DJ TechTools’ Annual Gear Sale Happening Now

DJTT maintains a lively little boutique here on the site that sells carefully curated and crafted DJ gear for the discerning digitalist. Instead of  selling cheep gear, our staff prides themselves on helpful customer service and quality equipment that you can count on. Once a year, we do lower the prices and offer some juicy deals to help frugal DJs save a little cash. This year will be our biggest sale ever with a special list of 10 high quality DJ products that are 10-50% off!

The following specials will be good: 

Thursday Afternoon (2pm PST, GMT -8) through Sunday night (11PM PST, GMT -8) 

  • Custom SE Dicers (with LED mod!)
  •  $149   Sale price: $119 

  • AIAIAI TMA-1 Headphones
  •  $199   Sale price: $179 
  • Novation Twitch
  •  $499   Sale price: $459

  •  Traktor Kontrol S2 (with DJTT Super Knobs included!) 
  •  $649   Sale price: $599
  • Available here (Thursday through Sunday night)
  • Just add the knob/fader pack to your cart as well – if you’re on Chrome for Mac, you might need to try a different browser, there’s a bug there that we’re addressing!
  • Softstep Foot Controller
  •  $259   Sale price: $199
  • Westone  UM2 In-Ear Monitors
  •  $299   Sale price: $259

  • Midi Fighter Pro (With Free Super Knobs)
  •  $349  Sale price: $299
  • Mono Controller Bag for the S4 (Exclusive Pre-Sale!)
  •  $189  Sale price: $149
  • Available here (Thursday through Sunday night)
  • This is an exclusive pre-sale for a brand new bag that is only available on DJ The bags will ship by December 18th, and by pre-ordering now we are offering DJTT customers a huge discount.
  • AVIIQ Controller Stand
  •  $49  Sale price: $39
  • AVIIQ Quick Stand
  •  $39  Sale price: $19
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  • Foxhound

    Do you guys have a link for those killer dicers? When I click the existing link it says the page does not exist.

  • Tat3

    Super knob sale??

  • Killmedj

    What I;d give for the Ean Golden S4 mapping to be a part of this sale! =)

  • This Cool Editor Dude

    Your front page picture has a price tag of $449 on the twitch but in the post it’s $459. fyi

  • Marty

    Any deals on midi fighter classic?

  • Anonymous

    how does the new Mono S4 bag compare to the DJTT S4 bag?

  • Heewon Birch

    Im confused says you have a mono controller bag for the S4…but none of the MONO bags you guys have for sale will be big enough to fit the S4…

    • Heewon Birch

      never mind…went to the link on the black friday sale instead of in the store page.

  • Daniel

    $39 for a stand or grab some free cardboard from the liquor store in my neighborhood? 

    • Guesty

      There was a huge article about cardboard > this expensive POS. Even on sale its still laughable

    • Dreamr O'Kelly

      Absolutely!!! While we are at it we should throw away our nice clothes and dig some out of the trash to wear to our next gig!

      /sarcasm off

    • Macmiata

      DIY with a 4$ Ikea laptop stand in ugly green 🙂

  • R3Production

    I was hoping for a sweet deal on your DEMO VCI400. I want that one… Well i must be stupidly dreaming on Black Friday…..

    Just kidding, i will wait……Happy thanks Givin to all readers & DJTT team…

  • owen

    Is this online or in-store only? 

  • Legotist

    I just received my MF pro, I feel bad…

    • Guerrilla Warfare

      same. damn.

  • Anonymous

    I WANT THOSE DICERS!!!! ?(????)

  • Quenepas

    no sale on the Midi Fighter Classic? Bummer 🙁

  • Michielygil

    showing a rokit 8 while selling a 5 might not be the best idea…

    • David D.L.

      yes indeed…it can also be referred to as false advertising…just to warn you fine DJTT folks before you get any complaints or demands for Rokit 8’s for that price, which would constitute an amazing deal.

    • Ean Golden

      thanks for spotting that- the picture is updated. It got overlooked in all the other details. 

      • Awkwerd

        I am sure you are aware but its still the rokit 8 in the main picture

  • RedEyz Badman Press

    damnit. i just ordered an S2 and a bunch of knobs. i feel gipped. =(

    • Zach

      If you just ordered a product shown here we can hook u up with a deal. Email

      • RedEyz Badman Press

        problem is i ordered everything i need. i knew i should have held out for a few days. hah. i’ll see if anything else tickles my fancy, but i’ve gone through the store several times and really can’t see myself needing anything for the moment. can i get some kind of credit for a future purchase? i’ll submit through the support center and see what i can accomplish.

      • Guerrilla Warfare

        This kind of sucks tho, I ordered my midi fighter pro a week before this deal (im super happy with the MFP btw) but I’m really bummed I didn’t get the discount or the cool super knobs that come with it. I submitted a request like Zach said but the response said I would hear back about it until Monday. If I get some sort of refund or credit I would definitely use it to buy a set of the KRK speakers but since I don’t know if I’m getting anything/how much I could get back I’m worried about splurging on these speakers. =S

        • RedEyz Badman Press

          so just wait it out for the moment. i asked for a store credit on the price of the knobs, since i ordered soe to go along with my S2. even if i get that, or half of that, or a little something to use toward my next purchase i’d be happy.

          for you they may extend the sale (like a raincheck deal) so you can still get your speakers! =)

  • Derek Richard

    Those are some super sweet stupid deals….i may be getting myself a midi fighter finally!