The Top Posts of 2010

As we are nearing the end of the 2010, it’s appropriate to reflect back on the fantastic year Dj TT had. We broke a lot of big stories and brought a large group of great contributing writers into the fold. With your help, the quality and quantity has continued to improve; although admittedly, we still have much more to work on. For those of you that may be new to these pages, or even for those that might have forgotten, here are the top 10 posts of 2010 (by magnitude of discussion)

KONTROL S4 ANNOUNCED (398 Comments) – Three other s4 posts also posted record comment numbers but this one blew everything else away.

NAMM 2010 (163 Comments)

DICER REVEALED (150 Comments)

TRAKTOR VS SERATO (149 Comments)





DJ ETIQUETTE (105 Comments)


Comments are generally a good reflection of a post’s popularity (or controversy) but not always the best indication of how GOOD they are.  The Dj TT staff is on holiday vacation this week, so to answer that question more accurately, we turn it over to you. What do you think the best posts of 2010 were?

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  • some_dj

    I think theres a post for everyone. But the one that got me asking for more was the MIDI fighter competition need more 2011

  • D-Kem

    [quote comment=”42005″]The highlight of the year for me at DJTT was the announcement of firmware 1.4 for the VCI-100 by DaveX and the rest of the DJTT team. Talk about news. It was like bringing back something to life.[/quote]
    Stopped me buying the S4. 1.4 and 2 MF’s enough for me.

  • EmP

    There are so many great articles…. I think the best articles are those in which you speak about software & hardware

    Thank you for your work!!

  • Anonymous


    Thgis artcle changed my life.

  • Dj PC3

    I concur with the “DJ’ing with Ableton” I am using now to warp my old-school live tracks and it HAs ROCKED MY WORLD. My mixes are SO TIGHT now!!!! I can mix old school rap with old school rock for SOME SICK REMIXES. And now I make all my promo mixes with Ableton and my life is so much easier! I used to mess-up on transitions on the 9th min, and have to re-do it and then edit it with Audacity (which is a horribly basic program), but now that is not a problem at ALL!
    Thanks DJ TT for doing what you do best and making me a better DJ!

  • DJ Devlar

    The How to Start a Club Night series was extremely helpful! Also the DJ etiquette article..

    Thanks for the good work!

  • Spiffy

    I really enjoyed the articles DJ etiquette and from digital store to traktor. i have found that organizing your music and playing by type and style really shows who is a good dj, and who is their own itunes jukebox.

  • midifidler

    Hey Ean – you should IP block “Hercules DJ Control MP3e2” have found similar posts all around the net today – obvious spam bot is obvious. Nice way to win your customers hercules…

  • Jes.C

    [quote comment=”41989″]The Hercules RMX, DJ fortify is a sharp usb DJ control expose besides DJ software as Windows and Mac OSX operating systems.[/quote]

    mark as spam?

  • J-Bone

    When I first saw the title of this article I thought DJTT was going to take a well deserved poke at its fellowship, by posting the Top 10 comical posts! That would be worth a read!

  • jdog667jkt

    I agree with Fow-T.. the creating the creative structure for an unforgettable mix was really handy.. i’ve definitely tried to incorporate some of the tips in my recent mixes

  • oquela

    The highlight of the year for me at DJTT was the announcement of firmware 1.4 for the VCI-100 by DaveX and the rest of the DJTT team. Talk about news. It was like bringing back something to life.

  • logikal

    How To Start A Club Night series of posts was most useful for me

  • La Quenepa

    Wheres the post about the Vestax Spin?! Or was that 2009?

  • Fow-T

    lastly I really liked the Creative Structure for a Unforgettable Mix – article, but I agree, that this year you posted a lot of really helpful articles! Have a nice vacation, and see you in 2011 !

    greetings from G.