NI Teases us with New Software and Sound Cards

This brand new video is the latest installment in NI’s teaser campaign. It shows off some upcoming products, namely a new Traktor Software and some mysterious hardware but does not reveal what they actually are. Continue reading for some close ups.


The S4 software has been out for months now but the features it contains have been on lock-down, available only to those purchasing the S4 controller. From the video you can see that those features will now be available in a new version of Traktor- most likely called Pro 2. It looks to contain:

  • colored waveforms
  • sample player
  • loop player
  • loop recorder
  • and probably more from the s4 software

Inside scoop: NI has told us that the X1’s used in the video are running a special mapping that allows control over the sample and loop decks in the new software. As far as release date, pricing and other information that you actaully want to know- mums the word!


There is again a precedent here. NI always discontinues products or puts them on sale a few months before a new announcement. Remember the audio 4/8 fire sale? Well, its  looking like there will be some new dj audio hardware hitting shelves some time soon. Even though they wont be exhibiting this year, I would expect an announcement about the sound cards later this week at NAMM.


A full team of will be heading to NAMM 2011 this week to bring you all the news. A first report will be published thursday and then we will follow that up with our full annual report on Monday.

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  • Bigd

    if this fixes the beatgridding ill be sold.

  • Bigd

    if this fixes the beatgridding ill be sold.

  • Deejayjuanito79


  • Spencer "Thunderball" Thayer

    I am so tired of not having Rewire. They have got to do it eventually it’s the only way to keep Ableton folks from getting Bridge.

  • Gbrown44

    Bring it on already… Is this version that will ship with the DDJ-T1?

  • Sww1235

    hopefully the new software will support dvs timecode in the s4!!

  • Cableaddict

    Built-in sample & loop players? I’m actually excited. If they will lock to the master tempo, it will open up a lot of possibilities, and sort of – kind of make up for not having any Rewire capabilities.

  • Anonymous

    It seems Serato is becoming more and more of a niche company now. The interesting thing is, NI can cater to the semi-purist vinyl/turntablist niche market, and the controllerist movement.

    NI really has their act together…such quality products.

  • Dj Windz One

    I’m just waiting to see the new Novation Dicers with a “rumored” knob. . . .

    But this is a good look for TSP (color wavforms). The green waveforms were killin my eyesight on my screen. . .but it makes sense to darken the background just enough for it to pop.

    but like mostly everyone has said in here, mix the track by ear. . .then the waveforms don’t mean anything but taking up valuable screen space.

  • Darrell

    This is exciting news… I can’t wait to see what they announce. I got their teaser email but we were bombarded with snow here so between shoveling and attempting to get to work I did not get to see the video in the email. I am ecstatic about the color wave forms. I got the S4 from you guys in December. Is that on my version? I have seen that on serrato and always thought that was a good idea. There’s a site I buy a lot of my songs from called and they have this thing called 12 inch it a record pool search engine type of thing that SELLS THE SONGS WITH COLOR WAVE FORMS for serrate I wonder if the NI one will work with that or if they will start selling them for NI as well. That would be fuzzy knuckles… Either way love you guys and I look forward to your article on the announcement. Yayness…

  • Seadweller

    too many releases of audio interfaces in a couple of years… That is a FAIL . No respect for the customer..

    • DJK

      I see your point but in long run it gives us more options to choose from.

  • Douglas Lilliequist

    Hope this works with my audio 2 dj, unless I buy a second one and aggregate them!

  • dj terrorist

    Seems that the new soundcard will finally allow 4 inputs -> 4 timecode control over 4 decks !!
    Sounds good !!!

    • Anonymous

      Which soundcard ? The S4 ?

  • Carmai

    “..Yes. On my opinion, it still looks like if someone barfed a rainbow.”

    Well like I said, Color Waveforms are only helpful for experienced djs that understand how sound frequencies work together. 😉

  • Kaek

    Does anyone know which mixer they were using?

    • Carmai

      I don’t know the exact model, but is definitely an Allen & Heath mixer. If you look closely you can see the green LED meters pick up into Blue LEDs. Green and Blue LED volume meters are exclusively found only in Allen & Heath dj mixers.

  • dlfsahk

    I don’t understand what are colored waveforms for?

    • Kaek

      Visual mixing

  • AJSA

    interesting…. the program looks nice… great update…looks more simple.. now..

  • Darrel

    Being color blind I’m not a fan of too much color coded stuff in my software . I get extremely confused with blues and purples , greys and pinks, maroons and blacks . forget about I green I can’t see that at all . 1 in 12 people are color blind on some level . So I just hope NI takes issues like color blindness into context when designing new software .

    • Carmai

      Braille Waveforms to the rescue!!!!!

  • Carmai

    Did you see those waveforms?! I mean, did you really see those colored waveforms? Sample decks, sample recording… but did you really see those COLORED WAVEFORMS! Another high quality sound card and new X1 mappings. But you gotta love the:


    Really those things are just beautiful. There is also different color schemes happening here… look closely and you will see waveforms with solid and multicolor schemes. Choice of color differentiator for samples, loops and tracks, anyone?

    But the way, did see those COLORED WAVEFORMS! 🙂

    • James

      Sorry, I must be missing the point here. Why are coloured waveforms useful?

      • Carmai

        Color waveforms show the different frequencies of the sound on a track. In Serato Scratch Live, red representing low frequency bass sounds, green representing mid-frequency sounds and blue representing high-frequency treble sounds. By creating this color frequency differentiations within the playing track, it is possible for a dj to predict or pre-visualize, how he or she would match the sounds of two tracks. This allows you to avoid sound clashes or having to over equalize a sound signal. It is also helpful to predict or cue specific areas of your track. Just by looking at your track you can easily define where a bass sound, or a synth starts or ends. Matching the right sound frequencies becomes as easy as matching the right color waveforms.
        I am not an advocate of visual mixing. I believe that every dj should always train their ear, and avoid abusing this helpful visual aid. But like i just said, it is an aid, and a very helpful one. In the hands of an experience dj, this kind of visual aid will help to make better mixing decision as long as you understand how sound frequencies work together.

        • Markku Uttula

          [quote post=”10161″]n Serato Scratch Live, red representing low frequency bass sounds, green representing mid-frequency sounds and blue representing high-frequency treble sounds.[/quote]
          Yes. On my opinion, it still looks like if someone barfed a rainbow.

  • josh@firestorm

    unless you’re frankie wilde, you shouldn’t need parallel waveforms!

    most of us were given the ability to hear when we were born, beatmatching by ear isn’t that hard to learn. it might take time, but soooo worth it in the long run.

    • alex_apogee

      Great Frankie Wilde reference. He’s my hero!!!!

  • Grizu

    Still missing parallel waveforms.
    For three decks plus sampleplayer the Audio8DJ should work.

  • George

    Im hoping that DJTT will make a nice new mapping for midi fighters with this new software 😀

  • Dj PC3

    The current upgrade price from Traktor Skratch 1 or Duo to Traktor Skratch Pro is only $80. So I won’t mind paying $80 bucks for the software upgrade, but I better get 99% of all the new features…

  • meh

    is it just me or are alot of the tunes used in these NI promos incredibly middle of the road and mediocre?

    meh, software looks ok…

    • StrangeMatter

      Depends on who’s playing. Dubfire on the S4 teaser, tends to take medeocre sounding funky techno and cuts it all up into stuff that sounds far greater than the sum of it’s parts. Which is kinda the point last time I checked.

  • Arclyte

    Finally an update that will make Traktor more “fun” to play. Excellent work Native Instruments!

    to Serato… What else do you need… Release a standalone Itch before your clock gets cleaned.

  • Bicho

    This is confusing. Why does Resident Advisor show a banner where NI states that the 50% discount on Traktor keeps on until March 31st?

    I can’t find TSP on any store right now…

  • Push PoP

    Does any1 no if the colored waveforms will be in an S4 update?

    • Dj Dirty


    • Dj Dirty


  • bas

    Maybe i will, but my guess is that you will need the new card to use the new software to the that renders the audio8 rather useless for people that will want to use the software to full potential. We will all know on feb. 1st.

    • lethal_pizzle

      Depends what you want to do. Send 2 decks and 2 sample decks to an external mixer? Audio8 has enough outputs. Also record the master output? Audio8 has enough inputs.

      Use 4 external decks AND also record from an external mixer/record master output? Audio8 doesn’t have enough inputs.

      Chances are, if you aren’t banging your head in frustration at the limits of the audio8 now, you won’t be when this lands. We will see.

      • AudioWOlf

        the new soundcard im geussing is to be able to mix all 4 decks whether its the 4 main or 2 main and 2 sample decks and then the extra inputs added to this here audio 10 will be used for mic input/thru or recording with the input im geussing just like with the s4 youll be able to add fx to the vocals loop them or sample them and even sync then but thats just my geuss i highly doubt NI would render the audio 8 useless with the new update there just adding advanced features that traktor hasnt had before and thats requiring more from the soundcard.

  • Richard

    It’s rather annoying when they dump the price of the product you currently have and don’t offer any sort of discount for upgrading. 🙁

    • Benikun

      Yes. That was my main issue with the S4 upgrade. No discount for licensed users

      • Stephan

        With the upgrade option from 3 to pro in mind, why would they do it different this time? Any source?

  • bas

    Well, i dont mind a paid update, but i think this will set you back at least 400 euros for new software and the card that equivalents the audio8 and that i find bullshit for long lasting traktor users who paid for all updates. And who paid 550 euro for the traktor scratch pakage before pro was even there…so i hope there will be some kind of special offer for long registered users.

    • lethal_pizzle

      Use your existing audio8

  • lethal_pizzle

    It’ll be a paid update. It is NI’s business model. If you don’t like, like you say, Serato is free (although initially more expensive).
    You won’t need an NI soundcard to run Traktor Pro. And you’ll need a Scratch approved soundcard to run Traktor Scratch Pro exactly as you did before…
    …hysteria already breaking out here I see

    • GRiNSER

      A little paid upgrade every now and then is better than a steep entry price like on the Serato soundcards/mixers – for me at least.

    • Markku Uttula

      I seem to recall that you’ve had these premonitions regarding “a paid upgrade” since 1.2.4 … we’re already in 1.2.7 and those premonitions are yet to become reality. I’m hoping they still won’t (but I’m guessing my luck on this matter will run out eventually:)

    • Douglas Lilliequist

      Will this work with audio 2 dj or do I have to buy a second one which I in turn, have to aggregate?

  • deepz

    i dont get it why new hardware? wouldnt the audio 8 be enough? i hope it will work with audio8

    • lethal_pizzle

      Yes it will.

      • AudioWOlf

        I could be wrong but i believe the extra in and out on the soundcard will be for a mic and you can run that into traktor to make a sample or add fx to the vocals or record a loop ect like in the s4 video with shiftee and since scratch pro is more club standard than the s4 it would route thru the soundcard and then into the mixer. but hey i could be way off just my geuss 😀

      • dahJah

        Yup I’m sure it will, they have certified mixers that have to come into play as well. What are they gonna do decertify what has already been certified?

  • AdamBOMB

    If this update cost it’ll be lamo, i’ve already paid to update traktor LE to traktor 3, then traktor 3 to traktor pro, gotta love serato for there free updates!

    • Anonymous

      and expensive sound card that you NEED. (unless you want an expensive mixer)

      • Dj PC3

        I don’t mind paying an upgrade charge for the software but I am NOT shelling another $500 for a sound-card, I better be able to use my current Audio 8 with the software (w/o any loss of software features, I don’t wanna be like the serato guys who can’t even access the software because they don’t have the right hardware)

        C’mon NI stay reasonable, you want to put exclusive hardware features, more power to ya, but don’t restrict the software, just because I won’t put in another $500)

        • lethal_pizzle

          Should be able to. Only problem I can see is if you physically run out of enough channels of input/output under certain situations. Not really any way round that.

  • evinRude

    Ey NI! Here us! We want a parallel waveforms option.

    Well, at least I do.

    • GRiNSER

      +1 for the sake of getting the last hurdle for SSL DJ’s out of the way…

      • ?? ?

        I agree too. Initially that was my first gripe with traktor after using SSL first. I loved the parallel waveform. Perfect for visually mixing quickly

        • bigfidget

          ideal parallel waveforms in virtual dj! that is how you can mix without sound at all))

    • Anonymous

      I disagree. One of the things i particularly like about tracktor is it’s seperate waveforms with one compleate side of the screen for one deck and one for the other (and i never liked the verticle versions on serato)

      bidfiget – you should put some time into correctly setting all your beatgrids. then you won’t have any problems!

      • The Reverand

        While I agree Beatgrids (and being familiar with the significant events in your songs) makes mixing without headphones a breeze. I would still like the parallel wave forms. The skew indicator is great for mixing on beat, but sucks for mixing off beat without headphones. Parallel waveforms makes that easy to see.
        But if NI added some notches to the skew so I knew how far out of sync I was without listening that would work to.

        • dahJah

          LOL what good is it if the mix looks good bout sounds like shit. You ppl need to rely more on your ears. I’m glad Ni didn’t adopt the waveforms of the others. Some want parallel and others want vertical. I guess if you want those things ssl is the way to go.

  • alexio

    at last,new waveform colors.i remember the time in traktor 3 when you had the option to change the color of the waveform.i love blue…
    traktor pro has just yellow,traktor s4 has a very ugly color!
    about the new features,i like the loop player.i saw a second button after the volume one,i think that is to choose the size of s4 i know that you cannot change the loop size in the sampler,and that sucks!this new feature really makes the future traktor more powerful!
    about the soundcard i don’t know what to say,but for sure its a next step in the audio family from N.I
    i think the cdj`s used are cdj 2000 or 850

    • Igor

      Possible, but I’d rather see some kind of key lock or key manipulation there.

      • MrPopinjay

        Traktor has key lock already.

        • Igor

          Yeah, especially on the sample decks

    • Paddy

      You can change the size of the sample loop with s4. RTFM

  • ninjaontherocks

    does the delay mean that it will be usb 3.0 or firewire 800? that would be a nice addition to their solid soundcards.

    • Anonymous

      I very much doubt it, unless they want to restrict their soundcards to the few that have USB3/Firewire interfaces

      • MrPopinjay

        Are usb 3.0 devices not backwards compatible?

        • Anonymous

          In theory, yes. In theory, USB 3 ports are backwards compatible too, although a high percentage of people are having problems with this. I think the tech is just too new at the moment to risk on new hardware from NI; but I guess we’ll see.

  • bigfidget

    OOh.. that looks sexy!!

    I hope this soft will work with Audio 4/8 Dj we already have 🙂

  • Will Marshall

    What are the CDJ looking controllers? Big, with the blue lights around the platter. I don’t recognise them.

    • soeGG

      CDJ 2000, I think

    • ocd

      They are CDJ-2000’s

    • Tyfurious

      That’s a CDJ, if you pause it you’ll see the green and orange buttons on the bottom left with the signature 1000/2000 screen tilted towards the user. It’s just a video filter for the blue ring.

      Looks like it’s only a soundcard/software update ;(

      • Will Marshall

        Sweet. Threaded comments. I have succeeded and am victorious.

  • eflynn

    You would think that they would roll out a version of the X1 that has an integrated jog wheel.

  • Filterkat

    Ill probably stick with the Audio 8, it does the job pretty well, unless theres some dramatic updates. the new software looks great though, i love the look of the new and improved waveforms! they look great, even in the smaller “block” waveform theyre coloured. there was also a suspicious looking controller in the video that popped up for about half a second. looked very much like something made by NI, colour and LED scheeme wise. will be interesting to see what it is. Quite extied for the new software! i just hope its not going to cost an arm and a leg to upgrade from TSP to the new one.

    • Dj PC3

      I’m happy to see the colored waveforms as well, I think the wave forms on the S4 software are extremely hard to distinguish… though I am a sadden by the fact that now Traktor will look like every other DJ Software….

  • FTW

    I want to make love to that soundcard and software.

    • thats gross