Exercise Your Name: How To Make A DJ Drop

If you are reading this, chances are you are a practicing DJ or controllerist, and aspire to perfect your craft every day. Heck, even the pros are trying to get better every day.  So here’s an easy-to-make weapon for your DJ toolbox that will help you stand out from other performers: Great DJ Name Drops.

Name drops can vary wildly from cheese ball ” SUPER STAR DJ MAGNUS IN THE MIX TONIGHT!” to more tasteful varieties. The core idea is regularly branding the night with your own personal touch and letting people know (live or in a mix tape) who is behind the decks. It’s usually best to keep it simple, however you can get creative and make something funny, witty, or impressive using FX, pitch adjustments, and phrasing.

Want a simple Ableton template to make a DJ name drop with?
Click here to download one made by DJTT!


NAME DROP OPTION 1 (ROBOT) Use the built in ‘Text-to-Speech’ function built into both PCs and Macs for a retro robot sound. In PCs, it’s Microsoft Sam. For Macs, it’s Alice (plus a few other optional voices).

For PCs:

  • Go to your Start bar, and click ‘Settings’, then ‘Control Panel’.
  • Next, click ‘Speech’.
  • In this window, you will be able to type in whatever name drop you would like MS Sam to say.
  • Record Sam saying your name drop with a sampler, DAW, or other recording device.

For Macs:

  • Go to ‘System Preferences’ under the Apple icon and click ‘Speech’.
  • Check the “Speak selected text when the key is pressed”, and click the ‘Set Key’ option. Click ‘OK’.
  • Type your desired name drop into any text editor, and when you press your designated key combo- you will hear Alice read it aloud.
  • Record Alice saying your name drop with a sampler, DAW, or other recording device.

With your favorite DAW, record your voice saying your DJ name drop, or, you can import your already recorded ‘Text-to-Speech’ sound clip for further processing. If your going to record the drop using a MIC, be sure to use a large diaphragm condenser so it picks up the full range of your voice including the essential low end.

  • Tip- For a low-fi, compressed sound, the built in mic on a MAC can sound good with enough processing.


I like to add FX to the vocal to really make it sound cool. Most DAWs will have the basic plug-ins, but 3rd party VSTs will give you a professional punch and sound. It’s important to keep in mind that you want your drop to sound special, but too many FX can drown out the words and make them unintelligible. Think of it like a cake- you wouldn’t want ALL frosting, would you?

Try adding:

  • Pitch adjustment: Up or down, to make the vocal sound like a chipmunk or a giant.
  • Reverb: Normally, a little goes a long way, but with DJ drops you can get pretty generous. Just be sure you can still understand what is being said.
  • Delay: Pretty much an essential to name drops, as it will make your vocal blend into the music being played and not sound so dry.
  • Chorus: Makes your drop sound robust and wide.
  • Panning: Get your name to move left and right. Just keep in mind that many clubs run their sound systems in mono, which can make your drop cut out if you are only using the left or right channel.
  • Compression: This one is very important. You can make the freshest name drop ever, however if it isn’t compressed on the way out, it’ll sink in your mix! In a few words, compression will raise the quiet parts of the vocal to the same percieved volume as the loud parts- making the small nuances in the vocal audible. You can read more on it here:  Compress With The Best- A How-To

After getting everything recorded and sounding saucy, make sure to throw a limiter on the master output of your DAW. Although understanding limiters can be a bit daunting at times, just adjust the threshold/input to where you’re seeing some gain reduction, and bring the output down to around -0.3db.

A handy trick is to play a popular mastered track, and match your vocal so that it sounds equally as loud. You don’t want your name drop to get lost in the mix!



Now that you have your personal calling card, you can do a number of things with it.

  • Add a cue point to the beginning and load it into an extra deck in Traktor for quick access through the night.
  • Drop your name drops and samples in Serato’s sampler.
  • To really get creative drop cue points on each word or even syllables so you can cut up and re-arrange the drop, controllerist style.
  • Some DJs will load up their name drops and a rack of standard samples (like the classic airhorn) on a hardware sampler like the Roland SP-404
  • Having the samples in hardware form means zero latency, dedicated interface and dedicated effects without the complication of 3 or more decks.

Want more on this subject? There are lots of great suggestions in the DJTT forum thread found here:

“How do you setup vocal shots/DJ tools?”

Looking for the ideal DAW to make your DJ drop with?  Try Ableton Live (featured in this article, available at the DJTT Shop). You can also use this program to produce tracks and play live sets!

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  • Ian De Vos

    I wouldn’t use my namedrop live, but when recording a mixtape, I add an intro and namedrop every 15 minutes, nicely blended into the music so it doesn’t clash with singers or sounds ‘off’. The intro is a short jingle as well with a boom/crash at the end so I can start right at the break of a song. I use audacity to past these jingles in.

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    • Neal Veglio

      The trouble is most of the Fiverr ‘voice artists’ are awful amateurish opportunists who have poor quality set ups they’ve bought on Ebay….

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      Yea only thing is there drops sound like ass. It some guy sitting in front of a crappy usb mic trying to do dj drops. I would never use those sorry ass drops. If you want cheap and unprofessional drops by all mean use them lol…I’m a Core DJ For 5 yrs now and would not recommend them.

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  • Obnoxiouzgabb3r

    It helps to Identify your mix when you are giving out sample demos because if you dont identify your mix, someone else will take your work and try to pass it off as their own. And also when you are doing a Mix at a venue, you dont need to promote your damn name every 5-10 mins. That is ANNOYING, best times for name drops are at the start and towards the end of your mix if doing it “LIVE”

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  • Kris Selbekk

    Just a quick tip – if you have a mac and want to record a text-to-speech thing, open terminal and write “say -o ‘filename.aiff’ ‘your dj call out text'”, and it will save it to your current folder.

    • Andrewnorthern

      Nice pro tip.  Thanks a ton!

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    Garageband is actually pretty powerful when you modify the presets they have for vocal recordings. That’s how I made my drop~ “DJ Xanthic”

  • Joseph Chang

    Garageband is actually pretty powerful when you modify the presets they have for vocal recordings. That’s how I made my drop~ “DJ Xanthic”

  • Noneya

    I always skip mixes that have name drops. I find them corny and annoying as hell.

  • Noneya

    I always skip mixes that have name drops. I find them corny and annoying as hell.

    • djtotalpackage

      people put name drops in their mixes because another dj can take their mix and claim it as their own

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    what you mentioned about using a speech synthesizer…. fl studio actually has a really power speech synthesizer that you can use within the DAW, and there’s tons of things you can do with it, like pitch and speed things… then it saves it as a special file type and you have a file where you can tweak the words easily, and you aren’t just limited to using an audio track of MS Sam or Alice. Check it

  • Devon S?n

    Name drops have a time and place all depending on what you’re spinning. If it’s not real mashup (house remixes are not mashup, they’re remixes!), hiphop (everyone gets to name drop in hiphop), or a battle, a name drop that is made well and part of an intro is fine in the intro. It’s an easy and effective way to advertise yourself without fuckin up the sound and feel of your set (for mid set, video up your name).
    For anyone in the mashup/hiphop/battle scene, well made, well placed drops come out just fine and can even enhance the set. If you’re beginnin or learnin in this area, just remember to practice your shit at home before usin it live. Really think about how it works with your music. Takin a calculated risk is fine, just make sure you’re confident in using it. As many other commenters have pointed out, no one likes a badly dropped name pukin all over the sound.

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  • EmP

    Very interesting tutorial for me… Im gonna try to make a voice using this advices for our new podcasts series at http://www.barrizal.com spanish forum…

    Thank you!!

    PS: I think you may never use a Dj drop during a set XD

  • Gbrown44

    this is why I love this place… you get it all here… i’m sure the above examples were just to point one in the right or a different direction…


  • DJ Laz

    Great post. I’d like to see one on “how to produce a remix” or something similar. A huge can of worms, but perhaps the noob’s beginner’s guide for babies. What software is best, where to get instruments, synths, yada yada. Popular sources for acapellas, things like that. Anybody agree?

    • Blaine Lake

      Most people approach remixes in a totally different way, so that wouldn’t really work. Fuck, I even start certain remixes completely different.

      The software suggestions would be cool for newbs.

  • stewe

    This is usefull for creating a speach intro for mix with some echo…

  • jishika

    I think the VJ video name-drop works a lot better. does not interrupt the mix, much more classy, more options to be creative with mixing your name in visually with the VJ performance. But even a simple moving name on black (looped) can work ok without a VJ. of course the club needs video.

  • Andy

    IS there any way to record on the mac from the output of the text-to-speech straight into a channel of ableton, I saw a program once I think that does it but can’t remember the name?

  • DjScottBrio

    Thanks for all the comments, both negative and positive!

    The reason I wrote the article is because I had seen multiple requests by forum members on how to make one for themselves. Most of the famous DJ’s you know use them or have used them to make their name. There are many examples already posted above.

    When you’re spinning for 4 hours within a two day dance festival with thousands of people, you need to differentiate yourself from the other dozens of DJ’s. It’s merely a part of most DJ’s marketing campaign. Follow Ean’s rule: use with moderation, when appropriate.

  • Selthy


    Truck load’s of voices, change Pitch, Rate and add efects and it downloads as a WAV file. Can’t go wrong.

  • Habibahmed69

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  • tito

    “name drops”, “air horn”, “laughs”, “make some noise”, “mob noises”, mmmmm…..

    • FrankLooper

      Maybe not new, but the crowds still love it.

  • Uncle DJ

    lol “DJ scratch my ass”

  • tommyu

    Wow!!!! The Golden Boy himself! Thanks for the reply, and I love what you’ve done w/ the place, (DJTT.) I wasn’tbeing sarcastic, at all when I left that comment. You’re right. Just my personal taste and preference. But when I hear a drop like that in the middle of a hard ass set, I almost get embarrassed for the DJ. Are you F’n serious, is my inner,(sometimes outer,) monologue. That artist immediately drops 10 pts. on my “awesome meter.”
    On a different note, I am about to buy stutter edit after demoing it for 10 days. I, like many other’s I assume, normally spend hours upon hours crafting the tiniest detail of a stutter edit. So, this tool is a welcome addition to my arsenal. My ? is, what do you, Ean Golden, think of it? I’ve read EVERY article this site has ever produced and will continue to, so the piece on, “Is DJ’ing too easy, where is the art?”, struck a nerve. I certainly do not consider myself a glorified jukebox but I do use Live and various controller’s, (all customized of course.) But the leevel of understanding that the crowd possesses bother’s me. Anyway, what do you think, will you get it? Am I cheating?

  • DaTechDaHaus

    I used name drops at the beginning of all my mixed “taped” sets using three chained effects it adds pizazz and tells the audience who is making the set.

    I also use other vocal effects to describe a mood in my set as a beat juggle effect.

    And I always use sexy female voices to do this, simple words nothing more extravagant.


  • tommyu

    I love DJTT. It’s one of the sites I check multiple times a day, obsessively. The same way I do w/ Craigslist, searching for awesome deals on electronics, musical instruments and hookers. (JK.)
    Anyway, “The Name Drop,” has to be the cheesiest, corniest and most insulting thing a DJ could do. It’s the equivalent of a fucking commercial right there in the middle of your MUSIC. Altough, for those who do want to employ this ridiculous technique, the direction is good. But, speaking as a DJ and a fan, DON’T DO IT!!!
    It’s that feeling you get when you see your hero on TV trying to sell you a car or a fucking Pepsi. SELL OUT!!! It’s depressing and stupid.

    • Ean Golden

      glad to hear you like us so much 🙂
      – we like you too!
      I would never do a name drop, but a lot of people do, its one of those personal taste things that is up to each dj. Kind of like dropping a michael Jackson track 🙂

  • Dj Kid Kardia

    Feddie Le Grand has an amazing one that he uses to open his set using a robotic voice and he is one of the biggest names in the industry.

    Also http://www.djmixdrops.com makes professional drops using professional radio talent. They made one for me and it sounded great.

  • Yello

    say NO to the name drop in a club….fair enough on a mixtape, but unless your FAKE BLOOD, name drops are never cool

  • Anonymous

    only CHUMPS name drop… i let the dance party do the talking…

    • DjScottBrio

      …Says “Anonymous”. Case in point ;D

      • Dj PC3

        I second DjScottBrio…

      • Dj PC3

        are u even a DJ? Do you even get gigs? Who are u? Let a lone someone who the right to be so judgemental… if this site/community is so “embarrassing” and stupid, why do u keep coming back?

  • Redskyy

    theres a guy named djwigman who does amazing professional drops i think its like 8 drops for 10 bucks or something like that heres the link http://www.djdropsbywigman.com/ he does a great job, i found radiodaddy or whatever its called to be crap. hope that helps a bit as well!

  • DJ Master P

    I HAVE NOT HAD SO MUCH FUN IN A LOOOONG TIME. Ioved the pipe organ voice on mac. was not exactly political correct drops i made with this one loool.

    [quote comment=”44027″]LOL never thought about using the built-in speech synthesis on the MAC or PC – good tip! There’s also a good choice of voices available to make namedrops on the AT&T experimental site, more about that here: Easy DJ idents[/quote]

    This tip with AT&T did a base for a really cool drop. highly recommended.

    😉 we should share some of these drops, better entertainment than utube would present in one evening he he

  • Mike

    Wow, looks like some ignorant haters or bedroomers in here.

    In HipHop, Reggae, Dancehall, Dubstep, Bmore, and so on, DJ drops and samples (lickshots, airhorns, gunshots, …) have been there for ages. Back then we had to bring big maschines like Akai Remix-16 or a MPC. This was before Roland, Boss and Yamaha came out with smaller samplers for DJs. Today allmost every DJ software offers a sampleplayer and except for the Techno and Mininaml people it’s more than normal to hear DJ drops in the clubs.
    I’m using a few for years now, mostly when there is no microphone and no MCs in the club. Some guys like DJ Premier even made drops a trademark in their sets.

    Nobody needs to use them, but at least accept and tollerate that others do. If you use drops make sure they sound good, I really prefer some effects and other sounds in the back more than only a dry voice. And produced big drops sound way more professional than only a dry basic computervoice.

  • festival

    So whenever I’m at a festival or a party with multiple dj’s I don’t want to hear name drops at all. If I like what I’m hearing and I sober enough to figure out how to ask someone who it is I will. IT KILLS the flow of the music, and the vibe. Do it at the very beginning or the very end when the changeover is about to occur. Better yet have the next dj/performer get to give you a shout out.

    I remember growing up and hearing mixtapes where guys put their names in every 2 minutes. No matter how good the mix was I hated those guys who did it. And the voice generated computer speak is pretty weak. Agree that you could do better things with your own voice and effect (3rd party or native to your program of choice)

    Work on your talent and your set and people will seek you out. I understand the need for this site to always have new articles but don’t just put stuff out. Their is alot of stuff that could have replaced this article. Why not interview the Brian Crabtree about their new product.

  • Wyley

    Excellent article 🙂

    I use Propellerheads Record for this, if you use the neptune device properly you can do some very nice things.

    Also get your family and friends involved in making your drops especially girls 😉 and have fun doing it. You’ll be amazed at the results.

  • Dj NYLO

    Theres a dedicated speech synthesiser in FL Studio. Its way better that MS Sam. Just click on Speech in the browser and then click on default. You can choose between voices like Robot, Collosus, Martian, Large Male etc. It’s what I use for my drops…Hope this helps.. 🙂

    • Kez

      Ihave FL studio where should I go

  • Djdannys

    Currently a mobile Dj , 9out of 10. When I give demos to clients. They always say “I love the mix but do you use the promo stuff .” that’s why I only use it at the beginning and end now. When mixing I’n the clubi use it when the hype is way up and everyone is into it.

  • JesC

    Name Drop + Triple Air Horn + Westside! = Bomb drop!


    In house two dj crews that are notorious for name drops are Masters At Work and Basement Jaxx. The latter B-Jaxx probably are the most guilty cos not only do they name drop on their releases but also on their mixes.

    It also prevent mix plagiarism which is unfortunately rampant with hip hop mix-tapes these days.

  • next step

    namedrops are like one of top 5 ways to get other DJ’s to laugh at you.

  • MrPopinjay

    I spy with my little eye… a Minecraft icon behind ableton! 😀

      • Dj PC3

        How do you get in a picture in your avatar?

        • DjScottBrio

          I have no idea haha. I put that up on my user profile so maybe it linked it?

  • ToOntown

    Fitter. Happier. More productive.

  • DjScottBrio

    Miguel’s right- it’s all marketing. A name drop is like a business card. Bottom line: use it tastefully. The above examples ARE cheezy, but are solely intended on getting you thinking about options. It’s more aimed at people who may not be as savvy at recording as they are at DJ’ing.

    Hiphop variant: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RINst2tEzgE

    @Ean: That Doorly name drop might win the award for longest name drop ever. Must have been 10 minutes- totally killed the vibe :/ but I guess the hipsters need a break at some point right?

    @Moomentum: I use the MPD with ShinyHouse’s Traktor mapping:

    With a little customization, you can map the top buttons to another program to trigger samples from the buttons below the faders. Use those control banks to your advantage!

  • D-Jam

    I only use drops when I do online radio or mixes on podcasts. When it’s “mixshow” kinds of stuff, not normal mixes I post online. I even have one mix in my archive I’ve been tempted to clean up two drops I left in it…simply because the only place I like drops are in mixshows.

    I’m not a fan of using the type and speak programs like you see on the Mac. Maybe because it sounds so artificial and everyone’s done it. Best thing is simply to tap on your friends, see who has a good voice, and use some imagination. That or look around online and see who charges what in terms of vocal talent.

    I know right now I’m attempting to get a “European” female voice happening like Leona Graham. I have a female from Europe with a nice voice…just training her on pronouncing the line I want with a more bold voice and letting her accent shine.

  • L.A. Vee

    In the hip hop, top 40, and pop scene most all dj’s have drops. Cant say thats the case for the house, electronic scene.

    • next step

      Yes… and most all radio DJ’s mixtape shows abuse the shit out of them, these tracks dont mix… geuss what… name drop….its sorta like admiting your terrible when you do over and over, even if it has the station call signs etc

  • Marvelous Mixin Miguel

    If you’re mixes are aired on commercial radio, online radio stations, online dj shows or have your mixes available for downloads name drops work great.

    Name drop is a form of advertising. It’s been used since the beginning; to let the listening audience know who was mixing at the present time. (Djs mixing on the radio and night clubs)

    I believe if you make mix tapes, are on the air or online, name drops are just as important as you mix.


  • DJdj

    “Pitch adjustment: Up or down, to make the vocal sound like a chipmunk or a giant”

    PLEEEEEEEASE DON’T!!!! I’m begging!… as someone who attends clubs on a regular basis, please never do this (or anything said in this article)

  • Marvelous Mixin Miguel

    By the way you get 5 drops for $20


  • Marvelous Mixin Miguel

    For $20 you could have these guys do your name drop. http://www.yourremix.com/

    Saves you time and you get a pro sounding name drop.


    • next step

      lol nice advertising

  • Ean Golden

    Name Drops, if over used or produced in a poor fashion, ARE cheesy as hell BUT they can also be very useful to certain types of djs. For those guys, knowing how to create a basic name drop makes a lot of sense. The don’t belong at all in a underground IDM set but for the top 40 guys and even popular dub step djs- name drops can be good branding. I played a set with Doorly a month back and he was dropping his name like crazy. It was cool the fist few times but not after 20 repeats.

    • Mark Murder

      Ahahaha! I remember when Doorly came on, when I saw him, it sounded like a boxer being introduced. He played a few songs to close out the night and he probably name dropped, like you said, 20 times. I don’t really remember which songs he played, but I do remember the 20+ name drops if that says anything…

  • jasonmd2020

    I was debating whether or not to do this for the industrial band I spin with, dropping the bands name an the beginning of the set. I decided on the over compressed voice, time stretching the last vowel of the last word, turning it into a tone suitable for scratching over an intro beat. But I’m still torn over the cheese factor.

    But then again KMFDM has been saying their name every other fucking song for 20 odd years…

  • DJ Girish

    I have alwez debated on whether to put a name drop or not. However, on my live sets, i definitely do a shout out on the mic…

  • Dave


  • Robert

    Yeah I’ve heard Diplo do name drops in his sets. I’m sure you’re all better djs than he is. (Massive wanking motion) Kind of a weak article though

    • Blaine Lake

      Diplo has a recording of a woman moaning his name that he’s been using since 2004. That’s probably the only appropriate name drop I’ve ever heard.

      • Lovebump

        Any post with the statement “Massive Wanking Motion” gets my vote.. I’m still laughing as I type this…

  • Pieter Christiaens

    not a good article, computer voices are just completely useless!
    and doing a dj drop is just lame…

  • DJ Q&A

    Oh God, NO! This is the most useless piece of disinformation I’ve seen on DJTT so far. Just say no to namedropping!

    Okay, on a more diplomatic note, I think it would be far more useful to the DJ scene in general to have an article discussing the pros and cons of things like namedrops and other sound effect samples. Just saying how this is done only propagates the clichés and makes it all the more probable that people go way overboard with this stuff.

  • anon

    3rd party VSTs are completely irrelevant if you’re using anything like Pro Tools, Live Suite, or Logic Studio/Pro…it has better effects than you’re going to need. Also, compressors do the exact opposite of what he said they do…just some food for thought.

    • really

      I disagree. Live’s effects are not that great. MFL is making it better but I only use 3rd party vst’s in live. Reaktor effects are the way to go!

  • duerr

    i mostly hear pre-recorded namedrops on mixtapes, i think it’s cool if it’s done tastefully.

    almost never hear them at parties, i mean what’s the point- the people who care will probably know who the dj is already, and the people who don’t know generally don’t care to know.

    anthony jacobs nailed it, get an mc to introduce you at the top of the show – maybe get the crowd to “make some noise for DJ_____” once or twice throughout the set when energy is peaking, and then at the end of the set to close it off…

    save the radio namedrops for your mixtapes

  • Anthony Jacobs

    I say just let your MC’s or Radio-station producer worry about name drops. How about keeping it really real? Just jump up on a mic and get more close and personal. Say your hello’s, shout outs, big ups and good bye’s to all your loving fans in the flesh! Interaction, audience participation will connect you with your fans better than some cheesy artificial DJ name drops. Dig?

  • Jason Hazardous

    Instead of using an external sampler or the 3rd or 4th decks in Traktor, there is a great program called KueIt that is a sample player program built around your laptop keyboard so you don’t need hardware. Its really great.


  • Sherlock Ohms

    To be fair, it’s not that most technically in depth article, but drop most definitely have a place, ideally nicely woven into your mixtape to stop biters, lifting your mix and claiming it as theirs – as has been described as happening several times on this board.

  • Jonas

    You have a button that blares out your DJ alias in a distorted voice? I would stop taking you seriously at the moment you push that button. For ever.

  • Mixtick

    hm, i first thought that’s way too cheesy to perform live or on a mixtape… but then i remembered this one dj, who always drops his name and other samples in his sets, and that’s for sure not cheesy, as without these namedrops he wouldn’t be where and what he is now.
    take a look at this, maybe it inspires you to make much cooler drops than only your djname (@ 4:29):

    • Jiggle Stick

      I got goosebumps from the name drop, great example!

  • Anonymous

    i hate to say it guys but this is probably one of the least helpful “tip” articles i’ve seen on techtools. i can’t see this appealing to anyone other than maybe i complete newb who is also computer illiterate.

    a step by step tutorial that actually showed how to create a nice polished product by illustrating which plugins to use and how to configure them would’ve been preferrable.

    i know it’s tough coming up with new articles, but come on – “type your name in a text-2-speech and throw some fx on that.”
    talk about taking the piss.

    • Shred Thing

      [quote post=”9645″]i hate to say it guys but this is probably one of the least helpful “tip” articles i’ve seen on techtools. i can’t see this appealing to anyone other than maybe i complete newb who is also computer illiterate.

      a step by step tutorial that actually showed how to create a nice polished product by illustrating which plugins to use and how to configure them would’ve been preferrable.[/quote]

      I resent your criticism because it lacks any sort of a constructive element. Do you think a step by step tutorial who simply result in a bunch of DJs (be them amateurs or professionals) creating identical sounding drops? If this is so “newbish”, then why don’t you start writing articles for DJTT?

      I greatly appreciate the DJTT team and their articles, even if certain “tips/suggestions” are not of the highest and most difficult caliber. I often find myself taken aback after reading even these “simple” tips – there’s often an element/suggestion that ends up streamlining a process I previously took multiple necessary steps in order to do.

      • Dj PC3

        Shred thing,

        Don’t worry about these guys, if you can’t tell its probably the same lame DJ (or whoever he is) posting negative comments on every post. There is no reasoning with people like and he is too cowardly to even post his real name and a link to his website… but to be honest he is probably some no-name, cant-get-a-gig-to-save-his-life DJ who doesn’t have a website… just ignore him.
        Dear DJTT,
        I am all for moderation, especially for people who don’t have the respect to use their real name. By all please feel free to delete comments like these and other that have anonymous, purely negative (for no good reason) comments

  • Moomentum


    Could someone tell me how that MPD is being used in the article?

    Nice article too!

  • Sarasin

    I used LIPS to make mine. Took the tip from Shiftee!


    • Dj PC3

      whats the URL for it?

      • DJ Artemis

        wat is LIPS?

  • Phil Morse

    LOL never thought about using the built-in speech synthesis on the MAC or PC – good tip! There’s also a good choice of voices available to make namedrops on the AT&T experimental site,

  • Dom

    i think name drops are among the cheesiest things a dj can do..

    not sure if it has more of a place in hip hop djing but when im ever at a club and it happens people laugh

    unless your DJ PAULY D, then its ok..

    • npherno

      Its not ok, even if you are Pauly D.

    • Paul


    • Whyte

      with you bro

    • DrKNo

      Really depends on the set and the drop. Make it fit in and I’m cool with it. Just don’t drop any of those classical cheeseballs, they fuck up any song.

  • Dj PC3

    Great Advice, just don’t over do it… In mix tapes I only put my drop once at the beginning of the mix and once at end. Keep it short to the point (and WITHOUT additional sound-effects tied in; airhorns, crashes, plane fly-bys, etc)
    During Live sets, I follow the same rule (when I first get on and when I am about to leave), and then during instrumental parts when there are no vocals. I find it really tacky to drop a line during while someone is singing (usually with every song, there are always a few people singing a long and your drop just messed them up).
    Also, in live sets remember to use the mic… I find it a lot more natural to say my name over the mic and speak to the audience than just drop a sample…
    Last but not least, DO NOT DO A DROP for SONGS GOING TO OTHER DJS!!! When I make mashups that I send to my Dj friends or record pools, I never add a drop. THEY DON”T CARE, THEY AREN”T GONNA PLAY IT LIVE, THEY’ll PROLLY JUST EDIT IT OUT & think your a douche bag…. yes I talking to you DJ ReMike lol

  • itskindahot


  • ninjaontherocks

    This is a very timely article. A few days ago, I was messing around with the voices on Google Translate for this very purpose.

    • Ukneek

      Its funny because i just made a dj drop in garage band 2 days ago. I actually was looking on the forum here to see if there were any tips. Garage band worked out great because you can use auto-tune and pitch adjust, throw in some echos and sounds like you had a pro do it for you, then add some of the built in sound samples like the radio tune and some of the stagers and it sounds wicked legit.

      • Kalvo

        Yeh I did the same and have been using garage band for a while now to record my name drops. There’s lots of amazing adjustments available, like echos, blends etc. I sometimes also use http://www.digitalfuturesoft.com/texttospeechproductsformacosx.php to record my speech in garage band then fine tune it. Have a listen to the beginning of my latest mix called “No Retreat” on soundcloud.com/kalvo and your hear how I used Garage band to record my name drop.