Traktor 2.5 and Kontrol F1 Announced By Native Instruments

Native Instruments had a party last night to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Traktor, and there they unveiled their powerful new version of Traktor as well as the new piece of hardware we’ve been waiting to learn more about, the Traktor Kontrol F1. Read more about NI CEO Daniel Haver’s semi-official announcement last night!

NI CEO Daniel Haver in front of Traktor Pro 2.5, holding a Kontrol F1

Editor’s Note: Looks like the video of the official announcement got taken down from YouTube, but you can get the idea from the screencap above.

We’ll have complete details on both the Kontrol F1 and Traktor 2.5 later this week, but for now we’re excited to see that Traktor is taking things to the next level with Ableton-style clip launching and performance modes that will continue to drive innovation in the DJ software world. In the video that was taken down, Daniel Haver refers to the new Traktor F1 and Traktor 2.5 Remix Decks as a package and feature set that he calls “Ableton-in-a-DJ-way”. Here’s his words from Saturday night:

So those of you that like Ableton but actually didn’t feel that it’s quite a DJ product, (…) this is it. We take the whole production clipping aspect right into a DJ application, and these pads light up in just the same color as the cells in the Remix Decks.

The new Traktor Remix decks mentioned in the video seem to be a promising step forward, and hopefully they’ll be completely open for intense mappings on not only the F1, but also on other controllers. In case you missed their official teaser video of the F1 and some of the Remix Deck features, check it out below.

Also mentioned during this announcement, the Kontrol F1 is set to drop early April, and that will most likely be concurrent with the release of Traktor 2.5. We talked to some folks at Native Instruments about the new software and they told us:

  • There are new Remix Decks set in a 4 by 4 configuration of clip launching units.
  • The sync mechanism for the loops has been totally revamped.
  • The software is expected to drop some time around April concurrently with the F1 controller
  • No word yet on if this will be a paid or free upgrade.

For more information about Traktor 2.5 and the Kontrol F1, check out the our speculation and analysis of their teaser video. 

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  • Louis Kesse

    2.5 will be a free update if you have traktor pro 2 ! native send me a mail because i have Traktor.

  • Ldjdavis

    What’s all this talk about “bugs” in Traktor??? I’ve NEVER had a problem using Traktor. If you guys stop using pirated software and crappy freeware then your machines may run properly. The only people that I know of that are having problems with Traktor are the same ones that download and use other programs that are known to cause issues within their machines.

    Itch, on the other hand, is a different story. I see why some call it Glitch! Serato looks like and feels like a video game whereas TSP looks, feels, and runs like a pro. I love being able to map “MY” hardware to work the way that I want/need it to work!

  • Anonymous

    I wish ableton’s warp and traktors was interchangable – can’t be arsed warping for both

  • Sjsharks23

    @jack they cant add that because Serato has it patented.

  • Sarakinoskk

    I think that this commercial musb be done by Ean!!!Like for traktor s2!!!! Ean your the man!! 😉

  • Bleh

    well this is certainly the most deceiving comment thread I’ve ever seen… Forever unfolding ’10 replies’, seeing two replies, and on the last one ‘8 replies’, then 1 replies to each subsequent…

  • TotesMyGoats

    Looks like the anticipated April 1st 2012 launch date has been pushed back to Summer or Q2, weak!

  • Knappy

    I am excited about the new controller and software. I just hope that NI doesn’t get distracted by serato users that want traktor to look like ssl instead of focusing of innovative products. I want new versions to help my performance and rock solid software stability. I laughed when I met with NI 2 years ago and they said they were getting lots of feedback for multi colored waveforms. Not knocking it but is development money really best used there?  Only I see that and I would rather see video integration. But I guess I am old school and throw my laptop off to the side instead of staring at it all night ( end rant).


  • SubSeeder

    I wopuld like to see an old school 4 trak recorder for traktor , vst plugin capability and virtua girl stripper hologram light show

  • Mike Nedd

    For the love of God! Make the mapping process less stressful!!

  • Mr. JC

    Native Instruments:
    Your promoting and selling a new product, but your marketing strategy sucks!!, show me a video (that works!!) about the device that you are advertising and I tell you if I would buy it…you guys got a lot to learn from Apple…just saying…

  • Visualshock

    I think to use all features Traktor will need an optional 2nd screenmod soon…then…–>

  • Visualshock

    I think to use all features Traktor will need an optional 2nd screenmod soon…then…–>

  • Santielenaiscool

    My torq is almost 99% bugless, played at least 300 shows of 3/4 hours with it and contro vinyl

  • Bernie Ecclestone

    NI could possibly end up with a lawsuit on their hands using the F1 name.

  • Anonymous

    I think you should change the title to Traktor PRO 2.5 – Traktor 2.5 refers to a very outdated version…

  • Last Throes Blog

    NI needs to either make a mixer for turntablists like the Rane Sixty-One and Sixty-Two, or partner with a hardware producer for one. That seems to be the missing link in their lineup.

  • Mubeen Khan

    This is exactly what I’m looking for. I’m tired of being limited to eight samples, I frankly need more.

  • Wooden BackPack

    Button Box du jour

  • RobotNinja

    I was going to get a MidiFighter Pro Beatmasher, but this new toy looks better, and can still go into midi-mode for Beatmasher type effects! Count me in, just waiting on the price-tag. Hopefully it’s competitive with DJTT so the midifighter pro’s can drop in price as well. Maybe I wont have to rout audio from traktor-ableton-traktor anymore!

  • TJP

    Any news on the EKS Lab?

  • Anonymous

    Hmm…in the video the CEO of NI calls the F1 and the new changes in Traktor 2.5 to be 

    “Ableton in a new DJ way”.

    This is going to be quite interesting.


  • Louie V

    New Video Posted Here:

  • WyattAgard

    this should be a free update. Only whole integer updates should be paid. 

  • Paul Bernacki

    Video is still down. 🙁

    I’m in the UK does this make difference?

  • DonmecZ

    I think people need to stop with the tribal complex and recognize that we are
    programed from an early age to see and adhere to values (however
    beneficial or useless) whenever our sense of identity is thretened.

    If I spent my money on traktor or torq or serato or vdj etc… and some
    one talks trash or tries to prove an advantage over my tribe, then we
    band together like a bunch of cave dwellers and declare war on the other

    I blame television and high-school. if we could put our minds together
    and work towards a common goal. we would have the ultimate dj/production
    software ever deviced… but instead we sqabble on a blog like our
    identities and sence of self worth depends on this shit… mmmmmhhhh

    okay that’s my rant 🙂

    Peaces yall!

    • Guest

      I see where you’re coming from, but I’m going to have to personally, and respectfully, disagree.

      Conflict breeds betterment.

  • ObviousAlias


  • Campark43

    I would just like to say that 2.5 should be a free upgrade to any form of traktor 2.

    I’m sure instead of shelling out for software, most of us would be apt to pick up a F1 to tAke advantage of this upgrade.

    Like this for support.

  • Jjjd

    yeah i have ableton and traktor ableton is a huge pain if you dont have time to learn it all

    • RobotNinja

      I agree, the whole concept of pre-beat warping all your tracks = not fun. And there is a tad bit of latency when routing audio from Traktor through Ableton and back through an S4 controller with JackRouter or SoundFlower. Also it’s unstable, I’ve never had Traktor Crash, but have had Ableton Crash alot when routing audio. Just make Traktor 2.5 support VSTI’s and I can die happy.

  • JuanSOLO

    I applaud Traktor for being inspired by Ableton, I hope Ableton are inspired by Traktors innovative midi mapping in Live 9.

    To those who put the Ableton comments in the context of “diss”
    Ableton was never meant to be a DJ platform, it was just adopted as such. So on that note, it sounded more like a 2+ year old version of Live has been a major influenced on Traktors upcoming release. 

  • Paul Montgomery

    I just wish traktor had some way of really refining the effects. The effects are really clunky, I always struggle with my desire to really control the sounds in Traktor. They all end up being sort of cliche, because the parameters are mostly pre programmed. Arhhhh… If I could only write amazing program code, I would build Traktor with the refinement of a daw’s audio effects or I would build a daw with a layout and library of dj software. WHy has this not been done yet? Seems like it would make a ton of money.

  • Faderswagger

    Stupid, stupid, stupid. Just because you take ableton and stick it
    inside of Traktor, that doesn’t make it “ableton in a DJ way”.

    Ableton is already Ableton in a DJ way. You havent done anythign ehre that can’t already be done in ableton.

    Why the hell would you replicate an already existing platform instead of
    -ACTUALLY- innovating? There’s so much appeal to Traktor that doesn’t
    exist elsewhere. WHY wouldn’t you develop that, instead of trying to
    make money stealing the appeal of ableton.

    Stupid, stupid, stupid.

    • PaulHolland DoubleDutchdj

      This actually is really good for my needs, As a turntablist I like to build up live loop compositions on the fly. Traktors current sample deck’s paired with traditional decks work great for what I do, sooooooooo much better than the old hardware days of having to use guitarist sample pedals. 

      But these new features heavily expand the current options while stream lining the workflow

    • Paul Bernacki

      I didn’t watch the video but here is an excerpt from an interview with Mr. Haver.


      Bernd Roggendorf, who later founded Ableton, was one of the early Native Instruments members, and he pointed the company out to his friend Daniel Haver, who was both fascinated by the possibilities of software synthesis and a passionate fan of the electronic music that was being created in Berlin. At that time, he was running a graphics and web design studio that he eventually gave up in favor of the exciting perspectives of the emerging music software enterprise. With his strong marketing and business background, he set out to develop the living-room based endeavor into a full-featured company.

  • Tré Tuna

    Can’t wait for these to drop! I’ve been developing my own mapping for the X1 to basically do this, now I can use it for other things!

  • Houseincorporated

    I own traktor scratch pro 2, no problems here and running it on Windows 7.
    I use it with my TT’s along my X1, and with my S4 and have not had problems.
    it has that clean sound, just like when I bought it.


  • Kainos

    Until we find out exactly how a “remix deck” is different than the existing sample decks, I am not too impressed.

  • L E W I S L A C E

    Very soon I think we’ll have the technology where you just think about your whole DJ set and it’s transmitted through the sound system.

  • Djtt n00b

    Well dang. I’ve just now been getting into controllerism, but more from a one man band producers standpoint. At first the logical solution was ableton. Then came Bitwig news. Then came behringer announcing their cool little modular controller that I would use with bitwig instead of being limited to akai or novation. Then came Traktor with clip launching. And I already use Maschine… :facepalm: choices choices…
    but clearly I’ve picked an exciting time to get into this 😀

  • Mr_m_cox

    Any news on if 2.5 will be free or not?

  • Marcus Klay

    Will it have a built in sound card like the Allen & Heath K2?

    • Dyspro

      No. It’s just a controller like the X1

  • DjBuca

    I knew this was a N-I controller when I saw the first ‘leaked’ pic. I can’t wait to play with it but hope it’s not over-priced and will be much less work than the APC-40. As for Traktor 2.5, I hope it’s a free patch, can’t justify bleeding cash every 6 months to a year for minimal improvements or something to fix a bug. Do love Traktor Pro 2 even with the bugs (hoping soon to be fixed).

  • Mr. V

    I can only imagine the CPU LOAD when you try all that shit there saying, you can barely do 4 decks and all sample decks on Traktor 2 and you telling me 2.5 can do it for more than 3 hours in a club or more?

    • DonmecZ

      what specs are you working with on the cpu/ram side of things?

      • Mr. V

        Macbook Pro 15 inch – 10.6.8 – Processor: 2.4 ghz Intel Core 2 Duo – Memory 4GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM

        • DonmecZ

          Damn. It should be sufficient no? that’s a shame for sure. I rock a hp 15inch amd quad, 4gb ddr3 ram. never had any issues aside from fucking up on my own. but no over heating or nuttin’… I never clip the cpu meter (the level dont even reach half way up).

          I am intregued by serato… just cant afford an ssl, unfortunately… but it does look like a serious piece from all the people I know use it live… if only we could have a hybrid of both!

          I can dream can’t I? lol


        • Joseph Chang

          I run with a 13″ MBP 2.53 Ghz C2D, 8GB DDR3 1066Mhz RAM, 10.7.2, and in order to run 4 decks in Traktor flawlessly with no random CPU spikes, Traktor has to be the only app open. If I start to open anything else the CPU load starts to go up pretty fast.

  • Guest


  • Anonymous

    video was taken down =/

  • Erik Ev_L

    Where’s the video!

  • Tim Maguire

    Where did the video go. I cant wait for the next gen!! Should pair well with X1s.

  • Jeroen Krieger

    can’t see the video anymore, they removed it already!!!!

  • Jack

    Nice, but until NI adds parallel stackable waveforms I’m sticking with Serato. 

    • Guest

      What is the big fracking deal with parallel wave forms?  Are you people that bad at listening to what you’re playing?

      • Example

        why should technology stay frozen at a given point in time? this is a feature available in most of the competition. why not offer it when users clearly are requesting it?

        also, it wold be nice if we could have a discussion about this without the immediate implication that people suck at djing because they want a different set up than yours. maybe we should all go back to belt drive turntables and crap mixers…

        • DonmecZ

          yes yes! lets!!! i liked having to reposition the belt every 3 spins…lmao jk jk

          good point sir!

        • Guest

          It’s not that; I just don’t get the ‘using your eyes instead of your ears’ thing :c

          I zoom my waveforms all the way in so they look like oscilloscopes.  Because I am a gigantic nerd.

      • Jack

        The big deal is being able to very quickly visually assess where multiple cue points, loops, parts of track, etc. all line up in time with one another on a single playhead marker line. Not really a big deal when dealing with just two tracks, but a it is IMO when managing more than two tracks that have lots of the mentioned features being used. With Serato Scratch Live and Serato ITCH all the track waveforms neatly lineup on a single playhead marker line because they are able to be stacked parallel to one another. I like and use Traktor, but wIth Traktor the waveforms are spread out into four different quadrants so your eye has to dart around at then, collect all the info and then try to reassemble it all back in your head in the heat of a mix. Serato is MUCH a much easier, much more elegant way of multi-track management IMO and the opinion of many others. I suspect this is what many advocate for NI to implement an option for users to stack the waveform like Serato allows its users to do. 

        • ryan

          That”s why you learn something called “Phrasing” a.k.a. “counting”

          • antiMACtax

            You can keep ripping on Jack for wanting stackable waveforms, or you can agree that it would be a easy feature to include on 2.5 and it really does make more sense if you are trying to visually beatmatch. If released everyone would try it and then most would stay with it, in my opinion. More options and customizing is a great reason to use Traktor. I’m siding with Jack, should have been included a long time ago.

          • Guest

            You’re right, and it should have if only because of customer demand, but it shouldn’t be that big of a dealbreaker I don’t think.

            Different strokes, I guess

          • Jack

            Guys, this has absolutely noting to do with beatmatching. Of course beatmatching should be done with your ears and of course you should spend the least amount of time looking at the screen which is precisely why the stacked waveforms is desired. Go back and read what I wrote. This desire for stacked waveforms has to do with being able to VERY QUICKLY get a visual grasp an where multiple cue points, loops and samples are in relation to one another when doing very complex multitrack layering. It at times like this that you are no longer just beatmatching a couple of tracks rather you’re doing complex live remixing (especially when clips are involved).

          • Campark43

            How about one more.

            I hate stacked waveforms:(
            They are asstastic

          • Jack

            No problem, I would hope NI would do like Serato does and allow the user to select how he/she arranges the waveforms to their preference (just like they do with cover art 🙂

          • Campark43

            Very nice:). Honestly I think parallel waveforms would be nice. Why not NI??? Yeah mix with your ears bob loblaw.

            Wouldn’t hurt. Phase meters suck as I don’t waste time beat gridding unless the bpms are off. 99 percent of the time mine r fine.

          • Jack

            Guys, this has absolutely noting to do with beatmatching. Of course beatmatching should be done with your ears and of course you should spend the least amount of time looking at the screen which is precisely why the stacked waveforms is desired. Go back and read what I wrote. This desire for stacked waveforms has to do with being able to VERY QUICKLY get a visual grasp an where multiple cue points, loops and samples are in relation to one another when doing very complex multitrack layering. It at times like this that you are no longer just beatmatching a couple of tracks rather you’re doing complex live remixing (especially when clips are involved).

        • Guest

          You should know your tracks well enough to not have to look at all that, though.  Could just be my opinion.  I’m never really comfortable playing a track live unless I know it nearly inside and out.

          You should try not looking at your laptop screen as often as you can when you’re playing.  It makes for a far more interesting experience, and it’s helped me start doing a lot more during my sets.
          As long as you’re having fun, though.  That’s what’s really important.

          • Jack

            Guys, this has absolutely noting to do with beatmatching. Of course beatmatching should be done with your ears and of course you should spend the least amount of time looking at the screen which is precisely why the stacked waveforms is desired. Go back and read what I wrote. This desire for stacked waveforms has to do with being able to VERY QUICKLY get a visual grasp an where multiple cue points, loops and samples are in relation to one another when doing very complex multitrack layering. It at times like this that you are no longer just beatmatching a couple of tracks rather you’re doing complex live remixing (especially when clips are involved).

      • Anonymous

        I don’t really like to play mashups or a whole lot of DJ edits, however I love looping, mixing, blending different genres on-the-fly. I personally find stacked waveforms invaluable to my workflow. It’s probably the main thing keeping me away from Traktor (plus the lack color schemes). 

    • Todd Hardy

      Prallel waveforms would be awesome.  I like to use the vertical ones in Serato.  I don’t know how they would work with this new stuff or the sample players though.

    • PaulHolland DoubleDutchdj

      Gotta stick to wot works best for you I guess, I can see the pro’s from the reasons you listed below, but I kinda hope Traktor never gets even the option to run parallel wavforms. It would just be another reason/temptation to want to look at the screen.

      • Jack

        Paul, with your logic then why even have waveforms? Why have cue markers? Why have loop highlights? Why have, well… a GUI at all? You already said “I can see the pro’s from the reasons you listed below” so isn’t best to provide useful tools and let the user decide what to use/not use and methods if they do use?

      • Robert Nathan Leslie Collins

        Paul, in precis form “I DJ in Traktor but think visual feedback is bad”.

        Sooo… Why are you using any computer based set up?

    • React

      learn how to DJ without looking at waveforms, chump.

      • Jack

        Learn to actually read a thread before posting, chimp 😉

    • lord

      +1, they must do it to keep customers

    • Giano Lujan

      If you have to look at wave forms to help you dj you should go back to your room and hit some decks again for a bit… sayin …

    • sylr

      The phase meter is all you need.

  • Thomas

    Wonder if the S4 will get a firmware update to take advantage of any new features?

  • Søren Hou

    Just bought TP2, hope this 2.5 don’t set mere much more back.

  • Mr. V

    Native Instruments can announce new toys and software but still cant get there current shit 100% bug proof????

    Just sayin’.

    • Anonymous

      That’s one of the classic issues of software development.

      • Mr. V

        no its not, it’s called BETA testing before you put your shit on the market to sell.

        • Rebles

          No. There is a statistical bell curve or normal curve that shows during software developement what bugs will be found and what bugs won’t.  It happens to be that the critical bugs are much harder to find than the easy bugs.  Who would have thunk that? Beta testing does help but you can never really make perfect code.

          • Mr. V

            Touché Rebles but when Traktor 2 came out there was a large amount of bugs found within 1 or 2 days that were incredibly easy to point out and that should and could have been dealt with right before it’s release.

          • Rebles

            Very true man.  I didn’t have any issues on a PC.  But yeah they would benefit from some focus testing on hardware.

      • Isobar

        More like, “This bug isn’t affecting enough users to warrant spending the time to fix it.” I’m a programmer. Everything is fixable, if there’s enough money to be made off of fixing it.

    • beardforce

      no software is 100% bug proof. 

      • Mr. V

        @ Beardforce – tell that to Serato! although there system lacks in features I hardly EVER see any issues and I own both Software systems & I have found Serato to be 99.9% bug proof and I’ve seen some pretty funny things with Native Instruments both on the Dj System side and other software pieces they put on the market, i’m not knocking there stuff as they make some pretty nice things just when you buy them they don’t rock without any issues straight out the box, kinda like buying a flat screen & noticing you have to adjust the color and preferences yourself.
        There are still software updates coming I believe so all this i’m saying might be small but to put your shit on the market to sell and making all of us BETA testers and guinea pigs only so that we can rant on the forum is honestly useless in my opinion, again Just sayin’.

        • Todd Hardy

          That would be the Serato that has been putting out software that has been corrupting video files since 1.9.2?  The latest version seems to be the best version since then but it still has “obvious” and new bugs that they seem to have missed in beta testing.

          • Mr. V

            Todd Video files is not what i’m talking about that’s a whole different system for Serato i’m talking about the DJ MUSIC Software side.

          • Todd Hardy

            No actually, it’s the audio software (Live/Itch) that’s screwing things up.  I think it happens on all mp4 files (audio too).  Anyway – MP4/video aside – there are still other bugs in the new one (DJ FX, etc).

        • Rangerrader

          Lol.. As said before no software is 100% bug proof. In fact before I started using traktor serato has failed me many of times

          • Da5nail

            traktor has never failed me. long live traktor

    • Bcondemi

      Youre right. Lots of known issues in the past tat never got fixed. Maybe they can’t fix it and that why they are releasing this 2.5?

    • Woody

      No one can. Not even Adobe which is one of the biggest software manufacturers in the world can get their software 100% bug proof.

    • Dj_forcedhand

      While no software is perfect, the guys at Native Instruments should at least address a few “open bugs” that haven’t been resolved for a couple of revisions now… such as Synching between two (or more) computers and making the Controller Manager interface a LOT more friendly.

      I am very interested in the new Traktor 2.5 because it sounds like it will be great… hopefully we’ll be able to program our own modules with a scripting language (you know, like the 3D Animation Programs do) so we can emulate that Serato “Slicer Mode” a little better and make our Controller lights blink.

    • Damien ArcLyte

      2.5 better be a FREE upgrade or I’m bailing on Traktor!  Its beginning to be ridiculous that bugs don’t get fixed until paid upgrades.

  • Anonymous

    Wow so this is NI’s answer to “The Bridge”…plus the CEO just dissed Ableton big time.  NI has the advantage in that they provide both hardware and software, but it’s going to be a tall order to get the flexibility that ableton has with samples/loops. (Warping, follow actions, monome emulation, etc.) I’m guessing that Ableton will probably add more DJ friendly features in Live 9. (direct control of clips in the API for TCV, a more DJ-friendly browser, etc.) Competition is such a good thing.

    • jprime

      My thoughts exactly, good post 🙂

    • NotSoSiniSter

      Ableton will be king when they introduce cuepoints for tracks. Waiting patiently… 😀 

      • Anonymous

        Yeah…that all goes back to full control of clips in Live’s API. That’s the only thing keeping someone from creating a Max for Live device that reads timecode vinyl or functions just like a full Pioneer CDJ. There are Max for Live patches that give you CDJ/Traktor-style looping but no on-the-fly cue points.

        Also if you have a Launchpad you gotta check out nativekontrol’s LPC midi mapping. Although is mostly meant for writing/production, it does have a mode that does monome-style chopping directly on any clip (midi or audio) without Max for Live or any other plugins. You just focus on a clip and it breaks the loop down into 16 or 48 slices that you can cue-point juggle on the launchpad with or without quantize.  

  • Pedroferreirapulido

    since the F1 (previously with unknown name) first pics where out, i knew this was not for me. as a pure DJ, the way traktor is developing doesn’t bring pure DJ’s anything good. Anyway, as i’ve said before, i do understand the need to follow this path and quite logically, if the F1 was produced, a software upgrade with such features had to be coming up! Congrats to NI for inovating once again and clearly tightening the gap between producers and DJs. I think this will allow for awsome future tunes. as a pure DJ, this is also good news… i will sit back and continue enjoying my “wondering around and looking for good music” and hope that even more funky and out of the ordinary tunes start coming out during 2012 !

    Now please start producing modular controllers like behringer, only better… please please pleaaaase?

    • Just Friday

      One of the best modular set-up will xone 92 or db4(or even db2) with one, two three or four xone K2…
      One of the cheapest too…

    • antiMACtax

      What is a pure DJ?

      Is it like a basic DJ?

      • Atom12

        “Pure DJ” The one that sit on the turntable and hit start so they can spin right round, like a record. 

      • Matthias Gross

        a pure dj is a guy who plays the right tune at the right time perfectly mixed so the crowd has a good time and the club owner sells a lot beer. a pure dj is not a geek who messes around with 1000 effects pushing 10000 buttons messing up every song with his “cool” samples ignoring  the dancers and leaving the crowd confused , thinking about what he is actually doin and why theyeven have to care about it because the only thing they want is having a good time,getting drunk and hunt for the girls….

        • Atom12

          sorry but moving a fader back and forth do not, I repeat do not take any skills at all. To all of you so call PURE DJ’S try beatmatching 3 KD1500, now that’s skills

          • Dj Christos

            I was beatmatching with TD-150 MKII during a 3 year (7 days per week) club residency in the late 80s and with sony portable dats throughout  the 90s. I feel qualified enough to burst your bubble and inform you that your statement is utter nonsense & does not apply.

    • David De Garie-Lamanque

      i find that attitude kinda disrespectful to people who are pushing the boundaries and trying to innovate…. what is exactly your definition of a “pure DJ” ? one with blond hair, blue eyes and two Technics 1200?

      • Pedroferreirapulido

        lol. no . someone who appreciates raw music without any need to edit it. someone who’s main love is to mix 2 or 3 tracks, but most of all plays those tracks cause he loves’em. again, i understand the need to explore this “controllerism” path. it’s what is new and what’s selling. Again, it’s nice that DJ’s can now semi-produce live. no harm for me… again, as a DJ that just likes to mix, likes to spin the vynil and adjust it until it beatmatches and then just likes to listen, this is not for me. why the hate? i did mention i understood this choice… just gave my honest opinion that this is not the path i like the most… as in… personally! lol. relax.. gee… so much tension!

      • Pedroferreirapulido

        what i find funny is that you manage to consider my opinion disrespectful. lol. it’s good that people are pushing boundaries and innovating! PS – i’m portuguese, so as 90% of us, i have brown hair and brown eyes. as common as can be! lol.

      • Pedroferreirapulido

        what i find funny is that you manage to consider my opinion disrespectful. lol. it’s good that people are pushing boundaries and innovating! PS – i’m portuguese, so as 90% of us, i have brown hair and brown eyes. as common as can be! lol.

        • David De Garie-Lamanque

          sorry i didn’t mean do be rude, i just find the word you used seemed a bit offensive to button-mashers 😉

      • Atom12

        “Pure DJ” The one that sit on the turntable and hit start so they can spin right round, like a record.

    • Cam

      think of it as a reinvention of djing. honestly djing has got so easy it barley takes any skill at all. it once was a true art to just mix records correctly back in the day but times change and we need to push the envelope and make things more unique and difficult, as appose to sync play fade repeat

      • Pedroferreirapulido

        i agree. never said this was a wrong option. just not right for everybody. i’m happy it allows people to push forward though.

      • Atom12

        sorry but moving a fader back and forth do not, I repeat do not take any skills at all. To all of you so call PURE DJ’S try beatmatching 3 KD1500, now that’s skills

    • Campark43

      Ummmm, maybe u should buy the behringer modular controllers:)

  • Example

    meh. still no parallel waveforms and lots of wasted real estate. imho, this isn’t much different than having 6-8 decks with cues/loops except that with decks you don’t have to save it all out as a separate samples…

    • beardforce

      what is the advantage to parallel waveforms if you have a phase meter?

      • Example

        not every track i use has a proper beatgrid set before i play. i don’t use the sync function for much other than tempo matching. in a noisy environment i can see if tracks are drifting while i’m doing something else. nice way to quickly align drops in unfamiliar tracks. and so on.

        i understand the phase meter and it’s good for what it does, but really it’s not at all comparable to having parallel wave forms. they both may perform a base function, but one can do a lot more than just that one thing.

        and no, none of this should replace having basic beat matching skills.

        • Armin De Ghetto

          Correct. Mix with your ears, not with your eyes 🙂

          • Woody

            Exactly! You shouldn’t need phase meters, sync, or parallel waveforms. They’re all forms of cheating. 

          • Example

            cheating? seriously? every technological advancement in the history of djing could be considered cheating.

            as i said elsewhere in these comments, should we all go back to belt-drive turntables? are you using doubles for your phase/flange effects and looping? no? why are you cheating like that?

            how about we we celebrate and embrace change instead. it doesn’t mean you have to do anything differently than you currently do, but it allows others to also do what they want to do, how they want to do it. hell, more than half of what falls into the broad category of djing today is physically impossible without all of these “cheats”.

            just my two pennies.

      • Spencer "Thunderball" Thayer

        Why not both? I totally dig using parallel waveforms when I am using Serato. It’s really the only thing about the software I think is better than Traktor. The phase meter is great for getting things on time which were made using modern standards.

        But what if you’re mixing 60’s Libyan Pre-Funk jams and you know you’ll never get the two tracks to match because the drummer was using a coffee can or something. Phase meter will only fool, distract and lead you off the true path. You have to use your ears and pre-plan that. OR. Using a parallel waveform layout can help you find the sweet spot to make that off beat sound wickedly syncopated with very little of the prep.

        It’s why I use Serato, which makes me sad, for Funk and Arabic Groove and use Traktor for Dubstep Electro shit.

  • Jimibarrz

    Crazy! Can’t wait!!!

  • Just Friday

    “to shiftee & ean golden”…
    sneaky boy…

    • Just Friday

      btw… traktor 2.5, remix decks…
      ma&n, i have to reedit all my mappings:'(

  • DonmecZ


    • DonmecZ

      Cant wait to map map map and then rest …. then map some more on v2.5