New Years Tips and DJ Countdowns

It’s become an annual tradition that DJ TechTools provides all of our readers with Tips and Tools for up coming New Years Eve gigs. This year we continue that tradition with another set of helpful tricks and tips that will help make your night go smoothly.  Continue reading after the fold for Mp3 count downs, drops, tips from the pros and more.


The biggest mistake I see DJs make is planning a set based on normal circumstances. New Years is a very unique night of djing that certainly requires special consideration when planning your evening.  Here are important things to look out for:

  • People start early, so move the time line up and get the dance floor started earlier than usual.
  • Due to the copious amount of drinking, expectations for sing-along tracks seem to go higher. Be ready with some feel good jams that your audience will absolutely know.
  • Big nights usually bring out the “amateurs”, “bridge and tunnel” or whatever you want to call non-regular party folk. These crowds will not have an subtle appreciation for your obscure track selection and deft mixing skills so keep it fun and play great songs- this is one night where classic hits almost always go over well.
  • Don’t expect them to stick around all night. NYE usually involves a lot of party jumping especially pre and post ball drop so do your best to keep the energy up during that critical period or you might lose the crowd.


photo: P Binder

We asked Charles FeelGood, a professional DJ for over 20 years, and the man behind our new LA store for some timeless NYE tips. This is what he had to say:

I would have to say that one of the most important aspects of my night as a Dj on NYE is of course the countdown. One thing I learned a long time ago, is that it’s probably a good idea to start giving the crowd a heads up at least two hours before midnight. Start around 10pm,11pm,11:30pm,11:45pm and so on until the big one.

My first big New Years was in Washington DC doing the countdown, and I made no announcements prior to midnight and when my time came, no one was paying attention and midnight came and went without a pop – lesson learned!


Be sure to plan out what happens at midnight- and talk to your promoter or the club owner to figure out if they have something specific in mind. Are you counting down over top of music? Is there a visual countdown that you should coordinate with? It’s really helpful to have a few pre-mixed tracks and countdowns in your bag to make the night go smoothly. We’re conveniently rated them based on how cheesy they are. New Year’s can get pretty cheesy, but sometimes its fun to just embrace it.

If you are playing videos this weekend the sequence above is available in full 720P – download the NYE video drop here

Here’s is another nice countdown video (without music) that you can grab here.

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  • Emmy Simpkins

    “I wanna go Crazy” by David Guetta ft. Will.I.Am, at about 2:35 in the song it has a countdown from 10..but it doesn’t correspond with an actual 10 second countdown…maybe someone could figure a way to either A. speed up the BPM at that part to correspond with the countdown, or B. mix with another countdown and just use the drop after Guetta’s countdown, cause that song (as i’ve learned) can really get a party going. Perfect for bringing in the new year. Know this post is a little late…but was just doing some research and came across this blog.

    hope you enjoy.
    party on.

  • DeaJay iRate

    Man GOOD stuff, gives me a good idea of what to look forward to next year.

  • Eloy

    This is my NYE video countdown.. Well I got 2 of them!

  • DJ Master P

    @KLOSELINE. Thanks GREAT work, have a awesome 2011, all of U.

  • Sqyquest

    @eflynn – thanks man, was gonna make one similar just now but you saved me the time! Thanks a bunch! Great article too, I’ve never done a NYE set/drop before so it’s good to have these tips.
    Now what to drop at 0001…the options!

  • Aquinox

    Lol at the dutch anthem dropped by Fat man scoop..!

  • dick walz.

    just flop your cock on the mixer at midnight and you will be a rock star……or should i say cock star!?!?

  • Krotti

    Daft Punk – One More Time before the countdown!

  • Anonymous

    Great heads up!

  • Anonymous

    …the best NYE midnight drop as the countdown hits “one” was the airscape mix of the vengaboys (yes, vengaboys)’s “Kiss” at hunka bunka, dj’d by richie santana NYE 2001…

    • Marshallbrown319

      LOL……..Funny, I was there too and I remember that (I dont know how, but…..)

  • eflynn

    This is my 4th NYE DJ Gig and first one using a controller. Really looking forward to how people respond this year.

    Here is a Countdown sample I made that I’m gonna drop. Feel free to grab it if it’s to your liking.

  • Reese

    despite being NYE, you shouldnt get to caught up on the cheese factor as quite often playing the original tune from which a cheesy track was sampled works even better. E.g. Boney M – Gotta Go Home, kills it over Duck Sauce – Barbra Streisand if timed correctly.


  • DJ Sir Andy (AKA: DJ Android)

    Great tips! Will be using the majority of them 4 my NYE gig. Been trying to find a usable version of Auld Lang Syne, and since I couldn’t, I made a re-edit with a semi usable version I found mixed with 2 remixes of Like a G6. Check it out and tell me if this would work for droppin’ @ midnight or not. Thanks DJTT!

  • JesHdz

    I used some of your tips from previous years and I got to play at a hotel’s NYE party in Cancun, and now I’ll play there for the second time. Thanks Ean and DTT!

  • MrBlenderson

    Definitely agree with announcing the countdown ahead of time. Also, make sure that whoever is MCing the countdown (if it’s not you) is looking at the same clock you are. My first NYE gig was 3 years ago and i had a great countdown record all cued up and started it right on time only to have the party MC start the “official” countdown halfway through mine. And that track you drop after the countdown had better be BANGIN and something that people know like the back of their hand.

  • batwings

    [quote comment=”42120″]cant find any words :D[/quote]
    yes, only dry heaves and retching.

  • La Quenepa

    I always find a way to have sex on midnight. Its a 6 year tradition…

  • Paul Benjamin

    How is Club Killers anything but 12/5 for cheese?

    I usually mess up NYE by rushing round to a million clubs trying to see everyone and wind up celebrating midnight in a cab somewhere random in Tokyo…

  • DJ Real Juicy

    Thanks, nice write up. Love the cheese rating.

  • Max

    NYE countdowns are really cheesy no? never saw that in a regular NYE european party

  • Jonathan Blake

    Sound advice – thank you. 1st NYE gig – nervous as hell.
    Dropping the Joris Voorn remix of Dosem’s “Beach Kisses” just before 12 – hopefully the trumpets will peak @ 12.
    (PS – ‘copious drinking’ will not happen in the DJ booth – in fact none @ all – need to stay sharp

  • The Bong Squad

    We are playing all sorts in our new years set! It is in an underground music club but still we like to keep the cheese factor in as a lot of people who don’t regularly attend, are attending!

    We have and Ali G dubstep song (Chicken Dippaz, I think “/), a garage remix of whip my hair – willow and all sorts! Should be a good night! 🙂

  • malzfreund

    Interesting how New Years traditions differ across the globe. If I look at the NYE ’10 clubbing guides for Europe on Resident Advisor, roughly half the parties start after midnight. Most people I know drink their champagne at a private party and don’t go out clubbing until sometime between 1am – 5am.

    Anyways, without doubt, it’s been a good year for DJTT. So Happy New Year and keep up the good work!

  • Plo

    Thanks for the mp3 drops and tips, DJTT!

  • Christian Ludy

    hell yeah fellas, i finally found it it´s

    Santos – 3 2 1 Fire!
    one hell of a tune but seriously hard to get ^^.

  • Andreas Bode

    The Club Killers with “BIP – The Time” FAIL OMG 😀

  • Christian Ludy

    there is this damn nice record fatboy slim dropped @ one midnight gig (guess it must be around the net) with countdown and absolute beat mayhem afterwards … hope i´ßll find it somewhere ..

    I´ll let ya know or even someone can help though