Korg Debuts Mini Kaoss Pad 2 and Kaossilator 2

Korg rolled out their brand new pocket-sized updates to the Mini Kaoss Pad and Kaossilator yesterday at NAMM 2012, with a complete visual upgrade, new OEL screen, and some new sounds and effects. We took a minute to shoot a quick video overview of this beat-destroying and phrase-synthesizing duo!

Manufacturer: Korg
Product Name :
Mini Kaoss Pad 2 / Kaossilator 2
 $220 each
Release Date:
May 2012

  • Horizontal touch strip for selecting effects or instruments
  • XY Pad with hold feature as in older Kaoss series products
  • Both units have built in speakers and microphones, perfect for annoying strangers on the bus making beats and effects on the go.
  • Complete sleek visual overhaul!
  • I/O: 1/8″ Line In and Line Out ports
  • Run on 2 AA batteries, optional external power supply 

kaossilator 2Korgmini kaoss pad 2namm 2012
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  • Donjuandisco

    I was curious why the iKaossilator doesn’t allow import of audio loop etc. OK, now I know, the Kaossilator 2 is the answer. I don’t think this is good idea… This is really for nothing and I would expect something more professional that this. Hopefuly your business model won’t stop you in production of interesting things which are miles before other companies. This one looks like a step back.

  • Dj with this!

    Not sure why Korg chooses to put poor quality outputs on their devices:(
    Especially on a unit costing $220.

    My gripe with all Korg effect processors is the output of them.
    When using them with a send/return on many high end mixers the volume coming from the output of the Korg device drops and makes it un-usable through the send/return… unless the return on the mixer has a return level knob to boost the level coming back into the return.

    Wondering if they boosted the output level of these devices or if they are still putting that job on the back of the mixer manufacturers?

  • Brian

    Built in speaker and microphone? Bleh. Why not put in an iPod dock to Korg?
    All I wanted was a Mini-KP that didn’t rape my volume level and allowed me to save many presets.

  • Xxl3ck

    Ok $220 for something that uses 2 double batteries an looks like a cell phone. Get real korg. Thanks dj techtools for updating us on namm 2012

  • futurepanic

    kinda look like kids toys imo.

  • Noelflava

    Thanks a lot DJTT for the wicked updates on new gear. Feel like I am walking through NAMM myself. Cheers! 

  • Erik Ev_L

    Did they fix the issue with the gain structure on the KP?

    • Brian

      Seriously! If they screw people over with a horrible volume drop again, I would buy wishing for a serious boycott of the product.

  • Dandyrandy88

    wow, no demo? i kinda wanted to hear it hahaha