DJ TechTools Traktor Kontrol S4 Mapping

Since Christmas is just around the corner, I wanted to ship out a special present to all of our loyal readers. The brand new DJ TechTools Kontrol S4 mapping… for free! Click on the picture to watch a video demo and learn how to install it. 

Get the S4 Mapping here.


Yup, I changed my mind. We originally decided to charge for the S2 mapping and received a lot of flack for charging for something that has always been free. In 2008, when this site was started, I made a decision that digital goods would be free and we would charge for hardware. Even though I think our mappings are priceless, I believe charging for them costs us more in community goodwill then we make in hard dollars. DJTT is not in it for the cash, so I would rather stock up on goodwill in case we sail into rough waters.

Therefore, we are going back to the old system when mappings are all free.  That includes the S2 mapping, which is now free as well.

Did you pay for the S2 mapping? Well, thank you for the support, but I will be happy to issue a refund to anyone that feels they didn’t get $5 in value. Just hit up our support page (after January 3rd!) and it will be taken care of after the christmas break!


Most of the DJTT staff is going off for the next two weeks to recharge our batteries. There will be new articles but we won’t be answering the phones much or shipping any products until January 3rd. I truly wish each and every one of you the happiest of holidays and hope to see you around these parts again next year!


This is one big giant monster of a mapping that we will be improving continually over the next month.

Please give feedback on the individual pages! 

Here are the known bugs that will be fixed shortly

  1. The loop indicators dont work (Traktor does not support this functionality in custom mappings) – not cool!
  2. The Filter knobs dont turn on the filter, and just move them. (you need to manually turn them on once) – this will be fixed.
  3. There are some issues with older versions of Traktor. If you can, please upgrade to 2.1 or above – we are looking for a fix.
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  • Attila

    Just trying to learn this mapping, when I hold down the master button the shift button for deck A lights up, and the “deck A” indicator next to the “on air” indicator for deck A goes dim. Does this mean anything?

  • daniel

    whats the name of the second song??

  • daniel

    what is the name of the second song?

  • Morenamokopanele

    does it work with the trackor 2.5 remix

  • Solomon Gs0555

    hey guys i just wanna no which z best dj colsole for beginners like s1 n t1 s4 

  • deadzeppelin

    Yeah, I’m having some issues with the mapping as well. It’s cool and fun to mess around with, but I’ve lost my filter and the loop readout as well. How do I go about fixing this?

  • Neel

    Hey Ean, Firstly thank you for all your effort building this map. I just love using it , however I am sure you are aware of the loop display issue that the map is causing in S4. The loop length counter in s4 renders non-functional once this map is loaded. Are u planning any fix release for this?

  • Nico240381

    I have a problem when I turn on an effect AND I push the jog the effect turned on but when I move the jog the parameter doesn’t change, but I saw in the video that His parameter change when he move the jog wheel.
    Where Is my mistake? Thanks

    • Nicolasbalsemin

      This is normal, turn the odds joog, not the top of joog.

  • Styper

    Is there a Mapping vor Vci-400 to Download ? Or comes one?

  • Nicolas B.

    the samples decks C and D work with this mapping ?????

  • Nicolas B.

    the samples C and D work with mapping

  • Nicolas B.

    the samples decks C and D decks work with mapping ???

  • Distraction Here

    Are there any update on this mapping, bug fixes, etc.?

  • Floafleur

    I add your mapping but the jog don’t work anymore
    please help me
    I am a poor french men in reunion island who love to use this perfect mapping!
    please thank you so much! 

  • Floafleur

    hello I can’t make effect with the jog  ? what I have to do?

  • Tim Maguire

    Very cool!!

    What would you recommend to recapitulate this functionality in the X1s i.e. can one compile similar groups in the X1 that can be modulated with the knobs as opposed to the jog wheels on the S2/S4??

  • King Fader

    I went through the whole email thing and couldn’t get the mapping.
    just an error page for something that doesn’t exist.
    I emailed my error but haven’t gotten a reply yet.

  • vlk

    Thank u very much.. This mapping amazing.. 

  • Shahan

    I really need help in what to buy? whether its gonna be a pioneer ddj-t1 o traktor s4 o ddj -s1, Please can someone help me with this??

  • Ceezaer

    I DJ Shiftee mapping

  • justonecreation

    when i load the map it erased all my other maps. . is this normal. . . . . . and my play button no longer works. . . nor my sync. . is this normal. . . and in “non” effect mode my jog wheel is hyper sensitive. . . and my cues dont work. . . and browse skips every other song. . . can someone shed some light for me. . . . . 

  • Bogdan Popoviciu

    Hello Ean. Thanks for the great mapping. I want to ask you how can I stop or deactivate the mapping in a DJ set. I mean, there are moments when I’m playing 2 tracks and I need the Jog Wheel in normal mode + scratch. The mapping and all the effects are great when the track is running but when mixing together 2 song realy need the jog wheels. Please help! Thanks. All the best!

  • Jerome Weaver

    I signed up for this and never revived my S4 mapping

  • Martin Korenek

    I’ve just read the known bugs… stupid me.

  • Martin Korenek


    first of all thank you for this mapping, slowly but steadily I am learning how to work with it and I have to say that the main thing abou it is… IT’S FUN!
    However when I installed it, the glowing digit localized in the corners of S4, which shows by how much beat you are gonna jump in a track (or how big the loop is gonna be) stopped working.Is that as intended or I did something wrong, please? Thank you

  • Euphoricf

    The Mapping is realy awesome. But it would be nice if you could give us a layoutmap like you have for the vci-100 and / or a list of all functions features – Yes I could see it on the mapping-settings but there it is not realy good readable.

    And a donate-Button is still missing here. 🙂

  • Euphoricf

    The Mapping is realy awesome. But it would be nice if you could give us a layoutmap like you have for the vci-100 and / or a list of all functions features – Yes I could see it on the mapping-settings but there it is not realy good readable.

    And a donate-Button is still missing here. 🙂

  • big al

    mapping for pioneer ddj-T1?

  • big al

    mapping for pioneer ddj-T1?

  • technicaltitch

    I’d love an article on the making of this mapping, eg, how do you disable the jogs and other controls, what filters did you map and how, any bugs, wisdom or gotchas?

  • technicaltitch

    I’ve put a lot of time into customizing Traktor to work as I like – settings and mappings all over. Does anyone know whether importing this will delete/replace my existing mappings? Which other settings will it change?

    And, can I export all my settings, then import this (twice) to have a look, and then re-import my old settings (twice)? Will that definitely restore all my settings or is there a risk some might be lost due to tsi bugs or whatever?

    Thanks for any tips!

    • Euphoricf

      You should alway backup your hole Traktor settings before importing new ones.

    • Euphoricf

      You should alway backup your hole Traktor settings before importing new ones.

  • Joshrobbs

    Since Ive imported this TSI Traktor keeps crashing in like 30 sec. I have the 2.1.1. Never had this happen before. It wont even stay open long enough for me to remove the tsi. Any help would be much appreciated

  • Vox

    is anyone else really disappointed with this mapping? Been looking forward to it since I got a S4 6 months ago…. And now I get basically the stock S4 mapping with some preset effects combos, and I lose the loop readout?
    No thanks Ean, The mapping I’ve made myself around the NATIVE mode is more extensive than this…
    I still love you, though DJTT.

  • Sebastien Nicolas


    Noobie am i… so sorry to be so NUL. Crying. Gonna break my S4! yeah! (i gonna film that!)
    So : is it normal that :
    Shift button has no LED. first cue doesn’ twork.
    When you turn the loop button : nothing happen (no 2, 4, 8, 16..) just the same chiffre.

    Bref. Je n’y arrive pas… 🙁

    How can we go back… snif.

  • jg

    hey ean! stoked for this mapping as i am with every other article to guys put out but im having some issues with the mapping. as a couple other people mentioned when the jog wheels are pressed the effect will kick in but the parameters wont adjust. also, for some reason, even when not trying to use the jog wheels for effects, the jog wheels will no longer scroll through the track. another bug was that after i engaged the jog wheel effects my play buttons would not work (which is quite problematic), my filter knobs would not work and my tempo faders would not adjust. sounds like im having more issues than most but hopefully this helps with the debugging process! thanks again for all of your wonderful articles and support you give to the dj world! 😀

  • Taylorstpe

    How are you liking this? Thinking about installing it. Whats your opinion on it and can it be removed to original settings?

  • Mthc_89

    I am having a problem where The jog wheels turn on the effects but doesn’t change the permitters.. Pls HELP ! Thanks a lot! 😉

  • Vladimir Zuev

    And please please please….search on russian(cyrillic) language

  • Mverbora

    Thanks for the mapping.  Jog wheels won’t change the dry/wet of the effects for me though. I’m a huge noob and just got the S4 for christmas though so maybe its me…


  • Djcabezza

    its not working for me.  it won’t let me unzip, keeps saying access denied.

  • Jem24x

    Anyone else can’t use the jogwheels to browse when in search mode? I seem to be having this problem along with the above bugs…running off 2.1.2….

    • Matt

      Yes also had this prob

  • Max le Daron

    So the loop indicators issue will be fixed one day? that’s awesome news!

  • Evandro

    WOW! Thank you guys! I agree with Zulu: Put a donation button here.

    Merry Christmas.

  • ian

    Does the mapping use the same FX chains as the instant gratification mapping? I’d like to use this mapping in combination with my Maschine midi fighter mapping.

    • Andrekullberg

      Yes it does. But do not install! After I installed the new mapping nothing work.Tried to go back to my backup, but then the “Gater” effect on my MF does not work. In goes from full wet till half wet after one sec. Tryed everything but nothing… 🙁 

  • neil

    has anyone else not been getting the download link in the confirmation email? I’ve received the welcome email but there is nothing to download. I’ve disabled ad block and also tried 2 separate browsers (chrome and safari)

  • Roryrewinds

    a donation page is a good idea. plenty of people on here show support by for say buying a t-shirt or dishing out for a midifighter. the mappings should remain free or at least a donation has to be made. i mean i dont want to pay for a mapping and it turn out i not like it at all but if theres a mapping i do like then im happy to donate 5 dollars or something. but the prices should not be forced on everyone. i mean some people just dont have the cash after spending all their money on an s4 from your store 🙂

  • Per Jakobsen

    S2 mapping thanks, working PERFECT, thanks DJTT. Merry Christmas, and Happy new year, wishing you a even more prosperous 2012.  

  • Blasterrider07

    what did you guys use to unzip or decompress the file on mac??

  • Mesh

    Just got so many great ideas from watching this. So stoked. This will probably be the best christmas gift I’ll get this year

  • Bryanmccullough

    it isnt working for my PC.. is it only for mac computers?

  • coke


  • Will Gamble

    Yea, I payed for the S2 mapping, and I’m totally NOT asking for a refund, it’s so worth the $5.  I would love an article explaining those additional S4 effects so I can map my old X1’s to do them though, they are super tight.

  • Blake

    I agree with Jim, I am more than willing to pay 5 bucks for an awesome map pack such as this. For all the work you guys put in, its the least anyone could do. Seriously who can afford an S2 or S4 and not have 5 extra bucks for some mappings. Thanks a Million DJTT you guys are awesome.

  • Jaymacfee420

    i can’t get it its saying file is corrupt can someone please help I’ve been waiting for this and now it won’t work. mac osx

  • Brock Wilmer

    I’m with JM on this, I was so excited about this S4 mapping I didn’t care if it cost $15, I would gladly pay for all the hard work you guys put in to programming mappings. I check DJTT everyday and I Learn so much from the articles. There were sites to buy my S4 cheaper but there was no question in my mind where I was going to spend my money. Thanks for everything guys! Merry Christmas!

  • Tonal Desires

    Now I have hope for the VCI 400 mapping!
    Maybe this site will be awesome again, I think it will.

  • Dannygee2026

    So dope!!! Thanks so much Ean!!  Can’t wait to test this out!!

  • Robert Ginkgo

    I agree with the consensus here that I’d happily shell out a few bucks for the mappings, especially if that would enable ongoing support for the mappings. You guys rule, and I’m super grateful for all you’ve done to expand the game.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you DJTT! The only issue now is that i cant explain why im not attending christmas dinner this year.. any ideas for an alibi? except this Awesome mapping!!?
    Merry Christmas!
    Can’t wait for all the great moments in 2012!

  • RockTheS4

    Could there be any bigger Christmas gift?
    And: I agree with all of those people suggesting a donation possibility. Also got this idea during the reading of this article.
    To me, this mapping would also be worth paying 5euros+ for it. The major problem is how to make the payment without paypal or a credit card. It’s a pity that there aren’t more paying options…

  • Sm00sh

    can we finally get some Traktor 2 love for the VCI100?!!

  • Nik Hurley

    im so glad this is free! 
    i use loops way too much to download this just yet, but i am looking forward to the updates!!!!!!!

  • B-Rukks

    Just wanted to post my gratitude for getting this out before the holidays, and I am guessing with all the employees going on break it would be hard to collect money for this mapping. 

    I would like to restate the donation suggestion, I would gladly pay just to support your site and to be honest a mapping is a good reason to donate. I think you would get alot more money than you think…

    I gave DJTT some flack after you charged for the s2 mapping, mainly for your own good, as I did not want to see negativity turn when the mappings were not updated instantly as you stated would be done….and i basically knew there was no way that would happen due to things outside DJTT’s control. (Native Instruments)

    Anyways, just as many people thought that initially paying for the mapping was wrong, most have changed their mind and it was simply a time of adjustment as payment was a new concept.

    I would be more than willing to donate for this mapping as I see that it will be useful for what I do in traktor…Also, I believe because you got this out before christmas I will be buying some new knobs more to support your business rather than out of necessity.

    Merry xmas, thanks for the mapping.

  • Robert

    Thanks guys!! Happy Holidays to all of you 🙂

  • Se7enmr

    This is awesome , but you should have a donate button cause I for one would pay the $5 regardless for the hard work you guys put into making these maps for us.

  • Jay

    $5 for this mapping would still be a steal, I paid $50 for a mapping on my APC40 that I don’t even use.

  • phill

    I tried it out and I’m not a fan effects values don’t change and now my filter knobs don’t do anything i want to go back to the original setting but it won’t let me. WTF Ean

  • tweeksDman

    Dude! you guys are way awesome! Happy Holidays DJTT!

  • Anonymous

    awesome mapping 2 minor things that i have arent working are, as a couple have stated the loop size isnt showing correctly on the s4, also the shift seek function isnt working. other than that..perfection 🙂

  • kramerbuccs24

    Can’t wait to play around with it. Thanks!!!!

  • Slak Jaw

    Thanks for the free mapping guys, but I would have happily paid $5 for this! The delay in getting this was a bit frustrating, but something tells me this will be worth the wait. Here’s a suggestion. Why not set up an option to donate for those of us who see the value? Keep up the great work and enjoy the much needed time off.

  • moonunit

    Incredible, thanks guys!

  • Azunderg

    Thank you. Anyone who has a problem giving you guys $5 for mapping is worthless.

  • Djluke3

    out off all the times they said they’re not gonna answer us ……….

  • Djluke3

    its not working well its like half working….when i press down the jog wheel it turns on the effects but does not change the permitters please help i need this for a party tonight!!!

    • Ryan Vogel

      same here bro! what version on traktor are you using?

    • dim.po

      Same Problem

    • David Cabasso

      delete any other mappings you have. had the ame issue until i deleted all other mappings. 

    • Quittman

      same problem also. Tried deleting other mappings and the jog wheels still dont control the fx when you move them.   

    • Mthc_89

      I am having the same problem as well.. The jog wheels turn on the effects but doesn’t change the permitters.. Pls HELP !! 

    • @soulfulsounder

      Hey guys, had the same problem until I updated my software. Everything has been working like it’s supposed to since I did.

  • Taylor Schotter

    If i cant pay you, where the donation button at??

  • Tomii Forsythe

    This may seem like a dumb question……… So the jog effects mode.. would it be possible to assign similar effects to a standard turntable (isn’t it pretty much a midi controller, just through DVS?) I have never messed with TSpro before Just TP utilizing the VCI 100se.

  • mail4ricardo

    I just went back to factory setting…but if anyone can tell me what button(s) i need to look for if my turntables are disabled after using the djtt mapping i would appreciate it…thank you all

  • Mail4ricardo

    quick one, after going back to factory setting my turntables are still disabled , can anyone help? thank.

    this mapping is hot! thank you so much Ean and DJTT crew!

  • Nathanhatter

    found another small issue, along with the ones noted in the comments below, when you press the browse button the s4 the cue/load/sample lights dont flash or behave like they used to, indicating where an available slot was.

    • Nathanhatter

      and another, the queue point i had stored do not automatically light up, only news ones made do.

  • ZULU

    Hey DJ TT-Team,

    you guys should definitely implement a donation-button. I have learned so much here, I would like to give you something back. I can´t donate much, but if a handful other guys joined me, it would be worth something. I certainly would like to buy hardware in your store, but I live in
    Europe and it is too complicated with customs, warranty etc.. At least
    according to my experience.

    I know you guys run a company and this blog is a part of it, but you put so much passion in your work so I think it is more than just business.

    I didn´t know that it is your company policy to give away mappings for free. In my opinion, it´s your work and you should get paid for it. I don´t understand why  a lot of guys here want everthing for free. If they want something for free, they can do it themselves. I am just imagining how I would react if my boss would tell me this: “Ok, I am thinking you are doing a good job and I am benefiting a lot from your work, but you must work for me for free because I want you to.” That´s what I thought after I had read a few negative comments when you announced that you would charge a few Dollars for your mappings. I mean, they spend a fortune on hardware/software, but they are complaining about a decent price for a quality mapping?

    Enjoy your days off and Merry Christmas.

    Best regards from Germany,

    • technicaltitch

      I agree completely with your sentiment.

      Just to say I ordered from djtt from the UK, the unit arrived within the week – no worse than UK suppliers and trackable on-line, the delivery company just charged the duty on my doorstep from my credit card, which still left the total price I paid, including delivery, £100 lower than the cheapest option locally or internationally, and I got a free djtt DVD, extra cables, and my rights and registration are exactly the same as I’d have bought from the UK – NI have supported me several times, once to bend the rules to enable me to take advantage of an offer and several times with technical issues. Also included with my S4 was the pleasure of some of the profits going towards supporting this online community, which keeps me inspired with all sorts of new and old creative possibilities.

  • Groovemixer

    This is not good Ean!!!!! I need to paint the rest of my house and stay off the S4 and now you bring us this??????


    ok maybe ill check it out……..LOL

  • dim.po

    Thank U guys! But i’m using Traktor Pro 2.0.1
    And a have a problems with this mapping – values of Effects don’t work when i’m pushing the jog weels. Also when i activate Deafult S4 mapping in controller manager – play button of the track don’t work too.

    Is a problem in version of my Traktor?
    Answer Please

    • Ryan Vogel

      Same here except i’m using 2.0.3

    • 1984

      update to 2.1.1?

      • dim.po

        I don’t want to update because in 2.0.1 and later
        i have a big problems with cpu overload and latency
        I need very low latency and it works well in this version

    • Ean Golden

      We have updated the post with bug info. please head over to the forum where there will be support for the mapping. 

      • dim.po

        Thanks for reply Ean ! 😉

  • Joe Santiago

    Thanks DJTT Team, you guys are my first stop on the internet!

  • Bcondemi

    Stellar comeback DJTT…


  • YamBam

    Cracking job Ean and all you guys at DJTT, I would happily pay for this map as I’m sure alot of time went into it..! I’m always spreading the word around the Uk about you guys…! While this map is going to get used alot, can someone look into the problems described below, I’m on 2.1.2 and the filter knob doesn’t work and the loop length is frozen on the s4 display… Only problems I’ve found with it! Hope it’s an easy fix and thanks again sooo much!! Merry Christmas guys!!

    • Anonymous

      u just have to turn on the filter..theres a little blue light that should appear underneath the filter in traktor. 

      • SeanSparks

        Thanks for addressing this r53ridin, I had the same problem

    • alxtodd

      Hey YamBam, I know this is maybe not the best place to post this question but i can’t seem to find a way to PM you or anything like that. I would just like to know if you have purchased any products from DjTechtools and if you live in the Uk, I am only assuming you do from your comment to this blog haha. If so did you have any trouble with customs etc with delivery or extra costs??? I am interested in purchasing the s4 but just need to find out if the shipping involves any troubles. Thanks 🙂

  • Kevins212

    Post a list of names of those who demand their s2 5 bucks back lol

  • Funkmaster

    awesome DJTT, you are the best!

  • Nathanhatter

    im also experiencing issues, as someone noted below, ‘on air’ is pulsing instead of being stead, the loop/jump display is stuck etc

  • Dax

    I support DJTT charging nominal fees for complex mappings if it helps contribute to continued innovations and a stronger base for us all to rely on. 

  • Djsterilize

    Thanks so much!! Merry christmas!!

  • Rod

    Thanks for the free mapping, but I’m gonna echo what others have been commenting as well, there are some that in fact don’t mind paying for the mapping and helping out DJTT, perhaps let people choose what they want to pay for the mapping and also include a donate button at the top of the website like some people mentioned. Happy Holidays to all the DJTT staff!! Keep up the wonderful work you guys have been doing! 🙂

  • pol

    Please, can you make a VMS4 mapping?

    • Bloodhound

      you checked the forums yet? im sure there are some people that could help ya.

  • Ian Barbosa

    Thank you very much, great christmas gift. 😉

  • 1984

    I woke up today and DJ Tech Tools gave me a boner. 

  • LeonAlaluf

    it’s great!! Really! 

  • sameoldsong

    <3 DJTT

  • Anonymous

    Nice X-mas present Ean! Thanks!:)


  • Manuel

    Thanks Ean, but unfortunatelly, importing the .tsi file twice deleted all my other customized .tsi files :-/

    • danzo

      That’s what the big Import button does, yo. 

  • Anonymous

    My only complaint with this whole mapping IS….theres no donate button :p  u guys are the sh**t. thanks again. 

  • Euphoricf

    Nice Mapping. I can’t wait for the VCI-400 Mapping. And then I will decide which will replace my vci-100. 🙂

  • DJ Lu'Ap

    love the stuff Ean and DJ TT crew..  is there a way I can incorporate that .tsi with the custom .tsi I’ve spent countless hours customizing?  in other words, Can I use this Tsi with a midi fighter instant gratification type mapping?

    • Antonio

      I have the same question

    • Ean Golden

      Yes- After you import this mapping, you will need to use the small import button in the controller drop down section of the mappings tab. That will ADD mappings to the S4 one and then you can add as many as you want. 

      • Antonio

        Yes! Ean I have a question man, I’ve been trying to look it up a bit and I feel like I’m a bit far down on the learning curve so it’s really complicated, help me out. 

        I have the S4 (Stock map) and MF (IG) – I see that the MF is triggering the effects on the s4’s top effect knobs, which renders them useless, is there a way to put them back to how they were originally (where I select the effect) and still use IG?

        Sorry if I’m being dense man, it’s a lot to take in.

      • Dj Lu'Ap

        Thanks Ean. Happy holidays!!

  • Pay what you want?

    Regarding the donation button, maybe DJTT could use a “Pay what you want” method (similar to some artists on bandcamp for example). That way, it won’t look like DJTT is looking for handouts (like some people say a donation button would do – I disagree) but we still have the ability to compensate them for the time put into the mapping if we choose to do so. 

  • mfalcon

    Wow, Thanks very much DJTT! I bought my S4 from you guys and you have won my continued support!

  • Lee

    You’re the man Ean. I really didn’t think there was a problem with you guys charging. I would’ve gladly shelled out $5 for something I’m incapable of programming myself. This s**t takes a long time and frankly, time = money. I agree with those who are asking for a donation button, you guys deserve it.

    That said, is there anyway to retain the use of the sample buttons? I like having those available for instant loop creation. Thanks again guys!

  • Ryan Vogel

    Can you use this on top of the instant gratification mapping!? that would be soooo prime

  • Deej Skotish

    The email I received said, “Download S2 Mapping” – is this a type-error (they really meant “S4”) or will this only download the S2 Mapping?  Anyone…? Bueller…?

  • thewaan

    Thanks for this guys, I was another one who was prepared to pay after all the hard work that must have gone into it so extra thanks for the Christmas gift…although my girlfriend wont thank you at all.

  • Dsharps

    Hey, um, I don’t know if this is true for everyone, but my mapping doesn’t seem to work. The Loop length indicator is stuck at 8, the FX activate and select correctly but are not controlled by the jogs, the ON AIR indicator responds to the VU meter data, rather than being steadily lit, and tracks loa with the playhead at the end of the track, which is an odd design choice I think.

    • Ryan Vogel

      i’m having the same problem!

    • Ivanthegreat

      Same Here!

    • Alexfells

      Are you running the latest version of traktor?

      • Ryan Vogel

        I’m running 2.0.3 because 2.1.2 still as to many problems like 2.1.1

        • Mercredi Chris

          When you say your running 2.xx. Is that the traktor pro s4 version your talking about or the driver. Because my traktor version say standalone version 1.04 or something. And I can’t figure out how to update. There is nothing in the service centre showing an update.

          • Ryan Vogel

            oh wow bro no I’m not using Traktor S4 i stopped using that months ago Traktor Pro 2.0.1 came out back in April all you need to do it go to downloads in the upper tool bar if you have a MAC and go to downloads to update your software. 

      • Viszla

        I don’t wanna 2.1.1 or 2.1.2 anywhere near my machine

        I didn’t try mapping yet, but if it’s only for 2.1.2… I’ll skip it.


    • Nathanhatter

      Same issues from me, I’m on latest version of traktor scratch

  • Marco F

    Wow. You guys really delivered on this! Thank you Ean and The DJTT Staff! Merry Christmas!

  • Ian V Jones

    That’s amazing generosity guys.
    I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.

  • Mercredi Chris

    Am I missing something? I got the email and the only thing I can dl is a contact card?

  • Rob Day

    Great work, great site.

  • Matt Mateo

    Thanks Ean and the DJTT Crew this is a awesome christmas gift!!!  Has anyone received the mapping in there e-mail yet. I thought it was suppose to be a quick transfer.

    • Drj1993

      got it!

  • Djxoduzz

    YESSS I BEEN waiting for this, thank you so much and merry XMAS!

  • jm

    Is there the possibility of a donation page for those of us who would, in fact, not mind paying a nominal fee for the mapping? I may be in the minority, but I am very much so ready and able to at least donate something to the DJTT cause for the great mappings!

    • Darichard1

      I was thinking the exact same thing, I for one would also absolutely donate to DJTT for all they do for us. THANK YOU DJTT STAFF/EAN. You guys are awesome.  

      • Coldfuzion

        If you guys feel like donating, just buy their cables or something. That’s how I justified paying $15 for a cable I could get for $5. I buy stuff from the store whenever possible as well, including my MF pro which I could’ve probably got off the Buy & Sell sub forum in the forums. Hell I even bought the little create your own remix power tool package thing, haven’t used it once, but bought it to show support to this great site and the people who are behind it. 

        But yes, a donate button would be nice – but I feel like it would look like DJTT was looking for handouts. 

        • Ean Golden

          thanks for the support! I would like to think people give back where they can and spread the word about how much we try to help people. It all comes back around! 🙂 

          • Viszla

            great ean!

            but still I would like to donate few bucks
            if I buy cable that I don’t need I’ll pay way much more to postal & custom servise

            so ean & comp. please think once again about that ‘donate button’ 🙂 

    • Chris Szabo

      same here, make a donation page!!!

    • Mark Huigen

      Same here, this blog got me into digital dj-ing, and eventually by playing gigs with my new earned DJTT Skills it earned me a MF Classic and aTKS4 so i’d like to be able to express my gratitude in a financial donation!!! I check this page multiple times a day for new articles and i want to be able to keep doing that and i think i’m speaking for a lot of us when i say that i’d be happy to donate and keep the blog alive and growing!!!

    • JTStudios

      yeah this is my site lol, id pay either way, i mean free is good since im abou t to drop almost a graand on hardware tho

    • HM

      dude! donation page is a great idea. we want DJTT to stay alive!

    • David Cabasso

      Donate by buying a midi fighter pro or some swag. I assure you they make good money between that and all the consulting work Ean does for NI. Though i agree i’d have paid the 5 bucks. definitely worth it. 

    • Raul

      Same let me know….

    • rockson

      Agreed! I was happy to pay the $5. Where can i donate then Ean?

    • Nycjoe610

      100% back that up.. we need to keep you guys running and appreciate all the time you guys put in for us.. 🙂

    • Ohnonolan

      +1     I’d like to make sure you guys are getting an excellent cash flow so you can create more mappings, overlays, and expannnnd! But really….overlay for the S4! S4 Arcade edition!

    • Brononymous


  • Mr Hobbs

    Thank you so much, this is a great christmas gift.

  • Mr Hobbs

    Thank you so much, this is a great christmas gift.

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  • Djluke3

    yes yes yes yes!!!!

  • Jeremy Cooper

    Thanks, what a wonderful Christmas present

  • NotSoSiniSter

    Good idea. 🙂 Inject more hardware into your store, CREATED BY DJTT, and you will start making money. Trying to be a reseller doesn’t work. 🙂 

    • Jrockin629

      I agree with you, but while supporting staff, a forum, site and giving the community what they want (freely)… how do you suppose they are going to pay for R&D on DJTT created gear?  Not so simple.

      • Ean Golden

        exactly- it’s really hard. Still somehow we manage. Expect new things in 2012 🙂 

  • Dusan Mandic


    Oh and, First!