums. Seriously? Sync issues? Isn’t that what this program is supposed to do: Bridge and Sync? That’s really dissapointing to hear. I’m already envisioning the frustration when I try to run an .mp3 playing in Serato through Ableton via the bridge and slap a plugin that requires any kind of buffering on that track in Ableton. My guess is latency-city! Anyone try this out yet? Serato > Ableton > Effectrix or Lucifer VST or Ableton’s Looper?

  • DJ Divine Justice

    [quote post=”8008″]Serato itch gonna have a bridge release???[/quote]

    Yea. That’s gonna make the NS7 a sick piece of gear!

  • Mudo

    Ms. Pinky sends OSC from vinyl vector signal make her capable to control Resolume, Vdmx or wathever…

    Next Step: Modul8. I can’t say more.


    @RCUS I’m actually a hardcore Torq user…which of course is Ms.Pinky timecode + Avid’s hardware/software.

    I’ve been rocking Torq for DJ gigs every weekend for almost 3 years…yep it’s rock solid.

    I only use Traktor Pro for live shows/controllerism experiment. I like Traktor, but I didn’t want to spend all the extra $$$ for TSP…”If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

    With all that said…I was looking for a DVS/video solution for a side-project without blowing $$$ on serato/video sl which led me back to researching Ms. Pinky and video apps like Resolume and Neuromixer.

  • ManDingo

    ManDingo is wondering, couldn’t Ableton have come with something more effecient than warpimg!? Whatta waste of time. Specially if ur playing all kinds of off tempo shyte. Everybody is caught up makin’ StarTrek music with bleeps and blops and droppplets of water…and oh, what’s new out today that I can use. While u peeps are doing that, ManDingo is underground dropping primal beats making peoples SOULS shake and rattle in that human shell. Bleep Blop all day bitchez, I’m sure there’re Alien Cats out there just dyin’ to boogie down!

  • JuanSOLO

    to second Mudo, Bento where’s that Ms Bento so we can throw up some videos of the competition?

  • JOn


    Cant wait for the S4 😛

  • Anonymous

    Not sure if NI would ever promote Ableton, but Maschine. Hoowever, I don’t care I have and use both. Just improve Maschine a little bit, integrate both and that’s it. Even though, I would probably continue to use my 2 laptop setup.

    I’m nowhere near to be a Serato fan, and certainely not going to jump to, but at least I would like to congratulate them for having release the Bridge. think they have a good “core” of something that will certainely grow. Best of luck with this!

  • djfrogstar

    All this time ranting on a forum… I do it too.. and I realize that who cares… with an analog mixer and 2 great songs… a mix could be achieved and people would dance.

    Now the endless options have restricted more people and their self confidence to what they think they could do better on top of just the basics. Man Im trying so hard to get over it.. and Im sure most of you are in the same boat. Some of you are already just fuming to hit the quote button to tell me how I have no idea… or that Traktor fits in their bum better than serato or vice versa.
    Yeah so I can fire off clips in what… you can do the same with traktor, just between two programs. We all are going to have the same digital spagetti of usbs and collections of mp3s and desk realestate at home being taken up by this or that controller.
    Eventually as most things evolve… there will probally one day be a NEW Bridge built between Ableton and Traktor.. but just not today

  • SausageFingers

    Oh, by the way. One can dj with Traktor and Ableton on one computer. I do! Sync Traktor via midi clock>send to Ableton and go nuts!! Was saving for another MAC for Ableton, but now that ‘bridge’ sounds wundebar!!! Native better make up with me quick before I bounce!!

  • SausageFingers

    Native Instruments will be feeling the pain!!! Specially with it’s PUNK-ASS customer service in California. NATIVE INSTRUMENTS USA SUCKS!!!! And that alone will prompt me to switch. Anytime I have an issue which requires tech support I’m forced to call Native Instruments in Berlin, Germany where they treat you like gold and take all the time in the world to help you resolve your issues.
    Tech support USA give the impression that they’re bothered by you from the instant they pick up your call. And when you bring up your issue, they answer ‘READ THE MANUAL or IT’S IN THE MANUAL. If anyone from Tech NI tech support is reading this, don’t take too personally but read this: FUCK YOU!!!!!

  • Soultroopr

    [quote comment=”37443″][quote comment=”37395″]Also keep in mind you can do this with one DJ and one laptop, just use Traktor’s MIDI clock sync function to control the timing on Ableton — then you can fire one of the DJs 😉 Of course then one DJ has to keep track of both programs, but that’s what command-tab (or alt-tab on windows) is for….[/quote]

    Its sooo many things going on at the same time for one person to keep up with. 2 makes it easier

  • Doug

    Psssh. The bridge is over.

  • bRileyy

    Serato itch gonna have a bridge release???

  • chendo

    I’ll say this, I ONLY purchased serato b/c I was hoping to make integration of my live ableton set with DJing more dynamic. If traktor had done this first, they’d have my business. Especially since I think NI makes great products. So NI guys reading this… you are losing business b/c of a lack of this capability.

  • Paddy

    [quote comment=”37369″]I need to get a 57, i love the mixtape mode and this would help to clean up my mixes just incase i mess up.[/quote]

    what happened to serato fans ranting about “real djing”

  • Anonymous

    [quote comment=”37442″]Hi Guy’s
    Native Instruments must be feeling the pressure now Serato has delivered these premium features.
    I hope that we get the new version of Traktor soon before they lose their market share.
    I believe that a Traktor and Ableton bridge would be monumental. “For me, my VCI-100 and Launchpad’s 😉 “



    I don’t know if they are. The bridge lacks some features (being able to truly scratch is a huge problem since serato is a scratch dj’s program) and is not rock solid Yet. Even though the new traktor does not come close to being able to offer ableton like qualites, it will most likely have less bugs to iron out.

    But their is another part to the bridge so hopefully the scratching will be ironed out as well as some other crazy features addition

  • Mudo

    Traktor with new sampler feautres + Resolume3 will be better than Live integration.

  • The Reverand

    I love the ideas I see here of a NI/Ableton collab, but it probably won’t happen. It would seem to me the Serato/Ableton alliance is all about sticking it to NI, since neither companies product does what the other ones product does and NI has products in both market spaces. But again it would be nice. Personally I’d like to see a lot of other features make it into Traktor before I’d like to see Live integration. Like Video and over-under waveforms (some of us have the screen real estate for it). But again I think we would be more likely to see Maschine integration before we Live integration.

  • dj professor ben

    [quote comment=”37395″]Fuck. I had this setup with traktor and ableton on 2 seperate computers and 2 DJ’s doing it. All down the drain[/quote]
    Down the drain why? Exactly how will this prevent you from continuing to do what you’ve been doing?

    Also keep in mind you can do this with one DJ and one laptop, just use Traktor’s MIDI clock sync function to control the timing on Ableton — then you can fire one of the DJs 😉 Of course then one DJ has to keep track of both programs, but that’s what command-tab (or alt-tab on windows) is for….

  • DeLloyd

    Hi Guy’s
    Native Instruments must be feeling the pressure now Serato has delivered these premium features.
    I hope that we get the new version of Traktor soon before they lose their market share.
    I believe that a Traktor and Ableton bridge would be monumental. “For me, my VCI-100 and Launchpad’s 😉 “



  • StrangeMatter

    @Double DutchDj – Exactly my point! NI need to get off their arse and realise that a lot of digital DJs are live producing now. Though samples and loops are cool (and I’ll certainly be playing with them a lot!), it’s not the same as multiple layers of synths/drums/pads/etc.
    Kore integration would be perfect because I can have it playing some instruments while having Maschine and Komplete 7 running inside it as VSTs controlled by Maschine’s hardware via its multiple MIDI channels.
    If that was properly integrated NI would basically be giving us a complete studio workshop tuned for live performance as I’m sure latency issues would be minimised.

  • Johbremat

    [quote comment=”37418″]@Johbremat

    Yeah thats what i thought about too, i just didn’t know if it would really make a difference but i guess it could.

    Thank you.[/quote]

    Nah, no thanks necessary…I’m (almost) in the exact same position (lacking the lappies to bring it to fruition).

    If you were doing something similar with The Bridge, you would have to hope that you could whack an additional screen on to the laptop so the second party can control it. Additionally, I’m not sure if it’s know yet whether something like the APC40 or VCM-600 is daisy-chained through SL or attached to Live.

    Having two separate entities running, each party has explicit control over their application (this is a known).

    That said, I can see the appeal of The Bridge. If I could afford a TTM57SL then it’d be a goer for me: not at the expense of Traktor, but as an alternative.

  • Soultroopr


    Yeah thats what i thought about too, i just didn’t know if it would really make a difference but i guess it could.

    Thank you.

  • Johbremat

    [quote comment=”37395″]Fuck. I had this setup with traktor and ableton on 2 seperate computers and 2 DJ’s doing it. All down the drain[/quote]

    But consider the performance value.

  • Soultroopr

    Fuck. I had this setup with traktor and ableton on 2 seperate computers and 2 DJ’s doing it. All down the drain

  • RCUS

    +1 bazillion on the respectable Ms. Pinky review!

    @COOLOUT: sounds like some advancements have been made since i checked last. i will take another look for sure. just wondering, have you used Ms. Pinky in a heavy vibration club environment? the whole idea of calibrating the ‘sweet spot’ with the pre-amp and all that in a rushed club situation has me a bit skeptical. i’d love to hear your take on it though as a user.

    @jprime: i totally hear you on that.

  • Dj PC3

    [quote comment=”37381″][quote comment=”37377″]Yawn… gonna go fire up Traktor now.[/quote]

    why not filter this shit out DJTT? I thought comments were moderated these days?[/quote]

    1) How is that bad or flaming? All he’s saying is that he doesn’t care…

    2) I agree with basically everyone with regards to their complaints about Traktor. Traktor needs a lot of stuff like:
    a) A connection with some production tool (like Maschine or ableton)
    b) THE ABILITY TO SPIN VIDEO!!!! This is so overdue, every time I Vj (about once a month) I have to load Serato and begin to re-teach myself how to use it for the first 10min. I HATE THAT!!! Just make a stupid video plug, charge $100 and call it a day. It really can’t be that hard….
    c) A dedicated “Rane-Type” Mixer… 4 channels, Audio 8 sound quality (w/o the need of the Audio 8 box to do time code) and fully midi(/HID) for all the controls and knobs. I am sure there are many willing manufactors to tie in their brand with a mixer (Numark I am talking to you).
    I LOVE Traktor (for so many reasons) but sometimes it’s really frustrating being a Traktor….

  • red

    I would love to see a real review of this combination, and why not some controllerism on it…

  • Anonymous

    [quote comment=”37377″]Yawn… gonna go fire up Traktor now.[/quote]

    why not filter this shit out DJTT? I thought comments were moderated these days?

  • Mudo

    BentoSan how is your maxforlive patch going?

    In other hand what is possible with The Bridge is affordable with any dvs and LiveOsc (with differences of course)

    I will love a respectable review of Ms. Pinky from Djtechtools.

    Ean? Bento?

  • dj professor ben

    I’m anxious to play with this but I’m probably sticking with Traktor. I prefer its workflow and 90% of what you can do with Bridge you can already do by syncing the Ableton MIDI clock with Traktor’s. I don’t even want my Ableton clips inside my DVS software window – sure it looks pretty in Serato Bridge but all that space could be used to see my other two decks and to scroll through my tracklist.

    I would love to play with mixtape but I’m not buying a new Rane mixer just for that (I already have the outstanding TTM56 for when I mix externally). I do wish Traktor would get something similar. As I understand it, Ableton files are open xml files so it shouldn’t be too hard to mimic what mixtape offers in traktor or any other DJ program but I’m not sure it will ever happen.

    The bridge looks cool but I think it would look cooler if it wasn’t preceded by two years of hype.

  • Rafi V

    Yawn… gonna go fire up Traktor now.

  • f0tif0

    Just tried it today.
    I have SL1( 2 Technics MK5,KORG ZERO 8, APC 40)
    Its kind of weird when I try to play from ableton APC 40 is late on timing…
    I cant figure it out yet, even though bar in ableton set to None so it should react to the movements right away)

    I ll say one thing about it, its really awesome but requires some practice( at least for me)

    Other than that I cant wait to see the Bridge for ITCH, than VCI 300, VFX1 and APC 40 will take over …

  • jprime

    @Rcus; I think I am over having one profram inside the other….there’s already limited real estate…

    Dual monitor ftw 😉


    +1 for Ms.Pinky…perhaps the most underrated DVS out there.

    A djtechtools review is long overdue.

    If you’re wishing for serato inside of ableton, ms pinky is the way to go.

    There’s a VST and a Max-for-Live version complete with a separate browser and clip loading w/ vinyl control all within ableton. Plus…Ms. Pinky vinyl is supported by a number of video apps and other DJ software.

  • Jes.C

    I need to get a 57, i love the mixtape mode and this would help to clean up my mixes just incase i mess up.

  • RCUS

    still trying to figure out if this is going to be what I want my Ableton set + my APC40 + [insert controller with wheels] to be.

    Ableton excels on soooo many things that other programs just can’t do, and then falls flat on it’s face with simple DJ-style hardware control over scrubbing, que-ing/needle drops, song browsing and tempo adjusting (tempo adj. sucks via the APC40 at least). Not to mention if you use Ableton as a DJ setup, the waveform display and current songs that you’re playing may as well be non-existent, ESPECIALLY IF YOU USE MP3 GAIN (tiny waveforms).

    Ideally i’d like to use Serato INSIDE Ableton, retaining all the craziness that i’ve built into my live DJ set over the past year, including using third party plugins, and STILL HAVE IT SYNC properly. I feel like this is a tall order, and potentially alot of money spent with no guarantee it’s going to work right, especially if you use third party plugs for stutter/beat juggling effects.

    And concerning beat grids, do we now need to warp AND grid ALL of our tracks in order to use them interchangeably in each program?

    Looks like i will be spending ALOT of time in GC on this one before I pull the trigger.

  • Ryan Taylor

    I hope this means that NI will drop a release date for S4 soon. While the bridge is dope it just doesnt have the workflow of s4. Loop recorder, sampling your current tracks on the fly, and for the moment ableton doesnt have a decent way or loading and unloading clips without having to touch the mouse

  • jprime

    @ Rishi: “One advantage the SL3 has is the 3rd Deck (AUX) which allows you to output Ableton to a 3rd channel rather than the same channel than just A or B.”

    I read in the documentation for The Bridge that you could run Ableton through serato’s A or B deck or have it run in some 3rd internal mode option that would leave the 2 decks free in serato (for SL1 users).
    Great for SL1 users, and I am guessing SL3 owners could use all 3 serato decks AND have the Bridge running.

    Personally I am very excited for The Bridge, I have been working towards a controller / turntable setup for awhile now and chose Ableton as my main controlled ‘ware, and serato over Traktor as my DVS system. I have just picked up a second monitor so I don’t have to rely solely on the ableton interface within serato.
    Bring on the chopped up funk / scratch madness. I just need one of those beautiful arcade button controllers with some faders and such 😛

  • djfrogstar

    I find its the perfect combo… First and foremost Ableton live is a great program full stop. Second I prefer Serato over Traktor because of many things.. one is the visual aspect of seeing whats happening in the wavform instead of traktors monochromatic representation. Thats just me, Im doing alot more than the average dj so seeing the colors gives me milliseconds which allow me to excecute other tricks(3 electribes hooked in with guitar pedals and stuff) So having serato use the bridge natively is alot better for me than other traktor users having to do hacks to get access to the fx in ableton live. To me thats another layer of timeloss.

    As far as midi in serato, I havnt found one aspect that is missing for what im doing.. So I think the debate on traktor midi and serato mid for me personally imho is pointless.

    So far my laptop is able to run it all smoothly and am happy.

    Mabey one day when traktor gets better visualization of the music your mixing and has ableton support.. I will then give traktor a chance..

  • Anonymous

    Dammit NI get your ass in gear and offer a bridge to Ableton!!!!

  • Redlight

    [quote comment=”37337″]If you djs can really mix!! You shouldn’t need them to work together!![/quote]


    I’m not sure you understand the possibilities this opens up for DJ’s. I’ve been spining for over 10 years and working with two pieces of software live is no easy task. Can it be done? Yes, of course. Does this give the DJ more options for creative expression. Yes, of course. Don’t knock it before you try it.

  • Dj 3Mo

    Bridge for ITCH will be available soon next year, ableton website got mentioned about it.

    I think the Bridge is very good since I produce music with ableton, I even saw someone record a live loop using the bridge, so is possible to do a live performance while you dj. There’s no limit what you can do with a dj software and production software together.

    Just hope NI can come out with something good too. S4 is good but compare with ableton… still got pros and cons for both~
    So it just depends on what you prefer, Sample, Loop, Loop Record currently available for S4, or Sample, Loop and other production samples, intruments, but just need to buy ableton.

  • The Reverand

    I like loved the beta. But the timing could be tighter, it seemed to have a hard time with odd transients(SL’s beatgrids) and erratic tempo changes (Live). Besides the actual transport control, which is something you won’t get anywhere else, the rest of the integration can be done with MIDI clock sync.
    Honestly if Traktor emitted MIDI information about transport state you could probably use Max4Live to produce the same level of integration. If anyone is unfamiliar with the power of Max4Live I would suggest googling Miss Pinky. And Honestly I am surprised I haven’t ever seen an article here about Miss Pinky, cause it does some amazing things.

  • Double DutchDj

    @Dj hustleman – Sorry dude I think your missing the point of whats really possible with the Bridge, which is mind bogerling to say the least. Your still going to have use traditional mixing skills to work with Serato while using the Bridge. Your comment is like saying you can mix vinyl while at EXACTLY the same time playing inside your DAW of choice and keep in sync muting,solo’ing and launching tracks while adjusting live automation. I’m shore there’s guys out there can do that sort of thing, but lets be honest, just keeping 3 tracks in time isn’t exactly standard shit. Plus the whole point of this collab is to make it actually possible to use production software with dj software without your computer having a heart attack and to blur the to different worlds together.

  • Rishi

    I’m an Ableton DJ’ing considering adding Traktor or Serato, So I did some thorough testing of this with TTM57 and SL3. One advantage the SL3 has is the 3rd Deck (AUX) which allows you to output Ableton to a 3rd channel rather than the same channel than just A or B.

    One downside for me is that you can only output audio from Ableton to one channel. I was hoping to be able to output Ableton to any of the 3 available channels on the Serato hardware.

    It will be best for scratch DJ’s wanting to record sets.

    You can sync pretty easily Traktor and Ableton so there’s not a whole lot it offers me.

    The integrated window having Live inside Serato is really nice.

    At this stage I think I will be sticking with Traktor

  • Dj hustleman

    If you djs can really mix!! You shouldn’t need them to work together!!

  • Double DutchDj

    @StrangeMatter – I’m with ya there mate, certainly the best way NI could take on the Bridge. For some annoying reason NI’s Audio8 won’t let me run Traktor and Kore at the same time, but the two run smoothly together with my Korg zero 4. With that set up I can play soft synths on Kore while recording in to Traktor, one press of button loads last recorded, then I can mix, loop or scratch with the melody I was just playing inside Kore 2. If this can’t be done with the S4 I’ll be seriously pissed! Come on NI lets see better integration of your other world leading products inside Traktors GUI pretty please, I’d rather not have to make the jump to Serato!

  • Lysgaard

    I tried the beta for a bit, and it was really buggy, and had poor synch capabilities. But I have both ableton and serato, so I’ll give it another go. Only thing I’m skeptical to is the beat grids suddenly emerging. One of Serato’s best things is that you don’t have so much metadata that needs to be in place all the time..

  • StrangeMatter

    NI won’t team up with Ableton unfortunately. It would seem they won’t even integrate Maschine or Kore with the S4 which is a bit of a downer as that was something I was interested in using.
    DD, I think you may be spot on there mate. The name certainly fits anyway.

  • Double DutchDj

    The Bridge is the one thing that is making me really consider checking out Serato, I own Ableton 8 and a launchpad plus I’m in the market for a new battle mixer, so the Rane 57sl seems like an easy route to a hole heap of of mouth watering features. I do have mixed feelings about what Mixtape may mean, but on the other hand Pro mix tapes you buy in stores have had the computer treatment for many years, for me as long as a dj can perform a live version to at least 90% to the same quality as there Mixtape doctored mix’s I think it’ll be a good thing, plus you still have to rely on your own creativity. I normally try to push above my own abilities when making a mix tape and there’s nothing worse when you nail all the complex stuff and fluff up on a simple bit right at the end. I really could of done with mixtape with my last mix, (click on my name for the link ) most of it I’m very proud of but I clatter the beats on a real simple mix, god dam it!
    Role on BPM, I’m desprate to find out what the Allan & Heath DB4 is. With the timing of its release and the Bridge finally going public, my spidey sense is telling me DB4 stands for Digital Bridge four channel.

  • BestLegsinHD

    An ableton and Traktor team up would make me a very happy person.

  • Powers

    I sure wish Ableton and NI would partner up on something like this for traktor.

  • Cowboy Haze

    I can’t find a word in here about ITCH, so I’m guessing this initial release (like the beta) is incompatible…? What WOULD be helpful to know is when us “integrated” controllerists with ITCH will be able to reap the benefits. I’m just starting to get into advanced mixing, and having Ableton track control in my sets would make things significantly better

  • Darren E Cowley

    I’m doing things a bit weirdly, i have no dj mixer so i’m using the Bridge to control the tempo of Ableton but outputting the SL1 audio back into Ableton to be able to use Ableton’s effects and Max4Live….

    It’s been fun but i’m hoping the latest update has even tighter timing….