How I Play: The Polish Ambassador

In a new DJ TechTools feature, we take a look at some of the best up and coming producers and DJs in the electronic music world and ask them how they curate and perform their live shows. Special thanks to Beatport for making these interviews possible!

For more information on The Polish Ambassador, you can check out his website or you can purchase his incredible productions over at his Beatport artist page!

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  • Anonymous

    I <3 The Polish Ambassador. Thanks for bringing him on!

  • Speezy Speez

    not so easy to do if you’re not playing 100% material that you produced.

  • Heyyo

    nice to watch.  Set up seems very mouse heavy bringing in clips etc.  To me I hate looking at the laptop screen when playing.  DJing is all about the sound not visual.  Laptops while progressing the art is taking away from it slightly…Evolution of the art i guess

  • Tim Maughan

    ‘Hipsters with ironic names are killing digital DJing’ – discuss.

  • Livestrongstayhandsome

    Please feature the twelves!! i would love to see how they get down on ableton!

  • Alex Blaxx

    Dig this feature. Love getting an insight into how other artists work.

  • yugen

    Great!  I can’t wait to see more of these.

  • Laszlo Mag

    Awesome. This is quite a unique approach to deejaying, at least as far as my style goes. Even though I’m running traktor, I can definitely see some of this being implemented in the way I do my sets. Nice post, hope to see more of these in the future!

  • FDRK

    This isn’t a way I would go if I wanted to expand my DJ experience, but there are a couple of things to keep in mind when watching the video.
    First off: He never sais he’s a DJ! And he most deffinetly isn’t. He performs his own tracks.
    Second: He’s been performing for only TWO years, so he probably has some skills coming he’s way.
    Third: Love the costume… It’s all about the performance!

  • 4fterGlo

    Did he break up songs into categories himself or are those pre broken up and a sample pack you can buy or something or what? 

    • Speezy Speez

      they’re all songs or remixes that he produced.

  • Brodizzle

    how many times did this guy say subtle? lame….not really djn…stick with production behind the scenes patna

  • JoeJackson

    very polish, very far from DJ’ing. Who the hell cares what quantize the clown is doing, click click click click all night is not innovative, fun to watch, or worth the “I makes the mashups” video There are several teenagers on youtube who make this “innovative pro” look like a schmuck as far as performance- Isn’t the whole fawking point of playing ableton out to have the platform and ability to PERFORM?? minimal stem cues and fade mixing isnt made possible by ableton, its made possible the ability to do it with extreme laze and lack of real skills. (ie timing, improv, scratching, even phrasing)

    • cabdoctor

      ……………..And yet he’s making more money than you. 

      • JoeJackson

        I doubt it – I develop software systems for Lockheed Martin. DJ’ing doesn’t pay enough.

        • Starlabs


  • guest

    Why do you get dressed up like a clown to perform? Part of the ambiance of your show? Besides da Ali G costume nice work!

  • Anonymous

    Looking forward to more of these! Awesome!

  • Do$ha

    Rick ta Life on a horse > Ean Golden in a cardigan.

  • coke

    Give that poor man an APC40

  • Djkaveatl

    Nice! I would really like to get my hands on some of those clips that he has!!


    Anyone like Ean’s little creeper appearance with his cardigan and beard 😛 

  • George

    A week ago I bitched about the last Ableton article and how it was unrealistic playing live that way. Thank you for posting this. Totally redeemed DJTT!

  • Rolf Siebelink

    Very basic, standard Ableton live performance set up, nothing too fancy. Nothing wrong with that of course as long as it gets the crowd moving.

    • jprime

      Was thinking the same thing, super basic setup….good for new DJ’s to check out I reckon 😉

  • RockingClub

    Probably one of the coolest new features you’ve ever introduced on DJTT. Great thanks for this insider views!
    Helps a lot!
    Keep it up guys!

  • AlexSnow

    Ya know, the concept of this really appeals to me, but how would you realistically apply this to released songs (ie: things you don’t have stems for)?

    • Rossi Live

      Loops. You loop parts of full released tracks that you like. organize, then mix them all up. In a sense your remixing on the fly. Now, you dont sound like the “other DJ” playing the same songs.

  • DSC

    A different take.  Refreshing to see and hear a different perspective.

  • Dj Sterilize

    Amazing! Thanks so much for this!

  • Shazee

    Thank you! This is how I wanna setup my set… Now all I need is time…

  • Shazee

    Thank you! This is how I wanna setup my set… Now all I need is time…

  • Shazee

    Thank you! This is how I wanna setup my set… Now all I need is time…

  • James 'Pioneer' Burkill

    I love this kinda stuff but this will always remain to the music, neva to a general populus 

  • Yeah

    ok. if this really is gonna be a continuing column then make it one. you’e the king of starting and stopping shit.

    • Spacecamp

      Dan here, author, video editor, and managing editor. Perhaps in the past we’ve been a bit poor with keeping a series running, but this one is on like Donkey Kong. 

      • MIchielygil

        But this one will never be as nifty as the discontinued one with DJ Shifty

        • Spacecamp

          Hmm, a good point. Let me see if I can’t make something happen there. 

          • cabdoctor

            Can you bring back “Whats in your DJ bag”?  Seems like you guys might be able to knock out a few of these at the same time.  An artist interview, How I play and What’s in Your Bag all from the same person during the same day.

  • Per Jakobsen

    i use ableton my self for remixing and mashups.. cudos to dj tech tools . loved this feature 

  • Kevin Knight

    That looks awesome BUT… all the transport controls need to be away from that horrendous mouse!  I personally would try to find anything I could that would do the job of not having to use the mouse on stage so you can load your clips into their tracks… anybody else hate mice on stage??? 

    PS where are all the haters now?  Love the folks at DJTT 😀

    • Mark Huigen

      Thats why i use an old school Logitech Trackman Marble Mouse ( don’t let the name confuse you, its a trackball )

      It uses hardly any space, you can operate is without having to bend over your laptop and after a little getting used to it’s faster then a mouse! 😉

      • Weltraumpapst

        i dont get the thing with the mouse neither.. why not buy an apc40, put all the clips in one session w/out having to drag/drop them? 

        • Anthony Woodruffe

          I think the idea of not having all t clips loaded is to help reduce CPU usage. Someone with a bit more Ableton experience could do with confirming that though.

          • Rockludret

            Should also note that you can only have ever so much on the screen at the same time. Doing it like this means he can drag in whatever he wants. I’ve done some experiments with reaching into the laptop to change what clips is loaded to the controllers. I think you can do a lot more than just assign a single clip to a single button, since you can (As I’ve experienced) load entire groups of clips so that you can for example ready a new batch of loops for the next song on all the buttons on a oxygen8 really quick, so that you can use the same mapping but have a lot mor sounds to use.

          • Speezy Speez

            yeah definitely.  also having like 2 hours of material loaded into one set makes it much harder to jump around / bring in whatever you want.  illgates had mouseless nav / clip loading on some of his older ableton templates but i haven’t seen it in any of the recent ones.

    • santababy

      mouse is a party pooper 

      I realy don’t understand this half MIDI – half mouse concept… 

  • Marco F

    heh you can see he uses Tarekith’s effect racks.

  • Yousef Okasheh

    wow legit, makes me reconsider all those years of using traktor…

  • Ready.Destroy

    This is going to a fascinating series! DTT’s content is so amazing! Keep up the great work! 

  • Jamba_Juice

    Nice! Awesome idea idea for a series. It is always cool to see what other people’s approach is.

  • Scott Nelle

    Cool video! I’m excited about the new feature!

  • Stig Fostervold

    I use Ableton myself, but I have never considered editing the set on the fly like that, and instead I organize an entire set beforehand. That’s actually pretty brilliant.

    But then again, I don’t play at places were people usually dance, but at more “weird gigs” (noise-concerts, experimental gigs, that stuff) where I don’t have to make people dance 😛 Oh, and I rarely keep music at the same tempos (although it’s usually fairly slow and chill, I tend to have it somewhere between 50-60 BPM to 80-90 BPM), so mixing tracks together don’t really work for what I do personally anyway. (Still, what he does, it definitely gave me some new ideas).

  • DJ mV

    Cool vid…  Jump suit is funny..  but I would frikkin melt in that thing!!! LOL