Behringer’s CMD Line: Modular DJ Controllers On A Budget

Earlier today at NAMM 2012, we got a chance to take a quick look at Behringer’s brand new modular CMD series of controllers, which aim to deliver a range of control options at the lowest price. Check out one of the first videos of the units after the jump and learn why these five controllers are a break from the norm that many expect from Behringer DJ. 

Manufacturer: Behringer
Product Name :
 CMD-DVS-1, CMD-DC1 $99/CMD-PL1, CMD-LC1, CDM-MM1, $149
Release Date:
Summer 2012
Key Feature: Modular excellency that applies to a variety of workflows, three year warranty

  • Wide variety of modular units that apply to different uses
  • Super precise jog wheel and 60mm faders
  • Come with new Behringer 3-year warranty
  • CDM-MM1 mixer unit includes a built-in powered USB 2.0 hub
behringerbehringer cmd seriesCMD- LC-1CMD-DC1CMD-DVS-1CMD-PL1modular controllers
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  • Jimmy Burn

    when are these gonna be available???

  • karl

    its been 9 months and it hasn’t released yet

  • lokey

    exactly. release date. Take my monies already.

  • Mario

    release date?????????

  • painseeker

    Desperately waiting for the prices…! 

  • Xpresso Beat

    Can i use the CMD DC-1 with the new traktor remix decks (traktor 2.5) ? 

    • mitso

      by the time the behringer cmd’s are available you’ll be able to use the remix decks i suppose but for the time being you can only use the kontrol F1 if you want full access to traktor 2.5 

    • starr974

      i think that you can use remix deck with full control:

      Until Native Instruments unlocks MIDI mapping for the remix decks, no controller–including this? one–will have full access (besides the Kontrol F1). The only other controllers that can control the remix decks are the new Midi Fighters (3D and Spectra), since DJ TechTools has a unique working relationship with Native Instruments.”

  • Richard Russell

    hi guys, did any one hear what software hes talking about at around 1:18, i heard ableton but the other i cant quite make out sounds like beatwick or something like that but can find no reference to it any where.. thanks

  • DJ Raj

    First, cool ideas.  Can’t wait to try one.
    I don’t think that EVERYONE gets it though.  As time goes on, MIDI will be more second nature to DJ’s, but for the most part, they are still MIDIOTS.  Its cool to see them make nitch appeal products, but I was also excited when the BCN controllers came out years ago.  Behringer is NOT quality by any measure, regardless of it being a midi controller or not.  The community here is strong and geeky to understand this, but there are a LOT of DJ’s who will pass on a generic controller, for something that is labeled, pre-mapped and bears the name of quality rather than Behringer.
    It will take a while for them to crawl out of the crap hole they dug, and become a more reliable name, regardless of the cool utility gear they showed at NAMM.

  • Kevin

    I actually tried to buy the MM-1 on djdeals, only to notice just before checking out that it’s “PREORDER”…Any word on a release date?

  • Enno Jesse

    Yes very cool. But for my taste they forgot one unit.
    The one witch has faders and knobs. To combine it with the clip launching unit.

  • Frank

    Still nothing beats an APC40 or a Launchpad when it comes to Ableton Live.For the price of a LC1 you get at least a mint used Launchpad, they’re almost in the same price category.With the LC1 you only have a 4×8 grid, no dedicated scene buttons and it’s questionable if you can scroll through the grid (up/down, left/right) at all.With two LC1s or LC1+MM1 it costs you the same as a used APC40 would.
    The LC1 would be the killer if it had an 8×8 grid, scene buttons and was priced around  $200 – then it could be even better than the APC40.

  • Max Kearney

    Extremely looking forward to these. Super EXCITED!But not sure if i should get these or the traktor s2.I have finished my old mixtrack pro, and i want a step up.i am tossing up between getting a new Kontrol s2, or get 2 PL-1 ‘s (for scratching and such), a DM-1 (Sampling, cueing), maybe a DV-1 (Effects?), and an MM-1 (to join it all up)

    • John Garza

      Id do these, they’re definitely more flexible than the S2 in my opinion. The S2 is like all beginner, good quality and layout, but just not enough for me. I was always shooting for the S4 but seeing that I don’t have the money, I’m going module, especially sense they’re pretty dang cool. Personally, I think you could have much more fun with these.

  • Djteeoh

    So i want to know, with the MM1 and those usb ports…can i plug my current midi controllers in and have them assigned to traktor or serato? I know every dj fights to plug in their favorite midi controller on Mac. I tried multi-port adapters and nothing gives me what i need. Frankly, i just dont trust anything that required me too “ghetto rig” my setup. Usb ports were made for one item not multiple items. That makes me nervous when i have 2 midi’s plugged in plus my dvs. I get the feeling one day im going to have a show and all the buttons are gonna cause my system to crash. It happened before but luckily on in the studio. Hell, i have Novation dicers and when i really get going on those i can notice an occasional skip in the program.

  • Brian

    Hey guys. Help me understand why all the excitement over modular? How about just a smaller all in one if portability is the issue?

    • Max Kearney

      Modular: You can mix and match for different gigs, swap controllers and mappings, and such.
      All In One: Usually has a sound card bult in, has stuff built in for different difficulties and sometimes has cases that are more portable.

      Something like that.

  • BentoSan

    Wicked controllers, i have to admit my opinion on behringer is slowly changing for the good!
    As far as the video goes i agree its trying to be too stylised. Stylised cuts are good for the start and perhaps even end of the video but the meat of the video i feel should be a really good look at the controls to see whats on offer in detail.

    • Christopher Crayon White

      I cant wait to get my hands on these set up the Mixer for smart mixing then have an improvised HHC set. so fucking wiked

  • Johnphamiliar

    wow the price on these are crazy cheap! 
    with two pl-1 and two dc-1, one on each side and mm-1 right in the middle.


    with a price tag of $550 ish for that set up. just gotta map that up with traktor and you got a crazy set up for under $900 if you add in an audio dj 8 for another 200-300.

    i wonder how would this compare to the vci400se?

  • LewisLace

    I’m excited to see more information about the all-in-one controller from Behringer. May give the mixtrack pro some competition.

  • Dreamr OKelly


    Ill be slowly replacing my s4 once these drop. 🙂

  • Quenepas

    Sweet! A dvs system with DVS-1 and DC-1… everything fx and cue control 😀

  • Isobar

    Oh damn, I’m going to buy a lot of these. Do the buttons have a short click like the X1? Or are they more mushy-style like the Maschine buttons?

  • Carlos Hernandez

    Well… The new upcoming NI controller seems to have about the same foot print of the Kontrol X1. That will give us two controllers that could be called modular. Add a couple of more NI controllers with the same form factor and I will say NI is on their way to have a modular system of their own. I will say the big difference here, between what NI is doing and what Behringer is attempting to do is call: Software and Hardware Integration!

    In other for this modular concept to survive, it needs to be integrated with a suitable and stable software counterpart, that provides a great user experience!

    Products like Rane/Serato mixers, Native Instruments Maschine or the S4, your iPhone or iPad, are very succesful products because they rely on this tight Hardware/Software integration. 

    Controllers are only as good as the software they are controlling. 

    Modular dj controller design is the future, and I am certain that companies like NI and Serato are very aware of this. NI seems to be moving on this modular direction with their controllers, but they are in a special advantageous position to create controllers that are very well integrated with their software. 

    Akai has just released their reinvented version of the MPC which is based completely on this Hardware/Software Integration philosophy. They realized that in other fro them to survive, their products need to offer a great user experience, and other for that to happen they need to be tightly integrated with a software counter part ( how good is Akai at making software remains to be seem ).

    I am really happy to see companies like Behringer setting the cold example for other companies to follow, but don’t be fooled, that’s the inevitable direction Dj controller design will take, and NI is very aware of it, so It’s Serato. Rane/Serato are trying the one package fits all approach, but I definitely see NI moving their controllers into this Modular system direction, with no problems at all.

    Great work from Behringer nonetheless!

    • Escapemcp

      Yeah man! Agreed. 
      GO PATS! 🙂

  • William Acosta

    This is fabulous!  I was looking at the Denon sc2000, but the CDM PL-1 is less than 1/2 the price and will probably win out for me…heck I could get 2 PL-1s!!!

  • D3RKIN

    Their all in one unit is probably the only company so far that has used full size pitch faders. I am sick of all these companies making controllers with small pitch faders. Having full size pitch faders is a must for those of us how want the ability to beatmatch the traditional way.

    • Zac Kyoti

      It’s not just the size, it’s the message. A long pitch fader sending a standard 128 value midi message won’t feel better no matter how long it is. Inc/Dec with a bazillion steps, or HID, on the other hand… 

  • Rutger Willems

    i think you forgot the CMD MICRO?

  • Anonymous

    These are going to kill.  3 year warranty!  2 for the price of on of NI’s X jobs that are not even lasting a year.

  • Fabian Castro

    They said that this product was made to last.
    I was surprised by Behringer, because they promised it would have
    Holy… sh**!!!
    So this product was made to last.
    “”So the bottom line. There appears to be some sort of mantra – twice the product for half the price – doing the rounds right now. The all in one 4a is a projected $199, the MM1 mixer is $149 and the rest are $119. Yep – Craig’s parting comment might appear flippant, but given the reactions from competitors stopping by the stand yesterday were telling. They’re worried. 

    Given the all new 3 year warranty and a commitment to improving quality, it would appear that new Behringer with its all new logo is serious about raising its often earned reputation for quality. I have a really good feeling about these new units – they’re clearing playing safe with the Studio 4a, but the rest of the CMD individual are pretty cutting edge. The modular movement is emerging, and Behringer seem to have units that typify this thinking. Ahead of the curve is not exactly what you would expect from Behringer. The DJ future looks bright, with a definite Behringer yellow hue.”Read more:

  • Spencer "Thunderball" Thayer

    OMFG, finally. Everyone else is saying it and I thought I should be part of the crowd. Behringer just got off the shit list.

  • Chad Thomas

    I was interested in the DC1, until i heard it’s pads aren’t velocity sensitive. DEAL BREAKER!

    • Tomislav Simi? ToS

      Why caps? They are for DJ use. Pair these units with LPD8 if you need velocity.

  • Lokey

    finally. This looks very good. The CDM-MM1 in particular, long time coming.

  • fgm_11

    nice controller, i like. but i can’t still understand how the bcd series has a lot of problems with the latency, it’s a headchache!!. i hope this cdm series will be better.

    • Escapemcp

      When I use my BCD, have never had issues with latency.

    • Sambo

      Yeah I use the BCD-3000 religiously and the latency is <5 ms with Traktor Pro 2 on Windows 7 32-bit on a 5 year old lappy.  I heard the BCD-2000 had some horrendous latency issues though.

  • Matt Emery

    I can have all that for the price of an S2?!?

  • Richard

    Pity the mixer unit doesn’t include a sound card.

    • Tomislav Simi? ToS

      no not really, Bheringer is not so renowned by making high-q soundcards/mixers. We are better off this way.

    • Methodamericon

      Well, every time someone releases something with a soundcard built in, people bitch saying ‘I already have a hi-q soundcard, I dont want to pay a higher price for a built in soundcard I dont need!!!!’ And then when they dont put soundcards in, ‘Shoulda came with an interface, deal breaker…..’ HAHA. Im not saying thats just you, its just what Ive noticed.

  • Als2hype

    Was this “Project Ultra”?

    • William Acosta

      looking at stills from the videos…I would say so…all the buttons and layouts seem to match.

  • Carlitosb45

    I would snag a least one of those in a second.  Any clue when behringer is expecting to ship?

    • Escapemcp

      6 months – the only bit of these that sucks donkeyballs!

  • Cartermceathron

    At those prices, these are going to slaughter the market instantly. A+ to the consumer.

    • chians

      slyughter the markets indeed but very surely also slaughter the workers in their factories in china…

  • Guest

    Two PL-1’s and a DDM4000 sounds like a killer to me!

    • William Acosta

      I was actually thinking of that as well…but with the Behringer NOX 606 mixer instead of the DDM4000

  • Frankie Claessens

    When you think of it, it’s a shame that no big company has taken on the challenge before to make modular midi controllers. Five or six different controllers, ready to be linked up so the users can make their setup as small or big as they want it to be. Ofcourse there’ve been attempts, but usually they sucked donkeyballs.

    It’s pretty funny that a company like Behringer decides to answer the prayers of the midi community. Behringer is actually a cool company, they always have special things in their product line and they’re cheap as hell. As long as they don’t make equipment where sounds runs through, or as long as they don’t make cheap DJM knockoffs that don’t work, they’re pretty okay to me. 

    These modular controllers are gonna start a new revolution in the midi worls, mark my words. People have been wanting these kind of controllers for a long long time, that no other big company has come up with the idea is actually a disgrace, or maybe it’s just good marketing for their current product line.

    • Andrew Ford

      Faderfox comes to mind, however they are a smaller company in comparison

      • T. Naim

        Not to mention they are espencive, small, lack backlit buttons and over all are not particularly appealing controllers.

    • SubSeeder

      Stanton scs range did it and conected together  via magnetic strips on the sides

    • Mr.415

      Korg has had the Nano Series for a while now. While they’re generally designed with Ableton in mind, I’ve created so many mappings for them over the past couple of years I don’t even remember them all. They’re not anything to aim for, build-quality wise, but they’re cheap and they work great.

  • La Japonaise Moustachue

    I will definitely buy that 4 channel mixer!
    Really nice work from Behringer

  • Paco Loco

    Any info on the CMD Micro?

  • jhardydj

    Their DDM4000 mixer is aces… Maybe their old stuff (ie the 700 mixer) sucked, but they have stepped up their game.  Speakers are not bad either.

  • antiMACtax

    I was looking for a nice midi mixer for use with Ableton. My current options: M-Audio Xsession Pro ($99), or Vestax VCM-600 ($899). These couldn’t be the furthest units on the price/quality specrum. I could quit being a baby and midi map eq3 on my APC40 or I could endulge my gear aquisition syndrome and acquire the mixer MM-1 and 2 LC1’s ($350). Thanks Behringer!

    I’d shit a brick if NI released 3-4 different X-1 type controllers this year, including an answer to behringer’s MM-1. At least I have until this summer to wait and see!

    By the way I’m a sucker for RGB buttons… looking at you Livid’s CNTRL:R.

    • Isobar

      AFAIK the old novation remote zero is still the only controller that gives you LED *lables* for what all your knobs and faders are assigned to in Ableton. Having something with a lot of knobs is nice, but knowing what each knob does is golden.

      I’m totally buying at least one of each Bheringer model for Traktor control though. 4 pots per channel is what I’m excited about. 6 (pan, volume, 4 EQs) would be better, but nobody makes a 4+ channel mixer like that under $2k.

      • antiMACtax

        You have a point, but I like buying gear that can be used either for Ableton or Traktor. If NI came out with a series of modular controllers like these Behringer controllers; I wouldn’t have to map for traktor or at least I’d have a huge head start. The question I’d have to ask myself is whether $200+ is worth the time saved mapping, and how much of a NI fanboi I am.

        The money saved by going with Behringer would allow me a guilt free purchase of Audio Artery’s the One DJ software, or Bitwig.

  • DOug

    If the chroma caps will work with these, I might actually give behringer a chance with the mm-1!

    • Nunohawk

      I was thinking the same… the caps just seem to short! The incorporated usb hub is o plus.

  • Anonymous

    This is actually something I didn’t expect from any company these days. I know there’s a reason for ‘all-in-ones’ to flood the market in recent years, portability, ease of setup, etc. but I’ve always felt like a huge part of the DJ/Controllerism community was ignored by not giving us an array of gear to choose from and integrate into our already established setups. I mean some people have setups they actually like and are just missing that one special piece of equipment that makes it all come together. Kind of what the Kontrol X1 did for some (at least it did for me). Maybe the Traktor S2/S4 and their competitor equivalents are mainly aimed at attracting new consumers of DJ gear, but I have always felt like something was missing in the market place. Behringer’s intention with this lineup seems to feel that void, but as always we’ll just have to wait and see, but at that price point there will definitely be people willing to give it a go.

  • Facebook User

    The artistic camera pans are making me dizzy. It’s hard to actually see the controllers.

  • Emil Beatsnatcher Brikha

    Great out of the box thinking from Behringer and a really nicely produced video with good narrating! 

  • Joseph Chang

    hmmm might get the Ableton/bitwig centric one…. price is mighty attractive.. 

  • Chris

    Finally a compagny who don’t take us for sheeps !
    Can’t wait to try them
    bye bye NI !!

    • Yes

      would like to say the same. still using BCR2000 (6-7 years), I’m ok with them; good option instead of NI X1 🙂 

    • SubSeeder

      The Behringer stuff always seems to break , they always offer good value for money but you got what you paid for and longevity was not on sale.

      • mrpopinjay

        There’s a 3 year warranty dude.

  • LeonSc

    I like the idea of these.  As most people are looking for integrated controllers like the S2/S4 I’m a fan of a modular system where I can add and take away bits of my set up depending on what I want to do and how I feel.  Also, great the Behringer is keeping the price really low.

    I know some people will say that the equipment is not good enough for pro use and they are probably right.  However, I see these as more of a home/amatuer or practive set up and to experiment with different workflows.

    Good work Behringer!

    (First too!  Boom!)


  • Flash101uk

    Holy S**t! Behringer steps it up a notch!
    These look like quality little toys, and at that price point, why not try them out?