Last Minute Gifts for Digital Djs

Chances are high you may be looking at last minute gifts for your dj mates, or perhaps your girlfriend has no idea what to give you. Even better yet, I know we are ALL tired of lame stocking stuffers, so how about sending your mom some real gift ideas that won’t just sit in the drawer.

Let’s start off with the perfect suffers under $10 and then move into the more pricey stuff.

Headphone Adapters ($1.99)

These things are the socks of digital djing, your mom should just be buying extra pairs every year without even asking questions. I like these versions better than the screw in kind because they work with in-ear monitors too! Available here

Arcade Buttons ($2.19/each)

Officially way cooler than candy cane- and potentially way more fun! Available here


In addition to our popular “Play” sticker, we also now have a MF version that turns your apple logo into something a little more personal. Available only from our online dj boutique


Organize those cables!  These are made to be used on a daily basis, they’re thin, retain their grip over many uses and the best I’ve found. Available from Amazon

Vinyl Record Wall Frame ($9.95)

What better way to memorialize your favorite old records than to use them as decorations on your walls. These wall frames are simple, cheap, and easy to install. It’s a win-win. Available here

Midi-Fighter Cases ($19)

The web store is fully stocked with all colors of midi-fighters including a brand new aircraft gray. You can change out your colors and spice up the midi-fighter with a new case for only $19 or upgrade the top acrylic to our brand new Matte acrylic tops that come in 8 different colors. This new variation has a velvet texture and is completely finger print proof! Available only from our online dj boutique

High Quality USB Cables ($14.99)

Our super popular USB cables, perfect for sound cards, never seem to get old. We constantly are getting feedback on improved sound card performance using these specially designed connectors and at $14.99 you can afford to have a few extras lying around. Available here

Itunes Gift Card ($15-$100)

It never hurts to have more music! Available here


If you were actually lucky enough to get an S4 controller, which is hard because they are very sold out, then you might be wondering how to get the most out of it. Our Exclusive DVD tutorial covers all the essentials you want to know at a price that wont break the bank. Get it here


With the new 1.4 HD firmware available, you cant afford to have a VCI-100 with an outdated firmware version but to update your going to need the firmware update kit.  Get it here

MIDI Thermal ($30)

Available in the ISO50 shop

Glowing Emoticon (£29.95, British Pounds)

Available from HTFR (requires 4 batteries)

The 7-port USB2.0 Hub ($24.99)

Everyone with a laptop will eventually need a mains powered multi-TT USB hub. This one has survived a lot of abuse during Midifighter development in the office (shorting out pins, inserting and removing devices every few seconds for hours on end) and it still keeps every port running at full USB2.0 speed. Available at Amazon here

Decksaver Pro DJ Gear Covers ($60)

You may have found the hard way that even a soft bag can damage your sensitive faders. A cover from Deck Savers will ensure that VCI-100 never gets broken. Available here

Rock Band 3 Wireless Keyboard (~$80)

Wireless keytar with color coded keys and a touch strip- I want one! Wondering how to get this thing to control your Dj set-up. We covered that whole deal extensively a while back. Available on Amazon

Audio 2 Dj ($99)

Small as a pack of cards, this is the perfect gift for a dj that does not have a sound card yet. Available in our boutique


Midi-Fighter ($125-$200)

One of our local djs told me the other day that he is going to give his brother the best present ever, a fully customized midi-fighter that fits his brother’s personal style. Wow- now I bet you wish your brother was that cool. Customize one here


We have the new Rev2 version of these uber slick headphones that boast heavy bass and a super smooth finish! Available here

You still want more ???? Head over to our friend Peter Kirn’s blog, Create Digital Music, where he has a totally bad ass list of great gift ideas for gear heads.

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  • Samis

    Don’t mind the anons, Ean. I thought they were all pretty good ideas for gifts and would be more than happy to receive any from family or friends . . . Especially the Midi Fighter or the TMA-1 Headphones ?

  • RJ

    The Glowing Emoticon Shirt is not available according to the site. You may want to check with them or remove it from the list altogether.

  • Djziz

    This seems like a advertisement geared towards dtt. What happened to the amazing articles that inspired me to try new things, new techniques?

  • Anonymous

    Ps. Maybe you should credit Mike Stimpson for his stormtrooper photo that you used to start the article.

  • minimal

    [quote comment=”41563″]

    Hehe… or even better – Beatport, Addictech, etc… ![/quote]

    Sh*t! addictech is a nice site! didn’t know about that one.


  • Freshcuts

    I think an iPad midi controller app designed for serato like MiDi-to can be a nice gift for 4,99$
    It sends wireless midi notes to your mac and you can trigger cues, loops, samples and fx without needing to install any application on your mac.

  • DJ Master P

    Funny how my equipment start’s having hiccups december every year 😉

  • VanGogo

    How about some S4 knobs and faders??? Would really love some uv green for Christmas (or anytime real soon);)

  • Djdannys

    Flourecent traktor vinyl I’s perfect

  • Djdannys

    I have the dicers and highly recommend them.

  • rico

    gotta get my hands on a multi tt usb hub.
    Got one usb port left on my laptop :p.

  • Ruslan

    That MIDI crewneck is siiiickkk

  • Mark E.

    [quote comment=”41544″]how about itune gift cards? At the end of the day… the music is what we need![/quote]

    Hehe… or even better – Beatport, Addictech, etc… really, I could only get music from either of these sites and I’d be ecstatic.

    Cheers, and happy HolyDaze!

  • b3nz0n8

    [quote post=”9410″]Anon
    December 16th, 2010 at 4:27 pm Quote
    So not to say that these aren’t good ideas and all, but the fact that the vast majority are straight from the TechTools store smells a bit of shameless self-promotion… just saying. I looked at this article hoping for a bit more.[/quote]

    Someone’s gotta feed the animals….The DJTT Pack runs deep!

  • Anonymous

    [quote comment=”41549″]Im not using traktor… but if you do and use a macbook pro.. mabey this is for you
    Is there something like this for pc laptop 17″ hp in particular I can buy withbtraktor layout.
    My laptop is bronze finish and I can’t see the keys anyways.

  • Dj PC3

    U guys gonna hit us up with another NYE DJ tip post?

  • Anonymous

    Shameless promotion? LOL This is their own site ..So Go on promoting Ean: ) ..

  • frogstar

    how about itune gift cards? At the end of the day… the music is what we need!

  • FlashFlooder

    [quote comment=”41522″]i neeed that midi midi midi long sleeve piece….

    i cant find it on their site[/quote]

    Link fixed!

  • duerr

    the nerve of this guy! 😛

  • Ean Golden

    I cant help that we have a lot of great stocking stuffers in the store! 🙂

    didn’t even really think about it until I wrote this article though- so it was not intended to be self promotion. We are filling in more stuff throughout the day though from other places as the staff finds more cool gifts.

  • Anon

    So not to say that these aren’t good ideas and all, but the fact that the vast majority are straight from the TechTools store smells a bit of shameless self-promotion… just saying. I looked at this article hoping for a bit more.

  • Chris

    So Santa Claus don’t really exist ?? it’s my mom who buy me gifts ?? :-O

  • joe

    i neeed that midi midi midi long sleeve piece….

    i cant find it on their site