Numark’s iDJPro and MPC DJ: Exclusive Dj TT First Looks

We got a great chance to take a look at Numark’s brand new iDJPro late this afternoon at NAMM’s Media Preview day, a controller that revolves around docking an iPad running Djay – we’ve got all of the details we could glean from the NAMM mockup inside. However, even more exciting was a tip from one of our readers who had already checked in to NAMM this morning with a photo attached of a new controller from Numark – the MPC DJ. Click through to see this world exclusive leaked photo from the NAMM floor! 


To be honest, the iDJPro wasn’t as cool as we were hoping- mainly because the floor unit at NAMM was just a mockup and we couldn’t get a chance to play with the unit in a functioning state. We did manage to to get some information about the unit, and it’s certainly always interesting to see new attempts to break away from a laptop-dependent paradigm of controllerism.
Manufacturer: Numark
Product Name :
Release Date:
Also TBD – Mid to Late 2012?
Key Feature:

  • Traditional mixing section is replaced with an iPad running a customized version of djay
  • Line faders are missing – instead volume is controlled with large rotary dials
  • Other than the iPad, it feels like a traditional NS6-style controller, with simplified cues and loop sections
  • Inputs: RCA Line-in and 1/4? TRS microphone in on the front of the unit
  • Outputs: RCA and Balanced XLR outputs on rear of unit
  • Unit at NAMM was non-functioning, just for show


This controller we’re significantly more pumped about – cramming an MPC into the mixing section is an exciting hybridization of traditional DJ paradigms. It’s clear Numark has realized that there’s a new type of performer rising in the DJ world- the producer/DJ who wants a combination solution of the best of both worlds for their performance. From the looks of the photo, it seems to also fall along the traditional NS6 deck control layout, but with an extended middle section to fit a 4X4 grid of pads and unique line faders that seem to look more like a studio production mixer. It’s also got Akai branding on it, and those pads look backlit, so we expect to feel some quality MPC pads in this unit! Our editorial ninjas will take a closer look at this unit when the showroom floor opens tomorrow morning.

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  • Jimmy Burn

    they need to lose a row of pads from the mpc dj to bring the mixer inline

  • Mac

    This is a awesome product. what most of you dont seem to get its perfect for us artists. i can easy see alot of dubstep perfermers use this live.
    we`R a house dou so were using ns7. this would be even better more creative live shows.

  • SubSeeder

    Nice idea but why do Numark like to make huge units ? I want slim line ,light easy to carry hardware.

    • bn_hltn

      Agreed. These are just horrid. Numark tries too hard to emulate the feel of turntables that they miss the boat on what makes controllers attractive: portability.

      I love the iDjay app, but that dock unit does nothing for me. Maybe it’s more attractive to those in the beginner stages, but wake me when NI creates a Traktor app and dock for the iPad.

  • LewisLace

    I don’t know about that MPC slapped in the middle of the numark platters. Know that is just a prototype displayed but  I think there could be a better design to the layout

  • Quenepas

    I dont like things with docks in it, even less iOS devices. You see, you never know when an update will brake the compatibility with the device making the whole thing useless. Ever had the message “This device is not optimized for this iPhone…”? I have and many times. Car radios that are suppose to display track info on the in-dash display and control the iDevice from the radio, portable speaker systems that either wont charge or wont play music, car/wall chargers, etc. All those have been experienced personally over the years of owning iDevices… It is simply such a closed and controlled environment and I bet Apple or Numark wont give a rats ass about broken compatibility a few years down the line.

  • Chulopan


  • Pabloco

    that mpc dj has motorized platters? That and a pad upgrade would be my dream controller…

  • Nurder

    I’m drooling over the MPC DJ. If you could get in and just get the raw output, you could map it all to ableton, have the pads trigger clips/drums, and you could do some midi messing about and get the turntables to modulate, so you could “scratch” LFOs. THAT would be awesome (Though theoretically you  with the NS7, the drum pads just add further possibilities).

  • DonmecZ

    Taken from akai professional’s facebook page:

    • DonmecZ

      I like this one… Hopefully It works with Traktor as well as The NS7 worked Serato. Would have liked to see an efx section on the top as for the moment it does look like an MPC slapped in the middle of to V7’s.

      But I must admit. Producers will love this. It’s what we asked for a decade now… an all in one mpc – efx section – motorized jog wheels  solution.

      Expect this to be over $1500 us – cad

      Any thoughts??? Price guesses?

      • Quenepas

        I rather have my pads is a different device than right of the middle of my mixing thing. These things get abused during practice and even more with the adrenaline of a live performace so if Im h]gonna wack the shit out of these and it brakes, at least I can keep on mixing and fix the thing later rather than take the whole unit and be without the goat and the milk.

        • DonmecZ

          I feel ya homie! Hopefully though, it’s a durable piece…

          I have an MPD3 and it is such a versatile tool. I have made beats and performed with it for quite some time now. Never let me down. I don’t own a Numark product but I have heard good things of the ns7. Can’t wait to have it here in Canada to be able to test this unit.


          • DonmecZ


  • Brian

    Sure the iDJ looks cool, but must everyone in the world put some kind of idock on everything?  What’s next, sex toys with iPod docks on them?  Sheesh.

    • Anonymous

      You mean like:

      In the case of the idjpro, the ipad becomes the brain of the unit, making it a all-in-one solution. Pretty sweet, depending on the price.

      Think about how people jizz all over the tiny xy touchscreen on the djm2000.

      Depending on the software, this thing could be mind blowing.. (or a terrible disappointment)

      • Brian

        Wow. That vibe is absolutely ridiculous!

  • Michael Nelson

    numark needs to quit with these cheap ass products they see a native instruments k2 sneak peak then they drop this try making real pro products that real clubs a be proud to have in there club .. i never ever seen a numark product in vegas in any club why because no pro would touch they shitty ass products 
    they then announce a ntrak 4 like come on … there products fall apart and break my friend brought a ns6 that shit lasted 5 months then the fader stop responding

  • JuanSOLO

    all I see here is stuff that will be collecting dust somewhere in a few years. 

    • Quenepas

      Like most DJ equipment when you do not have the time… Im currently getting my time for the LSATs so my DJ stuff is pretty neglected…. Still I aint selling shit since when I DO get to play with it it’s bliss for 5-6 hours easy…

  • Guesty

    “exclusive DJTT Firstlook” This teaser wasn’t first or exclusive…. chumps.
    In journalism people are actually responsible for the sh!t that comes out of their mouth, try it sometime.

  • rk1

    I would rather just put a midi fighter /pro below or beside my mixer.

    • rk1

      …or maschine.

  • DJ1855

    I would love for this pic to be real. However, it doesn’t make sense.  The extension of the mixer section would not allow the NS7 effects accessory to be added to the unit.  It doesn’t look like effects are built in either.

    • DJ1855

      (spelling) “neither”

  • B2686125

    i don’t get why everybody is okay with DJing with toys

    • Paco loco

      What makes you think it’s a toy?
      The quality of the unit is looks good in the pictures. 
      dJay is a good piece of software, and the iPad2 is plenty powerful enough to run it properly.

      • JuanSOLO

        it’s looks toyISH and ugly. 

        • DJ Nessex

           nothing looks toyish in a coffin case

    • Quenepas

      haters gonna hate and trolls gonna troll. GTFO a controllerist website and get some vinyl off Ebay or whatever…

  • Alex Pitts

    love it, and it looks like they are fixing their mistake with the NS6, with NS7 turntable style, real deal, love it, the only down fall with this is it will probably only work with Serato but it makes since for the fact Native Instruments has their own DJ gear and production so why not be competitive and two companies come together to make a comeback

  • futurepanic


    translation =(i’m interested in seeing what the mpc dj is capable of.)

  • DJ Rock Well

    The mpc dj would have been really revolutionary if it had two 16 pad grids instead of platters

  • Peter Lennon

    VIDEO on digitaldjtips

  • Michielygil

    All this working with samples is nice to do and probably more challenging for a dj, but is it really something the audience wants to see? I wonder… I rather listen for 5 hours to a dj building a solid set that takes you on a journey, than listening to sample-cueing for 5 hours.

    • B2686125

      what he said. what happened to “yea, i’m going to play a nice set with solid tracks”?

    • PaulHolland DoubleDutchdj

      “is it really something the audience wants to see?”

      Different strokes for different folks, wether it’s your own signature throbbing bass line or a hook from old school classic, a little bit of sample foolery can help place your own personality in to sets. 

      To be fair the ratio of equipment to dj normally vs producer/sample based is around 1,000,000,000,004 to 0.1 , so in that respect it’s nice to see manufacturer’s venture outside the box once in a while. 

    • Brent Silby

      It’s a different kind of performance. Personally, as a DJ, I’m focused on the “song” element, which is often missing from the clever looping and sampling of controlerists. I like to play songs that stick in people’s head. You know, they come back the following week and ask “what was that song you played at midnight? It was the best…it’s been in my head all week. Can you play it again?” You don’t get the same response from a bunch of loops and samples – regardless of how clever the DJ is.

      There’s room for both types of DJ. I’m pleased that the traditional style is not being forgotten.

    • Campark43

      Did u notice the jogwheels and crossfader? 🙂 I know I’m an but at least I’m not a Enjoy the journey of life man!

    • Quenepas

      What happened to the 5 hour setup? It got boring for the crowd as well as the DJ. If a DJ want to do the 5 hour set do business as usual without the need of going the extra mile and actually do something challenging well too bad. It’s like doing a solo guitar but with DJing. It’s challenging and fun for the DJ and fun for the audience rather than just look at a guy looking at 2 TT and mixer. I want my DJs pumping up the crowd and wowing them with skill and not just serving as the living Ipod. Go out a bit and see the new breed of DJs, if not well enjoy the dull stuff.

  • james banayot

    the mpc one looks awkward, maybe fake, thats what it looks like, could be real, but just looks weird having a middle section being longer than the rest of the controller.

  • Hkjb

    thats it?

    cool info. weak n short artical.

    • Inkspotjim

      You’re an idiot. Namm hasn’t even opened. Where’s your contribution?

      • David De Garie-Lamanque

        Furthermore, it’s kinda hard for the writers to dish out more information has they probably haven’t received anymore than that from the manufacturers. do you know what a teaser is Hkjb?

    • Inkspot


  • Snipaz

    The MPC DJ looks like it would be great for setting cue points… Wonder what the price is going to be. A cheaper alternative would be to buy an akai LPD to accompany your controller.

  • John Varela

    That MPC DJ looks like a NS7… Motorized platters maybe?

    • sgb

      Yes, that is definitely a NS7/V7 platter which both have the “record” which is actually attached to the spindle via what looks like a 7″ record adapter. NS6 have lights on the job to illustrate playing the track, but NS7/V7 move the actual record.