Mono Kontroller Bag Released for S4s

DJ TechTools has teamed up with Mono to produce a high-quality bag for large controllers like the Native Instruments Kontrol S4. Mono are the team behind some of the nicest bags in the industry, and after we created our own S4 Kontroller Bag, they offered to take it up a notch with their signature design and construction. The resulting product is super-impressive and quite possibly the best looking way to travel with a large controller. To celebrate this announcement, we are offering a special winter deal on them through December in the web store.

Because Mono is a local California company with a sincere dedication to quality, I sat down with the founder, Daniel Kushner to ask him what makes Mono really special.

  • Product Name: Mono “Kontroller” bag
  • Price: $189 Normally, $149 (Special December price)
  • Available: Exclusively from DJ TechTools
  • Weight: 4 Pounds
  • Dimensions
    • Main Compartment: 14″ High x 21″ Wide x 4″ Deep
    • Front Pocket: 12″ High x 18.5″ Wide x 2.5″ Deep
    • Laptop Compartment (Fits up to 17″ MacBook Pro): 11″ High x 15.5″ Wide


  • Excellent design balance makes this a truly professional looking carry option.
  • Constructed from the highest quality military grade materials available.
  • Carefully designed with lots of special feature pockets and storage areas


  • Any time you are carrying a large bag on your shoulder it can get a little bit unwieldy. That being said, Mono did a good job of centering the weight, making it feel relatively stable considering the massive bulk of the S4.
  • At $189, the Kontroller is a serious investment for a bag!


If you demand the highest quality materials, construction, and design aesthetic then the Mono line simply can’t be beat. While our original S4 bag was a huge hit for its utility and affordable price, this bag does have it beat on looks and quality. I’ve personally used the smaller version of the Kontroller bag everyday for general laptop and gear storage for over a year, so we can vouch for the quality of this larger version targeted at the s4 and other controllers.



  • Memory foam shoulder strap makes it easy to take on long trips.
  • Thick high-density foam protects the Traktor Kontrol S4 faders and knobs.
  • Microfiber liner swaddles the controller and protects its surfaces.
  • Double-enforced straps and handles will never break (chainsaws excluded!)
  • Large front compartment for controllers and headphones.
  • Military grade rubber base is designed to last a lifetime.
  • Dedicated cell phone space with padding.
  • Waterproof sharkskin material insulates the entire exterior of the bag.
  • Limited Edition DJ TechTools model with a special blue tag.

The Mono Kontroller Bag is available now exclusively in the DJTT digital DJ boutique. 


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  • djamati

    can it fit with tr-1 , macbook pro17 and the audio 8?

  • KidHack

    Just picked up the Magma Digi Control Bakpack for my S4. It’s freaking solid. Love it. Removable panels make it easy to dig deep in the bag. It’s a backpack with chest clip (for stability) shoulder sling option so it’s super versatile… as in I can bicycle to a club or rock it as carry on when flying on tour. It’s price is $200, but damn worth it.

    • Magma dude

      I bought that too! I prefer the backpack style 🙂

    • Magma dude

      I bought that too! I prefer the backpack style 🙂

    • Southy Freakin'

      Been eyeballing that bag for a couple of weeks. Come payday, i’m a gonna get me one. Thanks for the mini-review 🙂

  • Andrew Cizek

    Could you fit an S4 with a decksaver on into the bag?

  • Ilyssa

    I bought the original DJTT S4 bag back in October. Considering this looks way nicer, I wish I’d had any idea that an update by Mono was planned. I would have waited for the new bag to make the purchase.

    • Zach

      Sorry about that. We understand its frustrating when newer products come out.  if you want to trade up to the mono bag, we would be happy to trade it in for you for a small upgrade fee. just email orders @

  • Djlionking

    This really sucks, I just got the other S4 Bag in September… If I knew Mono was coming out with this I would have bought this instead

    • Zach

      Hey if you want to trade up to the mono bag, we would be happy to trade it in for you for a small upgrade fee. just email orders @ 

      • Lionkingdj

        Oh I am all over this like a Hobo on a Ham Sandwich. Thanks!

  • Marco F

    I’ve used Mono Bags before and all I can say is if this is built like their other bags, it’s so so worth it. These things are built like tanks and I wouldn’t be surprised if they last a few years if you treat them right!

  • Acidistic

    This looks freakin sweet!! I’m glad they upgraded it a bit:)